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30 Sep

This item was included in today’s Etsy Finds Decor:

It has sold since I started searching for product info, a matter of 15 minutes.

Here is an online catalog page from a Danish store:

Note the similarity in the photos!

Here is a cached blog page about the rug I found on Google:

Hope the link above works.

These photos were in a link included with the blog entry above, showing more detail than the Etsy seller:

The Etsy listing has only one photo.  The description says the items they ‘offer’ are ‘entirely hand made’.  I find it hard to believe some person in India is handmaking a million wool fest balls and forming them into rugs all by themselves. (and then not be able to photograph it more than once)

I smell handcrafted mass production here.

I’m not sure, but an item like this may have been called out before.

Was shocked to see a commercial product in Etsy Finds, again.  I know there are actual handmade by seller rugs on Etsy.


28 Sep

Minago’s etsy store sells this dress
and online here C’mon, she really didn’t look like a model you would find in Bangkok right?! *smirk*

and you have to love the second photo in this listing
the fine print (get out your glasses) on the top states “Tokyo Fashion is a fashion and lifestyle brand sold in over 20 countries by website.”

So much for handmade.
nearing 300 sales and Etsy hasn’t spotted this disaster of a shop? also note that none of their charms are marked as supplies..

FashionableRx, sistersdress

27 Sep

BoomBox Ring (

Even lifted one of the photos…


I thought I was on e-bay for a moment when I read the product descriptions in this shop where they boast in their announcement that “95% of their factory workers and designers are female”.
seriously- if I can find this shop just by doing a simple search for prom dresses- why can’t etsy do the same?

I think the sellers are a little confused as to what Etsy is SUPPOSED to be all about… The whole darn store needs to be flagged- and shut down.

I got a chuckle from the rubbed out face

Not Vintage- CapriciousTraveler

24 Sep

I had to do a double take when I saw the e-mail containing the Storque blog for Etsy’s Fashion Week post 9/24.    Who does these?  Are these people who do these blogs so young that they don’t know that Isotoner gloves are still made, and with no tag showing manufacture date for the gloves, there is no way of proving they are “vintage” in any way?

The gloves are listed here but have already sold:

According to Wikipedia, the company was founded in 1997.  Prior to 1997, it was known as the Aris company and would be tagged as such.  The style is Isotoner.  Sso if they’re tagged with the Isotoner logo, they’ve been manufactured since 1997.   Wikipedia link here:

Prior to 1997, the brand was Aris. The style was Isotoner. They would be tagged as Aris.

Aris has made gloves since 1970; however, the gloves in the Etsy finds email are not vintage. They’re being sold currently on Isotoner’s website, and Wal-Mart has them for sale in the accessories aisle.

Also, they are listed here on Amazon (click on the camel color):

These same gloves are still sold by Isotoner:

I wish they would run this stuff by someone who’s older than about 16 before deciding something is “vintage.”

martin1206, booboo

23 Sep

revisiting this shop: french braided leather bracelet by Ican manufacturer surfer leather cotton cord bracelet in different colors


And to revisit another past thread:


22 Sep

Reader Email:

I bought body butter from this seller and then later happened to notice this. From someone who makes her own mineral makeup AND presses her own shadows, those are NOT handmade. You can’t even get those cute little containers anywhere from the main mineral sellers. They totally look like something she bought wholesale from somewhere. I mean just look at the product photos, each eyeshadow colour is depicted with the exact same photo! definitely not her own photos too!

if you look at the listing for this other seller, now that’s what a homemade pressed shadow looks like! That seller is clearly pressing her own shadows versus the first link.

you thought we wouldn’t notice: trulysanctuary

20 Sep

A nice little post about an Etsy shop on the “You thought we wouldn’t notice” blog-


19 Sep

Reader Email:

A new Etsy Finds post by Mary was released today, entitled Crowdsourced:

The Basic Ring by Etsy shop Creative Accidents was featured and immediately sold for the asking price of $12.  See the sold ring here:
Anyone with common sense should know that a $12 metal ring is certainly not handmade, nor does the shop keeper claim any of the items in the shop are vintage (they clearly are not).  Funny enough, the shop keeper doesn’t even bother to say she made any of her items either!
If you browse through Creative Accidents, whose shopfront states they’re located in NY (oh but conveniently they’ve just moved to Asia according to the shop announcement), you’ll see plenty of reseller crap.  Guess they moved to Asia to be closer to their suppliers!  Earrings for $3/pair, more rings for $8-$15, cheap rhinestone keychains, etc, etc.  Just to list a few:
This shop has been thriving for 8 months.  And Mary, c’mon you know better!

DecibelProductions Formerly SteamSociety

18 Sep

I came across this seller that has very obvious shill feedback. The name is DecibelProductions – formerly SteamSociety. She has 10 neutrals and 15 negatives for shoddy quality and not sending items (no surprise there). Looking through the positives I noticed several are from a handful of “buyers” – like 10 or so each that are left at one time the day after “purchasing” and who don’t seem to buy from anyone else.

