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Reseller Call Out: handmade166bag

28 Feb

This ballsy reseller is BACK. We shut them down when they were lowpricebag. See earlier post.

As last time, she has uploaded 56 or so photos just today.



Mistaggers: Bags and Purses

27 Feb

All found in the handmade Bags and Purses category.

**vintagedeluxe- 80’s camera bag
**godlovescandy18- Black Polka Dot Bag “I only used this for once and it is still in good condition!”
**grandbigdog- Victoria Secret Hand Bag “HI NICE HAND BAG I HAVE NEAVER USED”. How often has she read the Etsy guidelines?? Neaver. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.
**LizsLuxuries- Etienne Aigner Handbag “clean and in great shape”.
**wallpapered- Grey Vintage Purse

Flag away

Annoying Mistaggers/Resellers: Sanrio

26 Feb

Those who sell Sanrio and place it in handmade paper goods.

**lipbalmjunkie. Hello Kitty memo stationary and kawaii sticker sets.
**sugarblocks Memo pad sheets.
**waytookawaii puts a Sanrio pig sticker sheet in ART. Sigh
**PDFQueen offers a high res Sanrio file to print over and over again. I’m pretty sure that would get Sanrio’s blood boiling.
**lorettared with a stationary lot.
**jade240 with a crafty set. “These are all new and quality Kawaii Items.”

(A big thanks to the 3 or 4 sellers I found that correctly placed their items in supplies.)

“Handmade” by 3 different people- These Shrimp Hello Kitty earrings are imported yet “handpainted” by this seller in AZ on ebay
yet also available in etsy shop marine13 in France and at shop TheFicklePickle both under handmade jewelry.

Actually this wholesale page has half of TheFicklePickle’s shop in it.

DollFaceCreations looks like she tried to ruff up Hello Kitty’s face a bit so that it didn’t look so perfectly like the wholesale picture.

Honeypopjewellery is reselling these Hello Kitty earrings from this Hong Kong seller.

From The Readers: Bulk Fragrance Oils

26 Feb

From John:

There are lots and lots of shops that repackage bulk fragrance oils, then list them in the “Handmade: Candles” category. These are Supplies: Commercial at best, since the only handmade part is pouring oils from a large bottle into a little bottle and jacking up the price.

If I’m wrong, and these sellers actually CREATE the oils, I will apologize.

Editorial: Show Me the Money?!

25 Feb

Looking around in the supplies section and paper goods I noticed alot of shops with prices of $1.00 (what’s even more scary is that many are cheaper which means they probably PAY to sell an item but that is a whole other issue)

My question is how on earth can that be worth the effort?

$1.00 Purchase Price

-.20 Etsy Listing Fee
-.04 Etsy 3.5% Selling Fee
-.30 Paypal Transaction Fee
-.03 Paypal 2.9% Selling Fee

= .43
Is that worth the time to package up the item, envelopes, cello bags, then gas to drive to the post office?

Do shops just want sales and try to focus on the bigger issue of the final selling prices coming in not considering the business fees that come back out of it? But even if you sold 5 items you still only make $2.15 I think sweat shop employees make more money.


Super Polyvore Fan??

24 Feb

Today is not a reseller or a mistagger. It’s just a plain ‘ol calling out ya’ll.

What is up with econnor’s listings? Is she obsessed with Polyvore and decided to keep them for her listings as well? Or did she find the pictures on Polyvore and is making a duplicate?

Without reading the description I had no idea what in the heck of all those graphics she was selling.

I think it’s funny that people get riled up over multiple beads in a photo for a listing of one, they will be rabid when they see this hot mess of a listing photo.

What do you think- innovative photo idea or artsy-fartsy garbage?

Hall Of Shame- bdrennen2008

23 Feb

Today the Hall of Shame Mistagging award goes to bdrennen2008.

She is “one of those” that tags her necklaces and bracelet with-

jewelry, anklet, bracelet, brooch, earrings, lampwork, necklace, pendant, ring, watch, beaded, beadweaving, beadwork, metal