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31 Dec

It’s been brought up in the comments –

Laurie/Laura/Lollie Park has had ALL of the following Etsy shops: (no longer exists) (no longer exists) (no longer exists) (no longer exists) (no longer exists) (no longer exists) (no longer exists) (no longer exists) (no longer exists) (still there and strangely the negative feedback has disappeared) (just now got closed)

And now she’s opened as Lollie Park.

Her MO — she opens a shop, renews like hell, negatives roll in (to which she leaves hateful retaliatory negs), she empties the shop and opens a new one.

She cancels orders without letting the buyers know (see most recent beadglories feedback) and refuses service to anyone who buys what she deems to be “too many” items because she doesn’t participate in wholesale (but how can it be wholesale if the buyer isn’t getting a wholesale discount?!).

Now, this has happened AT LEAST 12 times and someone at Etsy has manually gone in and deleted 9 shops, so they are aware of her. So how is this allowed to happen over and over and over?

I’ve flagged Beadglories daily and have included ALL of the info down below.  How can Etsy admin NOT see what’s going on here?

Instyleboutique, classybrideboutique, vivianfeiler

29 Dec

There is something very fishy about these shops. Vivian Feiler appears to have 3 shops on Etsy. She claims to be a jewelry designer. The 3 shops all have the same items. Each shop has the other shop listed in their favorites. Supposedly, everything is made by the person; however, the items just have a wholesaler/reseller feel to them.

This bracelet (open the listing and look at the 2nd photo down from the top):

Appears to be from Alibaba, here:

These pocket watches:

Are from Alibaba in this listing (scroll down to see both watches):

This pocket watch:

Is from here:

These three items are the same.
From VivanFeiler:

From Classybrideboutique:

From InstyleBoutique:

This crown and wing necklace:

Is here:

This ring:

is here:


28 Dec

I’m just sick because I stumbled across the fact that I believe a long-time Etsy seller may be a reseller. Azuretreasures sure has a lot of stuff that is exactly like Happy Jewelry Manufactory. As a matter of fact, the photos are exactly the same. So somebody is stealing photos from somebody else.

This from azuretreasures:

Is exactly like this:


Is exactly like this:

This from AT:

Is exactly like this:

Actually pretty much every photo from Azuretreasures and Happy Jewelry is exactly the same. So someone is stealing photos from someone else.

Alibaba seller (Happy Jewelry):





Every…single… item … with the exception of some of the knotted pearl necklaces.   Maybe.

Natural Bamboo

26 Dec

Here’s the Christmas self-callout.

Giving this it’s own post….so far the comments have been:

The thread has been closed, but I dunno if the shop will be.

Had to laugh at the notion this seller never read the Etsy TOUs and other site info. Aw c’mon, cupcakettes! The boilerplate in the shop shows that they have studied Etsy carefully before setting up. An ignorant reseller wouldn’t bother typing in all that bilge about ‘handmade’.

LOL at that thread. Love how loosewire closes it by trying to say that flagging is the “most effective and efficient means.”

I call BS!!!
Yup, BS and nothing but. Another violating shop called themselves out a bit later, and admin blew it off the site as well as closing the thread. They deleted the second reseller because it was some kind of precious metals and coin dealer (guessing from context because all links go to the UH OH page) with no possible fit for Etsy. Calling out in the forums works best, if the shop isn’t going to be coached and coddled by Etsy. Obviously, Etsy admin would like to keep NaturalBamboo around as a pet.
NaturalBamboo has rewritten their announcement and bio. Coached, I’m sure.

Here’s the bio from 12-25.


i am born in china, grow up in china,educated in china, made in china.
For 2 years after graduated form university and working as a production specialist, i visited many workshop and share hand-made experience with many great master artisans, they include ceramic, fabric,stone-working,wood and bamboo craft, etc.
hand-made is the most special thing in this world, want to share with your guys some great hand-made works i came acrossed.
thank you again for visiting my shop, anything i can be of assit,please contact me.

Suspect Vintage

24 Dec

How do you have duplicate 1930’s dresses?!  I wonder what Stop Staring would think of this.

And this WangFu posted:
Whoa, ha ha! Those phillips head screws! LOLZ! I feel bad for the buyer.
Tons of not-old in her solds, too. She is severely clueless! Or a big liar.

cufflinksblink, CraftsForKids, fashionsuzy, PortugueseVintage

21 Dec

Some great comments from the About page:

I was looking for cufflinks on Etsy and found this shop:

I searched “Anchor and rudders cufflinks” and found the exact same cufflinks in many places. In her shop announcement she used to say that she sells wholesale cufflinks. I’ve reported her, and nothing happened except now her announcement doesn’t say that anymore.


