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Australian “Italian Style”??

28 Jan

From Etsy Finds,

Found it odd that it’s all made in Italy, but their location is Sydney. All the items say they ship from Australia, too.
This is there “who is” statement on their website:

“Wishing to offer the best of “italian style”, the high quality of “made in Italy” at a fair price, our company sells its products in the Australian market through chosen retailers.”


27 Jan

At auction:
Her listing:

A quick web search shows that some of the paintings in her shop were sold or are for sale here:,%202009%20Prices.html

She seems to like Billy Roper, whose bio is here: and here

At auction:
Her listing:

At auction:
Her listing:

At Auction:
Her listing:

At auction:
Her listing:

At auction:
Her listing:

At auction:

At auction:
Her listing:

At auction:


25 Jan

Happy 2000

22 Jan

A Happy 2000 stuffed pig in VINTAGE!!!
can it get anymore adorable than this guy? millennium spirit at its best. this wonderful vintage steiff boar stands about 7 inches long with his wonderful glaze and long snout ….. the pictures say it all, except for the fact that this guy needs some new digs, anyone have room?

Heabands Headbands

21 Jan

This website Halo Heaven has many of the items listed in the homemade children accessories category.

Just for an example go down to the 11th item, the 1 1/2″ Crochet Headbands…

Here are just a few of the Etsy shops selling them as homemade-

Nuts & Dolts

20 Jan

Nana’s Nut Hut-
Selling from the garage to send the grandkids to Disneyland!
Nothing like bribery to get to the front page-

Please don’t buy them – RESERVED FOR GIVEAWAY CONTEST!!!


Dear Treasury Makers! If you honor us by including our item(s) to your Treasury you will be entered for a drawing with great opportunity to WIN one (or more) of our 5 (FIVE) BEAUTIFUL LEATHER JOURNALS!


Every GILD Bookbinders item included to Treasury is a “ticket” – more Treasuries you create, more our items you include – the more possibility you have to WIN!!! Just send us an e-mail: giveaway [!at] or convo in Etsy with link to your Treasury. End of contest: midnight January 31, 2010. Winners will be picked at random.

All GIVEAWAYs are FREE – no price, no shipping cost to all destinations! WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!!!


NB! If your Treasury with our item(s) gets to the FRONT PAGE of Etsy, we will send you a FREE Small LEATHER JOURNAL. Journals you can see HERE:

Yes, no kidding – everyone who helps us to get to Etsy FRONT PAGE will get a FREE SMALL JOURNAL!!!

About.Com Article

17 Jan

Recapping a Year in Handmade – Etsy vs. Artfire and the Forum Uglies in Between


15 Jan

This seller was on the FP a little while back.
She makes reproductions of designer wedding dresses and uses their stock photos for her listings. The photo used on the FP a photo from the dress designer Hollywood Dreams in the UK: She has a lot of their images.

This post has a photo taken by which she simply gives their URL and says “they are located in California”. Wonder if they know she’s using their photo?!?

She says in her Policies: “Please note: Not all images are my own photo’s. They are stock photo’s for reference of your finished wedding gown. Some are mine and some are not. If you see an image here that may seem questionable or is your own, then please email me and I will remove it immediately.
I am in no way trying to misrepresent myself or claim photographers works as my own. I am merely giving examples of gowns that I can create and will create upon purchasing from my shop.”

At least she discloses this, but the fact is she is violating copyright by using the photos at all and she knows it. And so should anyone with half a brain who looks at her listings. Yet she was chosen for a treasury by epicCpoke & silverfawncreations (come on, treasury makers, vet your selections!) and Etsy put her on the FP. For shame. There are shops with ORIGINAL wedding dress designs on Etsy — how about featuring them instead?

Wanted to add that linking treasuries you’ve been in in your shop announcement when they all expire after 2 days is just DUMB.
**Update- Since posting this afternoon half of the pictures have changed. lol.


14 Jan

If you want to get away with selling gift baskets on Etsy simply call them “Amenity baskets”. Filled with lint rolls, kleenex, hairgel etc. and listed in “weddings”.

The rest of the items in the quickits shop ride the fine line train but bottom line is that they are tampons and pins put into a box, with a label slapped onto it. Even though I don’t agree, I think the label would keep the boxes legal but I don’t think anything about the above two items are TOU okay.

And yes, they have been on the front page.

Indochine and PaperAlly

13 Jan

apparently employed some good ol’ shilling to boost their feedback. A customer bought 7 bars of soap and on the SAME day was able to leave feedback expressing how great the soap was for her daughter’s skin and exotic scent. Uhhhh, sure.


Cute stuff, but not a crafting supply. Etsy put them on the FP the other night. Pretty obviously does not fit the TOU.
Here is a wholesaler-


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