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9 Aug

Hmmm, Another Vista Print reseller like our friend PrettywithInkInvites? Amazing how those who sell stationery don’t know how to spell it. Nice feedback too.91 negatives & 100 neutrals!


28 May

Wedding Invitations from VistaPrint being resold on Etsy as Handmade:|358966|137|0&uei=307402&icparts=yes&ag=true&combo_id=332533&ssc=1&ag_category_id=1631&filter=9%3a10013||1%2c24%3a10073||1%2c24%3a10074||1%2c24%3a10075||1%2c24%3a10076||1%2c24%3a10351||1%2c24%3a10352||1%2c3%3a10077||1%2c4294936929%3a4294936327%3a4294936322||2&xnav=previews&xnid=button&rd=2&ref=1&


23 Feb

Came across this blatant example of reselling in the Heartsy VIP email. The fun part? The reselling information is in the 1st paragraph of the seller’s listings! Seller is here

See the first part of the listing here:
I find this disturbing on many levels: that this shop has been operating for 2 years, that he’s now getting Heartsy exposure, and that the original artist may have no idea his work is now being sold at cut rate prices.

Super Bowl Entrepreneurs

9 Feb

in honor of the Giants’ Super Bowl win, let’s see how some Etsy “entrepreneurs” are taking advantage. These are NOT items handmade with licensed fabric, they are bootleg reproduction logos. I’m sure the NFL would not be thrilled. If you blow up the photo, you see a (c) National Football League notation below the graphic. So does this t-shirt printer have a contract with the NFL? This is in vintage, and it is licensed. However, the packaging reads, “Visit” Twenty years old?

Just a tiny sample. I got sick of looking at them.


6 Feb

lol, what’s up with this shop? In the listings they include a “This item was on the front page of” banner in the pictures, but if you search the shop name on Craft Cult they’ve never been on the FP. The dark pictures are enough to know they’d never be on the FP. Do they really think people will be fooled and it will make them want to buy?

They’re also using pictures taken from around the internet in other listings. This one has a watermark that says –
And this one from some food website –


1 Feb

Talk about copyright infringement! shelleym2011 pimps every pop-culture celebrity, movie and institution you can think of! Including J Lo, Beiber and NASCAR
Ad Naseam.


29 Jan

There was a post in the forums :
about a woman caught stealing another sellers photos.
The woman who had her pictures stolen posted this:

“Erica Floyd from afinityjade says Edited on Jan 26, 2012
Thank you to everyone that emailed about my photo being used. From what I understand she has taken her food items down so there really isn’t an issue anymore.
The photo in question is my own stock photo., thank you Libby.”

Turns out afinityjade actually stole most her food photos from food blogs across the internet:

ArtPrintsoncanvas, artonlinegallery

23 Jan

they just changed their name to

Obvious art reseller.

First caught attention of some forum members when he posted asking if he should buy one of his own items in order to get his first sale:

Several people questioned whether or not the work was his and his replies were, quite frankly, vague and weird.

He started several other threads, including this one, asking what was wrong with his shop:

Several people TOLD him what was wrong with his shop and the thread was closed for calling out. But almost a week later and after being reported, the shop is still up and running. He has changed his profile stating that he is not reselling and that he and his wife paint the paintings…

but a Google Reverse image search on many of these images tell another story altogether:×36-inch.html

He had up several paintings by Andrew Atroshenko, some Disney images, and several photos pulled off free wallpaper sites, but has pulled them down after people in the forums mentioned them specifically. I have screen captures of the Google Cache page from January 13th showing many of these images in his shop.

He has fooled many people in the forums — fawning over how gorgeous his artwork is and hasn’t sold anything yet…but is amassing new favoriters everyday.

It’s sickening that Etsy will take the time to close down threads in the forums where these resellers call themselves out…but won’t shut down the shops themselves.


26 Sep

WooHoo Cross Stitch is taking copyrighted artist photos right off the internet & turning them into patterns. These are just the few we checked with tineye, the rest of her shop might have a ton more. What do you think about this?
Teal Bubble Stem by Alan Buckle:
“Cherry Tree Blossom” by Christophe Szkudlarek:
“Two Pink Cupcakes” by Thaneeya McArdle:

Revisiting- ImagineStudio

30 Jun

A year ago we had featured ImagineStudio and her reinterpretations of work including movie posters

We decided to revisit the shop to see if she’s still at it..

Some of our findings-
Webshots wallpaper:×1024/1280_1024_nature_scene_wallpapers_08/html/wallpaper16.html

This design was posted in someone’s flickr named Simone (imaginestudio is Lyse)
called “Havisham House”:
ImagineStudio’s called “At the Museum”:

The painter William Bougureau’s “The Lost Pleiad”

This is model Christy Turlington:


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