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Reader Email- Annoying Mistagging.. Vegan Soap

30 Apr

This reader is annoyed that these shops tag goat’s milk soap as vegan.



Annoying Mistagging- Apron/Dress

29 Apr

Unless you are a VERY free spirited woman, no one will wear an apron as a dress.
These shops (just a sample, there are way to many of them) beg to to you!

*TheRedDolly Pink retro polka dot apron
*LulaDahl Poppy Dot Half Apron (it’s cute but not a dress honey)
*tinderdesigns The HOLLYWOOD HOSTESS Apron – Designer Fabric Romantic Vine
*amyquarry Pink Domestic Diva Full Apron
*FrenziedArtists Brenda Apron

Want to have a post about an annoying mistagging? Send me an email with your picks:

Peruvian Imports from Georgia?

26 Apr

Reader Gern commented:

We’ve been reporting this seller Cholosoy for a while:

All Peruvian imports.
What I find interesting is the straight up cut and paste from these 2 Peruvian Clothing sites in their item descriptions.

A reader found them here:

The Necklace That Really Gets Around..

24 Apr

The exact same necklace is listed in a few shops:

* thaisterlingsilver-
* fonth-
* infinityjewelryclub-

Question for Vonlady-

22 Apr

Reader Comment from De:

Vonlady is this you as well? If so why does this item say just arrived? It sounds like it was purchased, not handmade.—–867052.html

and the user name is ybmimports? same picture and the description is almost identical.

same item on etsy this one says handmade

Worst Feedback Record on Etsy?

22 Apr

I’ve always wondered how bad someone’s feedback would need to be before Etsy closed up someone’s shop or account.

These examples show it might be alot. Who has the worst feedback record on Etsy?

*The Buyer BeadworkPaula has 156 negatives!!! Really Etsy?!?
*The Seller gemmafactrix has 21 negatives and 56 neutrals.

Overstock.Com for All of Vonlady’s Handmade Needs..

17 Apr

Shame on you vonlady!