Plus, many are on canceled transactions – fee avoidance much? BTW she does have another name she also sells from, Tribalpunk, and seems the shilling and ripping-off of buyers is going on there too. Unfortunately it looks like this girl will just keep coming back to etsy under other names and etsy just can’t keep her away…

Reader Email: BrokenGhostCouture, aka MyFairMaiden and TattyTess

16 Sep

Where to even start with this one? It’s quite a tangled web and seems to have far too many coincidences to be on the up and up. First of all, I’ve been following the forum threads about the front page repeats with some interest although I’ve probably missed plenty of them. There’s one seller who seems to show up in every thread to defend the constant repeats and slam anyone who dares to complain. No, I’m not talking about Polestar. It’s BrokenGhostCouture, aka MyFairMaiden and TattyTess.

I think she also has at least two undisclosed accounts which she’s been using to create treasuries to help get one of her three shops on the front page. These accounts are under the name SnowInJune and TessaF1993.

Specifics: SnowInJune registered on Etsy on May 30, 2010 and lists her location as the great white north, another name for Canada, and home to brokenghostcouture, as well. SnowinJune has made 19 treasuries in that time and only one small purchase. Of the 19 treasuries she’s made, every single one of them features either brokenghostcouture, tattytess, or myfairmaiden.

According to Craftcult, 7 of these 19 treasuries have made the front page. That’s 7 treasuries in less than 4 months on the front page and all of them featuring brokenghostcouture or one of her other 2 shops:

Even better, check out the very first treasury she made and look at the avatar she was using at that time.

Now, check out brokenghostcouture’s curated front page lists on craftcult:

Does anyone else think that those avatars look like the same person? Except for the hair color, of course.

Now, check out this treasury from MyFairmaiden, one of the three disclosed accounts, that made the front page in April:

She actually featured one of her other shops (brokenghostcouture) front and center and it still made it to the front page!

The account under the name TessaF1993 was opened on August 20, 2010 and has no feedback. She’s evidently been too busy making treasuries to buy anything. Here’s her Treasury East history. Fifteen treasuries made in less than 4 weeks and ALL of them featuring, you guessed it, brokenghostcouture, tattytess, or myfairmaiden.

Of course, 2 of them have already made the front page. Pretty fast work for someone who’s been an Etsy member for less than a month and has never bought anything:

If you’d like to check out even more “coincidences”, pay a visit to treasury east and search for brokenghostcouture. She features one of her other 2 shops in each and every treasury she makes.

A lot of this started to come out in this thread (now closed for calling out, of course), especially around page 12:

Here’s an example of the nastiness that brokenghostcouture spouts in any thread that criticizes the front page repetition. This post is from this thread which is still open:

Brokenghostcouture says:

“I’d be really interested to see a shop who sells a product that has wide appeal with buyers, who has visually stunning photos, has a large inventory and adds several new items daily as well as renewing many daily, that ISN’T being featured in a lot of treasuries and in turn FP spots.

If I can be shown such a shop or shops, then I’d be convinced that something is awry here. But…so far, I haven’t seen this. The only ones I see on FP regularly are the ones who 100% qualify in all the points I listed above (add in make treasuries often, network with other sellers, tag items in a treasury-friendly way). The ones who aren’t being featured often in treasuries or FP…need to make some changes to get there.”

According to past admin forum posts, brokenghost is seriously violating the treasury rules:

HeyMichelle says:

Lauren is correct.

If people are putting their own items from a different account into their treasury, then it may not be caught. In that case, we encourage anyone who sees someone putting their own items from a different account into their treasury to send an email about it to abuse [!at] Thanks.

Posted at 5:53 pm, November 19, 2008 ET – Report this post

HeyMichelle says:

Right. Don’t put items from an alternate account into a treasury list.

There isn’t any “punishment”, unless I guess they keep doing it. They’ll just get a letter from an admin explaining the rules, I believe.

Posted at 6:02 pm, November 19, 2008 ET – Report this post

stellaloella says:

Michelle’s point is the same as the basic written rule: the Treasury is not for self-promotion. That means for the PERSON, not just the username.

We generally let people feature one of their own items in a list without sweating it, though that item will be removed if the list is promoted to the front page. If someone is adding their own items from different usernames they hold, it gets difficult to tell that self-promotion is happening (especially because people often do not disclose multiple accounts as they should).

While the person may not be intending to be deceitful, it’s not really in the spirit of the Treasury to feature your other shops. The Treasury is intended to feature the work of other sellers that you admire. If you see excessive abuse for self-promotion, then we ask you let us know so we can work with the member to correct the situation. Simple as that.

Posted at 6:16 pm, November 19, 2008 ET – Report this post


I encourage everyone to report these violations to administration. If Etsy had a top 10 list for asshat sellers, she’d be right at the top for me!


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