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An update…

17 Aug

Here is an update on shops that have been called out. One person owns all these shops under different names. They also changed the names after being called out here. Here is the update.

this shop has been called our here a number of times. They tried to shake it by changing their name to fakeguageorganics

The same owner had this shop removed, he was selling junk from China. He now is coming back selling the same earrings.

He has made his photos to look like other peoples photos. Blinggo was removed for a short time for violations.

This shop now has come back. It was organicdreams before, same owner

Now look at Thaisaket, the same people with a different story. Look at their early
feedbacks, this was an earring seller.

this shop has been a reseller from the first day. He got smarter, went after other clothing sites by copying their styles and photos, all of which he buys in the local market.

He is not running a 50% sale and shipping DHL. Does that sound like a reseller?

Here is another site run by these people.

Once again, goods you can buy on Ebay, websites, or just about anywhere. They are claiming they make these goods. They have 5 sites I am showing you, probably more, all with different names, ATM cards, that is how people expand. They are selling $365,000 a year or more, not to mention they screw up the market for honest people making stuff.
They should be gone yesterday.


14 Aug

WAnted to also point out this OBVIOUS reseller, SpaGoddess aka Angel Face Botanicals
See this EXACT SAME THING here

and even TADA! listed reseller!
“where to buy”
who also sells them on amazon and TADA! ETSY!

Same Scarf

8 Aug

A TON of people selling the same scarves:


11 Jun

Okay, I am not saying she didn’t make these, but isn’t it weird how these types of bracelets are available all over eBay and wholesale sites? Anyone else find this strange?

Here’s hers:

And, numerous sites where you can find the same ones:

And those links were gotten from a very quick google search.

Why do I think she is lying about making them? Well, the links I found when I searched for “Shamballa bracelet”. Then in her video about it (, she doesn’t know the term “macramé” when she describes the “little thingy” which provies closure and adjustment for the bracelet. Also, she’s selling 50 identical ones which if she were making them by hand doesn’t seem likely. Am I off-base here? I would hate to call someone out that didn’t deserve it, but this seems so fishy to me. I mean why not just sell them on eBay? Why pretend they are handmade? She has tons of followers so I’m sure they wouldn’t care.

12 May

Ring a ding ding, isn’t it funny how all of these shops seem to have the exact same rings and bangles and for such a great price? Regardless of how much work it would be if they actually were making them. And isn’t it funny that you can find these by the truckload at any gem show?

this one

and this one

and this shop

and this shop

and this shop

and this shop

and this shop

here are some places to order on alibaba

and on ebay

TheTeardropShop, StumblingOnSainthood

3 Apr

okay, someone explain this to me.

This shop sells a cute little umbrella necklace:

This other shop sells a cute little umbrella necklace:

Two different shops, same exact photo. I get that they could be legal if they were buying the umbrella as a part and adding it to a chain (which other sellers appear to be doing)..but this is the SAME necklace, same wire wrapping detail, etc. Same photos.

Are the two shops the same person? Or just two different people reselling a premade necklace and using the stock photo of it?

As a buyer, I want a pic of WHAT *I* AM BUYING, not what was sold 100 pieces ago and renew sold all the time.

Send In Your Callouts…

21 Mar

We are getting about 200+ spam comments a day so we will no longer be able to look through that folder to make sure a post from you guys got in there accidentally.

To make sure it gets to us safe and sound please email your callouts to us directly at etsycallout at hotmail dot com.


Thaisaket, earringchest

25 Feb

A word to the poster of this- you simply post in the comments or email us but you don’t need to copy and paste your message over and over. Once is fine. Thanks! -ECO

I am not sure how I can be a member to post here. I thought etsy had 1300 people reporting and wanted more, after I reported this person they kicked me off. All his stuff comes off wholesale websites, its so obvious. What do I have to do to get some help or get him on the reseller list on this site?

Here is the info on the shops Thaisaket and earringchest, they blatantly sell stuff off websites. All the stuff is handmade in China, however, they employ 14-17 year olds and pay them $80 to $100 a month. They sleep and eat in the factories. It is believed that younger people are sharper and put more work out, especially women. Help out to report this person. All the information is there about the websites they buy from. Earrings from Bali and Clothing from Thailand and China is some of the worst resellers on etsy. Just read the stupid feedbacks, things like, poor quality, (sure, it was $5 or less and you paid $35-$50 plus $20 shipping) or, size was wrong (sure it was, they try to sell you the fact it fits everybody, but in fact, it dont. They don’t bother to get rid of the neutrals and negs because they sell enough, its OK for some people to get screwed. Or slow shopping,(sure it was, in some cases, they dont have the money to carry merchandise, they have to go find it when they sell it) Look at Thaisaket, the stock numbers are almost the same as on the wholesale website. You know what that means……. this site may not have the item in stock!!!!! Look at the data, does this not make you mad that you are buying $5 items for $50? How about the earrings, $1-$2 each and you pay $8-$!5. Just enjoy wasting your money! If you don’t report them, your friends and esty family will become victims of this reseller. It must be addictive to lose money, right?

Don’t forget to call out these shops, I have an update. Thaisaket on etsy just opened anyonesfashion, claiming to ship from the USA, when in fact the people claim to be making stuff in Thailand. All of his clothing is bought at this shop who has a website. This shop is across from the UOB bank in Pratunam Market, in the basement, it is a pink shop. here is the info of what you can find shipping in this market. Rising an impressive 88 storeys high, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is Thailand’s tallest building. A distinctive feature of Bangkok’s skyline, it also marks the spot for one of the city’s all-time, favourite pursuits: Shopping! A scandalous variety of goods are on offer, with something for everyone – no matter how deep or shallow your pocket may be. One of Bangkok’s most colourful and chaotic areas, and famously popular for its fashion factory outlets, street markets, bazaars and armies of local vendors, Pratunam offers bargain prices for all kinds of clothing, apparel, fashion accessories, shoes, watches, jewellery, belts, luggage and then some. Read more: Pratunam Information Guide so, feel free to report this shop. Why should this person sell $1000 a day and only resell? They have an earring shop also. Look up earringchest on etsy. All of their earrings can be found on this site. He shops here also, and here But look here, almost all his earrings can be found here! All of these shops for earrings are located on Khao San Road a tourist area where you can find wholesale clothing, jewelry, silver, cheap food and hotels. Check the sites, you will see most of his earrings he says he makes on these sites. Peace and Love, Raven I have an update also. All his clothing on Thaisaket, and they now sell $2000 a day, came from a wholesale shop in thailand called “Chicky” There are photos of his clothing in one article about this shop.


11 Nov

I found a bunch of sellers on Etsy and on Ebay selling steampunk style inexpensive items, all photographed on a very very similar greenish wood background. The Ebay sellers all say their items are ‘new without tags’, so they are honest resellers. Some of the items in UmbrellaLaboratory use the same background — same source?

Okay, let’s compare descriptions for steampunk items shot on the green wood background between UmbrellaLaboratory on Etsy (from Florida):

and an Ebay seller in Rhode Island:

Even though the items are not identical, some of the description text is the same!

Peacock Street

2 Nov

Peacock necklace wholesaler

Etsy sellers using same photos (from list above)





Shining Gift: She went for the earrings. This is the best deal because two charms for the lowest price of all of them !

This isn’t any sort of grey area of someone putting a charm on a chain. These are resellers and I flagged them all more than a month ago.


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