From The Readers: Bulk Fragrance Oils

26 Feb

From John:

There are lots and lots of shops that repackage bulk fragrance oils, then list them in the “Handmade: Candles” category. These are Supplies: Commercial at best, since the only handmade part is pouring oils from a large bottle into a little bottle and jacking up the price.

If I’m wrong, and these sellers actually CREATE the oils, I will apologize.


One Response to “From The Readers: Bulk Fragrance Oils”

  1. PussDaddy March 4, 2009 at 4:54 pm #

    I admit I don’t have a lot of experience with fragrance oils, except for buying them. However, at one time I researched how to make soap, and perfume, and candles, and things, and from my understanding you can buy oil cut or uncut, and if you have to cut it yourself, that would probably qualify it as handmade.


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