This is a reseller shop. Note that many of her listings include these words in the description:
“***Please note these kits are not handmade they are purchased from a manufacturer. I inspect all the pieces to ensure that there is no missing items or broken, uneven pieces. I also repackage them nicely and include all the supplies needed to finish them (glue, scissors, etc.)”

Yet she lists these kits from Oriental Trading Company

under Handmade/children.

I thought this shop deserved a call-out all its own.


Seriously, not handmade.

nothing like jacking the price up a bit for Etsy and not bothering to cover it up…


Seller portugesevintage mixes actual vintage items with tons of faux-vintage iron hooks and brass bottle openers:

This pisses me off, because I almost bought some of her hooks a few weeks back thinking they were genuine!


BeanieShop, miyabags

18 Dec

Very sad reader comment-


“Handmade” mohawk hats are handmade – in Nepal

Arrived with tag featuring model # “I-H” and “Made in Nepal.”

Items came from New Jersey

I’m a new and soon to be gone Etsy buyer. I didn’t realize Etsy was a cheap Import/Export market.

If I wanted that I’d go to the local flea market and buy cheap cra# for cheap prices – not pay a premium to support home crafters who aren’t.



UprootedShop, gardensecrets, missindie

16 Dec

A bizarre mistagging shop-
They sell t-shirts but this listing has the tags “furniture, storage, bench, bed, chair, dresser, fixture, storage, table, yard”

this listing has the tags “shoes, underwear, skirt, dress, swimsuit, children, plus size, sweatshirt, high heels, wrap, applique, jacket”

this listing has the tags “bath and beauty, vest, body, fragrance, lip balm, lotion, makeup, scrub, powder”

Every listing in their shop must collectively list every single category on Etsy. Someone really needs to send them a convo. What a jackass.


you readers have been talking about it in the comments already but just so we have it on record here:

sparklepeach has a new shop.  She  closed her shop “sparklepeach” and “dearestclementine” and is still defrauding people:

She has opened a new shop with a new name.  Instead of “Kristen” she is now “Christina”
and another repeat offender..
How many negatives does a shop have to get for Etsy to shut them down? 

Or is there no limit, as long as Etsy is making $$$ off a shop, whether it’s a well-run one or not.
Check her out:
and her other shop (which she does not note as her other shop in her profile)…. An Etsy violation of policy…
I know first hand that this seller spends more time pleading with customers who give negative feedback … than she does giving good customer service in the first place.
Always the same story:  Oh, the mail is slow this time of year, I’ve been sick, family problems, internet woes, email difficulties.  Blah blah blah.
Sellers like this  should be jerked upright and told what to do to be allowed to remain on Etsy.
Sellers like this one makes the entire place look like crap.

TheHomeCentric, anandaart

13 Dec
With almost 800 items in her shop you can figure out that she’s not making these herself. And look at the prices! This is the type of stuff you’d find at Pier One Imports or Pottery Barn. Handmade by cheap Indian labor. This Etsy seller from India claims she was fashion designer. The first line of her profile talks about the skilled hand work and craftsmanship that her country is known for so that’s a subtle way of saying she doesn’t make the stuff herself.

And then there’s this shop that just opened with exactly the same pillow covers claiming to be made by rural Indian artisans.

intimatestuffs, MimeQIQI, FryShopping

10 Dec

hurry up and get your own personal handmade USB drive


(I would like to remain anonymous) Don’t know what to file this under. Vintage that has been edited but not by the person or people ???? that run the shop. Let’s hope they pay the tailor decent wages. This is the bio from


We collect top quality vintage piece from Asia, mainly Japan.

All the vintage pieces in my shop are hand picked from local vintage shop. Most of them has been re-designed, they are ready to wear in any occasion, yet maintain the retro elements.

We work with an excellent tailor, she still uses old sewing technics to modify the vintage pieces.

We love handmade things and oriental elements, we are very pleased to share the eastern beauties with you.

Cheap looking mass produced claiming to be handmade sterling silver 
rings.  In every listing says :
I am a jewelry maker myself, me and my team makes many beautiful 
designer items daily and sell them locally and as well as online. I with 
a combined efforts of my team have made our jewelry as a brand name in 
If you want me to prepare some customized designs for you in 925 
STERLING SILVER JEWELRY, then please be in touch with me. Me and my team 
will be very happy to design stuff for you.

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