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30 Oct

This item was on Etsy’s front page a few days ago. A screenprinted t-shirt from a “New Jersey company” that shows its website in its Profile as

The website has thousands of t-shirts and the copyright shows they’re a corporation. There is no mention of # of employees or any other indication this is a “collective.” Yet Etsy grants them free front page advertising.


is just another Etsy garage sale…
and full of non-handmade wedding goodies such as:

and online:


28 Oct

finally cracked open Girlybox on Etsy… (the name is so dirty! lol)
all I have to say is “Girly, it’s time to shut you down!”

and the rest can be found here:


24 Oct

The second set

The last set

list of links is reader provided.


23 Oct

Reader Comment:

Ok, we’re all fed up with the maniac users who like to renew items. But this one has just pushed it to the item. Not to mention the numerous duplicates of so called “vintage” sterling rings they are selling. Seriously, At any given time of the day or night search the vintage jewelry category for sterling and BLAMOOO there she is with pages and pages of these cheap buy’um buy the dozen rings.

Heres the duplicates:
Currently for sale –

Selling –

And what I don’t get is the fact that it’s more than obvious that she sells duplicates and with her always being on the first search results page how exactly Etsy doesn’t see this????

Oh and if you think I’m joking about the amount of cheap rings this person renews/relists/sells just go right now, and take a look. I’ve reported her and emailed Etsy about 7 times with no response as of yet…….






22 Oct

Your handmade shop for all of your Nintendo 64 games and iZone Cameras needs! Pathetic.

listed in Geekery:

also listed in Geekery (how is a camera geekery btw?!)


21 Oct

I never really explored Alibaba – holy crap – you can get just about anything and everything on that site and some of the distributors have THOUSANDS of items each… WOW- no wonder some of the resellers on Etsy get away with their scams for so long.

It took me over an hour to find this, but then again, there are so many exporters making the same things that after a while they all start to look the same. the background on this one popped out at me. also I learned to type in key words from the suspect product descriptions from etsy -

anyway here is just ONE shop and one example that I found… more to come after I give my eyes a break!

on etsy:

on alibaba :

All tie dye background photos are found here:

Looks like one just sold yesterday!


20 Oct

Another wedding shop from China…


the re-sellers on Etsy are getting smart about doctoring their photos, but tineye still picked up this one!

I have no doubt that nothing in this shop is handmade by a single person. All of these photos look far too much like the pages from an alibaba wholesaler.


19 Oct
they make it sound like one person is doing all of the work, but…

If this is not a re-seller and is actually the company listed on Alibaba – the profile on Alibaba says they have between 11 and 50 employees. Either way they shouldn’t be allowed to continue selling on Etsy.


17 Oct

Seller states right in the shop description that she sells NEW items!  Dreamsicile deco from Hallmark, and Yankee candle are a couple of brands in her shop marked as VINTAGE :(

She has items like Fitz and Floyd listed, and they’re only 12-14 years old at the most.

Also New with tag items, and listing it as vintage…she even states in her item descriptions that she bought them from the company store and Dept 56 or wherever…
Here’s a couple of examples;
brand new with tags..but she has it listed as vintage? lol


16 Oct

Check out this re seller on ebay selling cheap crap from China and
promoting it in the chat rooms. Her pictures have some of the original
tags on the items or photos of the cheap chinese catalogs of jewelry.

here is one example of one of her identical bracelets on ebay.


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