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28 Jul

Nothing drives me more crazy than a copycat, and a copycat who is frequently featured on the front page and in Finds. She is copying sellers who have been around long before she has and steals all of their ideas. This shop has had close to 400 sales this year alone. Her shop is all over the place in terms of a theme and she keeps building on it because she’s taking everyones ideas! The proof is in the examples:

This one she actually included a picture of a competitors work:
Competitor listing:




Bragging Bags:

the below seller was selling painted card boxes long before astylishdesign – it’s funny how similar the designs are

even the moss and floral cover monograms?


even her reserved listing sign looks the exact same:


26 Jul






25 Jul

Multiple web stores carry Furniture Cove’s exact same “handmade” barstools –

Etsy site:

Here is the About Us page from TheFurnitureCove’s website:

Note that the staff list does not include any members who design and hand craft furniture.


23 Jul

It’s not the overly long shp announcment or descriptions it’s not even
the annoying use of tags in the titles. It’s the locations she states.
If she can afford to live in all those places at once why sell on etsy?


20 Jul
Found this new shop while playing a favorite Etsy game, Pouncing for Resellers, waiting for my laundry to dry:
Their shop announcement is their website, and the addy of their website is in every listing.
where you can purchase her clothing for a few dollars cheaper than in her Etsy shop, a no-no!
The Etsy shop has no Profile or Policies pages, but the website has this About page:
I guess this is Etsy’s version of a ‘collective’ where a designer in the US farms out the real work of making garments to a Third World country.  If I want to buy clothing made in Thailand, I can go to a mall store.  Are their really no people in Washington state who can construct tailored garments?
Pretty sure this is NOT a ‘reseller’ by Etsy’s standards.  But seeing the website ticked me off, so I thought I’d send it in for consideration.


17 Jul

Yet another wholesaler on Etsy:
-Selling commercial or mass-produced items in Etsy’s handmade categories is not permitted
Shop modemerr:

Here is the website and there are plenty of other wholesalers of this brand. There are plenty of sites for shops like this. Please keep Etsy clean.


14 Jul
The lollipops are from this merchant, who sells both retail and wholesale:
I looked at some of the items in the SweetsIndeed shop, and noticed the lollipop photos were copied from another source (all distorted and stuff), like this Strawberry Lollipop:
A quick visit to Google Images found this item:
which uses the same photo.  Note that the price shown on the Melville Store site is for retail, not wholesale.
What made me suspicious about this shop being a reseller was seeing someone selling supposedly handmade food  without ingredients listed anywhere.
Here’s a set of popcorn boxes, listed under Handmade Plants and Edibles, but the items includes no food:
Listing claims these are original designs.  Dunno.
Another listing for boxes, this time supposedly pre-filled with assorted taffy — two photos, neither of which show any candy:
Here’s a sold item with a seriously distorted photo:
for some repacked (if that) candy listed as if it was made by the seller as Handmade Plants and Edibles.  But the photo gives this reseller away, because Google Images tells the story:
I am going to quit here with evidence.  I’ve got like a thousand windows open, and my eyes are starting to cross.  This should be enough for a callout.  Hope all the links work.


12 Jul

In today’s Etsy Finds: Lightning Bug/Firefly Jar

Bad Fruits- byemma

10 Jul

I reported this specific item to Etsy admin a while ago when the seller actually mentioned in the item description that she got these from her supplier.
She was obviously warned that including that statement was a no-no and removed it thus being able to keep the listing in her shop.

That seems to be all it takes to let someone purposely resell something on Etsy!

Etsy listing:
Alibaba listing:

shabbymcfabby, DreamyWeddings

7 Jul
This pile of deception was one of my ‘Suggested Shops’ from the ever vigilant (just kidding!) Site Integrity crew at Etsy Corporate.  So lovely to contemplate Etsy promoting a tangled mess of violations from this seller while they make keyboard noise in the Forums about cleaning up Etsy’s violation cweens.
Oldest shop (one in my Suggesteds):
This shop is a massive mis-use of the vintage category. Items are shown already re-painted (with an offer for custom re-re-painting for an additional fee) and/or disassembled.  Listings don’t show the items in their original condition — like an original finish frame with its original mirror or picture. Here’s the best example of a fauxtique, from Peggy Bundy’s dressing room:
Or listing items made by painting over (maybe) vintage pieces and sticking them together — not vintage:
Funny how all the ‘vintage’ glass domes/cloches in her shop are all the same?
I found 2 actual vintage listings, with maybe a handful more possibly vintage.
Then there are supplies listed as handmade:
Commercial items listed as handmade that shouldn’t be on Etsy:
Catalog retailer with same items (shabby got her measurements wrong for the Eiffel Tower one):
Next shop (same owner) has a tiny inventory:
There are actually more sold items than current listings:
Check out all the fauxtique French battery operated clocks!  One left in current inventory, and seller claims it is more than 20 years old — inventory from a closed decor bricks and mortar business.  No maker information, no accurate date for original purchase.  Uh huh.
Third shop for wedding related items:
Since when are finished votive candle holders supplies?
The description says she will resell you the candles, too!
These come with candles:
I know the original shop, shabbymcfabby, was called out numerous times in the now closed Garagetsy blog, and was undoubtedly flagged.  This shows what Etsy does about resellers and vintage misuse.  Nothing.

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