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Add Photo Backdrops In Tags To Get On FP

30 Oct

2 readers brought up this embarrassment:

Have you seen the latest technique for getting your item on the FP?

Stick a random item in your listing, and include it in your tags…

Proof this works? Check out the organic baby quilts tagged “pinecones” and put in a “using the search term pinecone” themed FP by Etsy.

What if loads of sellers start doing this?? As a seller I’d love to have the nerve to try, but as a buyer it would make shopping impossible. Grr.

A seller included a pinecone in her photo, for decoration, and then tagged the listing (for a baby blanket) ‘pinecone’? And an admin, probably CWI (curating while intoxicated), included the baby blanket in a FP collection based on a search by Etsy for items tagged ‘pinecone’?

This deserves a blog post of its own, ECO. Because if this worked for one shop, more sellers will be doing this. I read the listing description twice, and there is nothing about a free pinecone included with purchase of the blanket.

This is in a way hilarious. In a ‘this is your brain on drugs’ kinda way.

I’d flag it, but I am not sure how…and it was already sanctioned by the Etsy staff.

Add to my DO NOT BUY list: Noble Studios Ltd.

29 Oct

Greetings all!
I just wanted to say that I think this site is somewhat counter productive.

First of all you have NO IDEA if these people really are re-selling or not.

Second of all, if they are then your responsibility is to flag it for etsy and let them take care of it. I know….sometimes they don’t do anything about it but WHO CARES THEN?!?!?!?

Wouldn’t your time be better spent promoting your own shops and creating your new hand made designs rather than worrying so much about what others are doing? Like your mother probably told you (or should have) “You have enough to worry about just taking care of your business…don’t worry about what others are doing. ”

There are ALWAYS going to be peope who break the rules WHEREVER you go so if you are going to get upset about that, you will be upset all the time.

Besides the fact….like I said before…you have no way to prove that they really are re-sellers.

No disrespect intended…..You guys have too much time on your hands.

Violette Noble

Noble Studios Ltd.

Take a look at past posts and we have always provided links to the manufacturers. And we do get shops closed. Sure we can’t take care of it all but does that mean we shouldn’t try? If we took your stance there would be alot more schlept on Etsy then there already is. I would love if law enforcement subscribed to your theory and decided to just give up the effort since there will ALWAYS be crime and dammit, they don’t want to be upset about it all the time.

And btw, not sure if your marketing technique of talking trash from your high and mighty stance and then leaving your etsy shop link is quite the promotion you would strive for. Too much time on our hands? Obviously you sat and read here.

Now sod off.

Never Ending Supply Of “Vintage” Mesh Bracelets

29 Oct

“Vintage” items that you can re-sell over and over again. Don’t you love it?!
you are going to love this one… same item vintage mesh bracelet

in several supply stores $3

in handmade shops???

roundabout – $19 DAMN, SOLD! Here’s the new one:

chainchainchain – $11

chainchainchained -$10 DAMN, SOLD! Here’s the new one:

buy from supplies, put it in a gift box and sell from handmade… I guess the bows on the boxes are “handmade”

Dreamy Beads Hut

28 Oct

More resellers on a handmade site, just like this one…
who must purchase from…

OH and they list them as handmade by them in their studio in Turku and are shipped from CHINA!

Let’s do the time warp again…

24 Oct

Look at how many shops are selling the same mp3 winder’s:

I love the same big thumb in all the people’s listings..

GogoHandmade (Nice shop name *snort*)

Brand New Vintage

23 Oct




But what are the tags?? vintage, baby, dad, willow tree, name brand, carving, collectibles, doll, figurine, souvenir, housewares, home decor.
BRAZENBreeze is the d-bag of the day.


23 Oct

Seriously, I could buy them wholesale in Chinatown.
I don’t know which is more offensive, the fact that they are reselling, or that some of these sellers have them horribly overpriced.

Flagged a whole bunch of times. Still there.

Owl Rip-off??

22 Oct

Shop owner is now consulting with a lawyer and asked that I pull the original thread.

Reseller Call Out- FunkeyMonkeyCompany

21 Oct
From the inbox:
Some days it’s all I can do to keep my fingers off the keyboard and out of

threads. I don’t cruise the forums every day, but when I do inevitably

I want to … say something not so good.


Here is what I would respond: To promote my shop I actually make all my

own items, instead of reselling kiln-baked make up like you that you



wait.. maybe you are supplying all these places, you- a “part time”

make up seller. . I mean they didn’t even bother to change the names.


Psycho Buyer & Horticultur-NO

19 Oct

2 emails in the inbox:

I’m not sure if you would consider this a “call out” but one of my teammates is having an interesting experience with a buyer. She claims to be new to Etsy and does not know how to pay and is asking for free shipping (the seller does not offer free shipping). She also claims to have a discount code and wants to know how to use it. The seller communicated to the buyer that she does not offer discounts through coupon codes and that she does not offer free shipping. Buyer still has not paid and is now trying to guilt the seller into offering her free shipping. Also, buyer has purchased from Etsy before and it appears that her guilt trips worked on other sellers. Her user name is juliesgrammas and she says her name is Sue.

in the GG for horticultural-- nice job of vetting, Etsy Admins. This is not vintage, but made of vintage 
components. This happens A LOT ecause the people who pick this shit DO NOT KNOW, CARE ABOUT, OR ADHERE 
TO the Terms of Use.

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