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29 Sep

More Fauxtiques:

FrenchEclectic on the front page with vintage french dining table

Treasury photo linky from craftcult

Shop :

Description: “Old Louis XV Style Dining table with base refinished in a pale grey finish. Has 2 leaves to seat 10 comfortably. Circa 1940. Imported from France.”

Table also available at Cottage Haven Interiors as Vintage Louis XV Style Dining Table They describe it as ”
This vintage Louis XV Style Dining table features two leaves that expand to seat 10 comfortably. The base of this table has been refinished in a pale gray. Circa 1940. ”

Wow! Same table, same photos but one is a faux finished table and one is Imported from France.

I suspect both interior designers buy from the same supplier.


28 Sep

“Vintage” t-shirts from 2009:

Can anyone find a more recent “vintage” item that actually admits to its age?


26 Sep

WooHoo Cross Stitch is taking copyrighted artist photos right off the internet & turning them into patterns. These are just the few we checked with tineye, the rest of her shop might have a ton more. What do you think about this?
Teal Bubble Stem by Alan Buckle:
“Cherry Tree Blossom” by Christophe Szkudlarek:
“Two Pink Cupcakes” by Thaneeya McArdle:


25 Sep

This entire shop is full of tag stuffing. Almost ever item has “hello kitty” in their tags. Drove me crazy when I was actually looking for a hello kitty headband and every one of her hair clips shows up in the search!!!


24 Sep

Clearly reselling and the images have the actual branding of the company that they purchased from!!!

Here is the etsy shop:

and here is the actual manufacturer:


A reader wanted to know why these shops were duplicates:

TheRosySnail has items with a watermark on them from the other store? They are also both from Temple, TX. Why duplicate a shop?


22 Sep

And another ebook reseller:

For example, compare:


…And another one:



how ’bout them apples?

20 Sep

Browsing for Green Apples and found 5 shops selling exactly the same necklace.


19 Sep

I love when clear rule breakers give advice, really it should come with extra points!


17 Sep

I have a great one for items listed as vintage that are all clearly upcycled (she describes what she has done in her description to upcycle them) Even worse one of her listings is on the FP right now. I don’t believe this is a mistake with not knowing the rules because she has other listings that are in the handmade categories that are also upcycled vintage. She’s playing the odds here to get the best views.

BrisNanaJoy – A joke of a vintage seller.


15 Sep

This item from Nicholsan1: straight up copy and paste stolen from this shop:

Most of the other items in Nicholsan1′s shop look dodgy too. The jewelry is all listed under handmade, but I have my doubts that it is.

I’m willing to bet that this one: is stolen from somewhere too since it actually has a real description but none of the other listings do (except for the other stolen one).


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