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Wacky Etsy Stuff #1

23 Mar

This sort of thing doesn’t fit in with mistagging or reselling but every once in awhile we have a guest poster that would like if we could break it up with some picks for weird and wacky stuff they find while they are searching around. Take it away Miss Guest!


1. CitrusTree Winker Photo– I love the big cracks in his forehead, like someone hated him as much as me but took a bat to him.
2. kateblack MoTowne Vibrator– I’m confused, the title says vibrator..but when you read the description it’s not and for decorative purposes? A wacky head hooked to an electrical device is decorative??
3. cobysbaba Tampax Notebook– This whole shabby thing looks like it needs to be shoved where the sun don’t shine.
4. Doodlemonkie Alien Brooch- Ever seen a dead fish that’s been at the bottom of the tank for a couple of days?
5. TBen Mini Cthulhu– with santa’s.. a true WTF if I’ve ever seen one.

Natural Inspiration..

23 Mar

Natural Inspiration on Etsy claims to hand make these:

But crazily, uses the photo’s direct off the website where she buys them in bulk: