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Okeechobee Art Thief..

31 May

for ohabby81 to be charging such precious coin you would think she would at least change up the middle picture to not make it so oh-so-obvious that it’s straight up stolen from Pottery Barn Kids.


Pottery Barn Kids:|k

I guess it made it into a Storque article as well.

Who knew you could directly copy and then charge $129 for it. And her “this is my favorite” is priceless. Yeah, we can tell it was. Maybe someone can let PBK know how much you liked it as well.

She’s baaaaaaaaaaack….

30 May

salebagcowhide is her name for the (8th?) time.

See earlier post:

Reseller or the Maker?

28 May

Neither have a very informational “about us” so I couldn’t tell if they were the same seller or not.


Race Car Chairs

27 May
They are definitely not handmade and were in the graduation gift guide even.

Just when I think I’ve seen everything..

25 May

teeth whitening foam resellers!

Novoral Corporation Dual Foam

BROquet Gift Baskets

22 May

SO against TOU.


Nancy’s Cute Surprise Shop

18 May

reader comment:

I flagged this seller the day they listed their first item two weeks ago. They have made 41 sales in two weeks with their mass produced crap listed in the handmade categories.

Almost everything is listed in the handmade Everything Else category, and on their very earliest listings under Materials they have put in “not made by me”. One item, a plush keychain (which clearly shows the commercial price tag) is under Dolls and Miniatures. I guess most of the stuff could go under Supplies, Commercial although the plush keychain shouldn’t be on Etsy at all.

This pisses me off. It could have been nipped in the bud if the flagging system actually worked.

$47 A Month for Etsy Secrets..

15 May

Look at this super cheesy web layout for “Etsy Secrets“. You think you would want to class it up a little bit so it didn’t look so sham wow-y.

Ran by TimothyAdamDesigns he is sending people “quick! reserve your spot” VIP emails to join in the $47 a month “secret club”.

One month the secrets are blogging, the next tweeting, etc. basically all “duh” information. His shop has 1300 sales, nothing to balk at yet not sure if that warrants $47/ monthly for his shop wisdom. It hasn’t gotten him THAT far.

He at least conned one person, read about it here.

Art Vs. Craft

14 May

Vonbeads posted this little gem in the forums and of course it got shut down. Any thoughts?

vonbeads says:
Could there possibly be some distinction between the true art on Etsy and the throngs of craft items that can be mass produced with glue, and a handful of items that were purchased at a store and slightly altered to become handmade. No offense to all you crafters out there, but you are clogging up Etsy with your countless knick knacks. It’s the same thing when i go to an Arts and Crafts fair. I set up my torch and start making handmade glass(pretty well if I do say so myself) and instead of making a killing, like so many of the older, female, vendors, who’s ART is to paint a piece of wood (that they bought precut) green and sell it as a homemade christmas tree decoration or something. Not that that’s bad, its just not art. people have a hard time finding me, im sure, because when i look up marbles, i find a huge assortment of those store bought half-marbles with pictures from magazines glued to the back. and im sure that WAY more of those sell on here than the handmade marbles that are being pushed further and further into the abyss, never to be seen again. there should be a way to rate items as art so that they are more easily findable. thanks for your time, and seriously no offense crafters. vaughn evans
Posted at 11:40 am, May 11 2009 EST

Featured Seller Chat Scam?

12 May

This was interesting.

I’ve noticed the Same few people in the Featured Seller chat, not to name names but they are all on at the same time EVERY night.

Well Ive noticed that they are “fishing” for sales by saying the sales are on fire or something along those lines, I also noticed that those same few Regular Featured Seller players always go up more then anyone else in the chat, i feel its unfair for those new user who come to improve sales, they normally buy from those Regulars and when its their turn no one buys from them, then the cycle goes on.

Ive also heard from other users that they buy from eachother but don’t pay for the item so they look like people are buying to “Bait” the new Commers.

Maybe its just me, i dont know
I know the Feature Seller chat was used at first as a great promotional tool, I think its jsut getting abused


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