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Sweetest Batch of Resold Goods..

30 Jun

EtsyWTF sent me an email about the shop TheSweetestBatch who is claiming to be selling “unique wedding toppers”. They are all found at My Dream Wedding.

Just an example:
“best hand painted porcelain you have ever seen.” is found here

Every other one of her cake toppers is on that website as well.

Quick Links…

28 Jun

Kristen says:
“I have flagged this item time & time again

handmade in a factory in Poland is more like it! I have been to the factories in Boleslawiec!”
Gern says:
“Please please flag this shop, loaded with mistagging, non-vintage vintage, and things listed as supplies that are not.”
Laura says:
“I just found your call out blog, and love it! This sellers drives me crazy bc I know it’s not handmade:

She doesn’t offer custom sizes, and look at the stuff! What do you think?”

Reader Comment

26 Jun

Submitted on 2009/06/25 at 2:39pm

I am extremely skeptical of this seller’s jewelry section. Her profile states that all of her items are “hand sewn” and it mentions nothing about working with jewelry, metals, glass, etc. Her materials listed are generally along the lines of “pendent, chain”… Last I checked putting a pendant onto a chain didn’t count as “making” something.

Most of her “pendents” look like something you’d get at a cheapo teenybopper jewelry store.

Case in point:

ed: I think this should have been the case in point-


And remember this is an editorial comment from a reader, no offended parties allowed!

Scavenger Hunt!

24 Jun

This reader issued a WilliamDohman challenge:

He is trying for some more attention now. First he posts this in Business and it gets moved to promos.

So he then duplicates it and starts again in Business.

And if anyone can find where he stole the robot design, big props to you! It has to be stolen. That guy is a turd.

Get your searching hats on! I’ll start:

The face/head reminds me of an Alexander Shen wooden robot he posted back on in ’07

Call It Bucky & Maybe People Won’t Notice..

22 Jun

..and by giving it a completely different description title “Large Deer Trophy” they thought they would throw us off as well from the original “Cardboard Stag Deer Mount” but they did copy and paste some of the item description. And strangely enough, they charge more money.


reseller- Cj8n

Edited to add: They are probably the same people but I still find it odd that the names, descriptions, & price are different if they are the same makers.

$15 more for the copied version?

19 Jun

Original: Modern Birdhouse from Pop Deluxe $30

Etsy Listing (with wonky bird): WilliamDohman $45 (on sale)


17 Jun

fabrichandbags is a reseller and doesn’t even change her photos from the wholesalers.

Wholesale page:

shmena UPDATE

16 Jun

this shop Shmena

Sells candles, jewelery, seed kits etc. These products are all over the net from a wholesale distributor.
They are not handmade, the seller has copied the pictures, and also used the descriptions, from another site .

There are also links to their website in the shop announcement and product descriptions

Received this in my inbox-
Regarding the Reseller I wrote about yesterday,

Now they are incuded in the gift guides! Look, most of the stuff might be okay if listed under Supplies. But it is being listed in handmade categories, and is clearly not handmade. Can you please do something to correct this?

They even state the manufacturer in the listings.
This is in the gift guides

Look at the tags, paper goods, stationery, set, recycled paper, eco, pencil, commercial

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something about this!


14 Jun

reader comment-
check this shop out…seems a little over kill the emphasis on “handmade…one of a kind” yet no where does the seller say they hand made them.
also, love how it say male in the profile but the name of the shop is sarahworkshop.
I’m not buying it…but who knows I could be wrong.
yeah they could be handmade but I doubt by the seller.

Another poster linked to the wholesaler site:

Reader Post-

12 Jun

“I’m not sure on these, but…pretty sure. Anybody into investigations?
see post below

SHOULD be illegal but prolly isn’t:
“We are your direct source of authentic Brazilian bathing suits. We add a special detail by hand. Each style is made specially for you.”



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