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Reseller- JoyceRocks818

31 Aug

This seller even admits in all of the listings titles and descriptions that she is reselling new items she purchased!!

Seller: JoyceRocks818

Example #1:

Item description:
“Only dog frames left-hoping to get another shipment of the cat frames soon, but please contact me on Etsy to make sure the cat frames come in.”

Item title:
“new in case”

Example #2:

Item description:
“Paws N Claws with tags”

AND all of the imagines are stolen from other retailers.

AND what’s up with the Paypal banner?! Stay classy!


27 Aug

This shop has us scratching our heads.


Her announcement: This store is now in vacation mode. Someone has hacked into my store and taken down my items. Sorry for the disruption.
Her feedback: 88% 21 negatives almost all in a row.

So if there is obviously a problem with her not delivering goods AND the shop is in vacation mode, HOW is there an item available to buy?



26 Aug

Pay It Forward’s are supposed to be .20 with free shipping but let’s take a looksie around the Etsy horn and 3 readers found these:

artfaerie (39 0f 74 items are PIFs)


ShanasShop (18 out of 43 items are PIFs, 14 of the 18 are also tagged ’sale’)

“Please do not purchase this without another $10 item from my store — it will be cancelled”

100% of it is being donated to charity. does that make it a pif? i’m not sure i understand. is it mistagging, or is it etsy legal?

For a while, she kept putting up alchemy requests for donations, usually refillable ink cartridges. Now she mistags PIFs.

Vintage FAIL…

24 Aug

These boots were on the front page. They are “Vintage 80s Etienne AIGNER SIGNATURE ” boots. in GoodEye.

How can these be vintage when Etienne Aigner only made umbrella’s, perfume and other small accessories until 2000 and didn’t start making leather goods until 2001?

And these, from <a href="in GoodEye“>GoodEye, can’t be vintage because Adrienne Vittadini didn’t get into the glasses biz until 1996.
This shop has a few other things that are made by brands not even in existence 20 years ago.

And these DKNY boots in nstylevintage are probably not vintage since DKNY wasn’t formed until 1989 and the shoes and boots weren’t introduced until a couple years later. The lace up boots weren’t popular until the late 1990s so I doubt these meet the 20 year test.

bsochic‘s description says “These sunglasses are from the early 80’s”, yet, DKNY wasn’t founded until 1989. Say what?? (Make sure to check out her feedback for a negative about misrepresentation.)

AntiNu doesn’t even know Etsy’s TOS and writes in the description that the shoes are “about 16 years old.”

It’s fun to search for stuff made by designer’s that haven’t been around for 10 years, let alone 20, to see what you come up with. You’d be surprised!

Straight Off The Streets!

22 Aug

Here are a bunch of shops with that “off the streets” quality…

adix1977 These carved elephants are in the art category. The photo frames still have price tags on them.


vintagetibet A reader thinks this site is their source.


21 Aug

I just stumbled on this shop:

and don’t know what to make of it. The supposed artwork looks copied from other artists. The books, well, I’ve seen that before and it sucks, but is a franchise.

What about all those “paintings” of other artists work?
And the personalized notes?
weird, just, weird.


20 Aug

Parisera goes on the forums and admits that she just designs but does not make her jewelry. WJW.

Reseller- Mysweetyroom

19 Aug

Reader Email-

I sent two e-mails along with flags reporting two sellers who are selling mass produced jewelry from Korea/China. I provided links to their Etsy listings along with links to other big box foreign jewelry websites carrying the exact same merchandise, but the shops are still there and their items not removed. This is a genuine concern of mine, as I am a handmade jewelry seller and there is already enough competition amongst handmade sellers themselves. I feel that their presence on Etsy completely devalues
‘handmade’ and wondering why they are still selling despite the multiple flags sent along with proof that their items are not handmade. Thanks in advance for taking the time to address this.


Feminist Review Spam

16 Aug

A blog called Feminist Review is spamming Etsy shops with a vengeance about getting freebies sent to them to review on their blog.

Unfortunately sending an item to India for free does not mean it will even be a good review..


Reader Email

13 Aug

Pretty sad when an ENTIRE shop is made up of copyrighted items. Sigh.

Also this is pretty funny.
She’s basically saying “Etsy made me take down the listings, but I still sell them so email me to buy them.” LOL
She didn’t bother to remove the many, many other copyrighted listings in her shop.
Shop Announcement: ***Important*** Due to Etsy rules and regulations, there are certain images that are not allowed to be posted or “listed” on Etsy. These images include but are not limited to nfl, nba, college teams, nhl, and sport team images. I have previously had these listed in my store and am no longer allowed to list these images. I apologize for the incovenience. If anyone has any questions, feel free to convo me or email me


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