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Do NOT Buy From Soapdeli

31 Mar

Remember all the anti-Etsy posts and all the super lovey Artfire schlep she delivered in the forums for months?! Well, boo hoo.. she is not getting the sales over there like her Etsy shop so she is thinking about leaving there.

What a indecisive trouble maker. Steer clear!



30 Mar

I’ve flagged this shop which is blatantly violating TOU by using their banner as an advertisement for their website with a 50% off coupon code, their shop announcement also directs customers to their website to buy using coupon codes.

The shop announcement contains the following information:

Coupons have to be used on my instant download site

“My online website has been doing great and Thanks so much from all The ETSY customers you guys are great, I am so happy and excited, keep in mind I will have nearly 10,000 files to choose from when I am done, hopefully I will start adding about 50-75 files a day, keep checking back for new coupon codes each week!” and my online store

Pretty ballsy to steal & then give permission for it..

28 Mar

here’s another one QBTots who advises the people who buy her stolen images that they can use them in a commercial way:

Terms of use: You may NOT share, sell or claim these digital images as your own. You may print these images and use them in any other personal and commercial way.

It’s disheartening. Some day someone is going to go vigilante on these people and start calling Disney et al.

Mistagger- Yellowfield7

27 Mar

“I’m glad you’re here!! I am amazed that this shop is constantly on the front page with her mistagged Items, I have flagged the items, but nothing happens.

She has several hats tagged (I copied and pasted)

“clothing, cape, corset, costume, dress, girl, handmade, hoodie, vintage”
“clothing, cape, costume, corset, dress, girl, handmade, hoodie, vintage, wedding gown”

Hats are not supposed to be tagged as clothing but as accessories first, not to mention the other ingenious ways she has tagged. The wedding gown sent me over the edge!!”

Mistagger- SincearJewelry

26 Mar

This shop mistags a lot. I have reported her a few times.

Search needle felted in her shop you get 20 items none are needle felted

Search crochet in her shop you get 17 items none are crochet

Search Knit in her shop you get 16 items non are knit

That is an example I did not go through each item to read all the tags.


25 Mar

“Look what I found in Bags and Purses ~ Soap!!

All of her tags are wonky. How can you tag soap as toy?


(etsycallout adds: She also calls an oreo a cupcake.)

Tagging conflicts..

24 Mar

Apparently Etsytreasuryteam’s advice on how to tag conflicts with Etsy’s rules as discussed here:

Here’s another seller who has taken the advice to heart about multiple word tagging:

I’ve flagged a few times, no changes.