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Okeechobee Art Thief..

31 May

for ohabby81 to be charging such precious coin you would think she would at least change up the middle picture to not make it so oh-so-obvious that it’s straight up stolen from Pottery Barn Kids.


Pottery Barn Kids:|k

I guess it made it into a Storque article as well.

Who knew you could directly copy and then charge $129 for it. And her “this is my favorite” is priceless. Yeah, we can tell it was. Maybe someone can let PBK know how much you liked it as well.


She’s baaaaaaaaaaack….

30 May

salebagcowhide is her name for the (8th?) time.

See earlier post:

Reseller or the Maker?

28 May

Neither have a very informational “about us” so I couldn’t tell if they were the same seller or not.


Race Car Chairs

27 May
They are definitely not handmade and were in the graduation gift guide even.

Just when I think I’ve seen everything..

25 May

teeth whitening foam resellers!

Novoral Corporation Dual Foam

BROquet Gift Baskets

22 May

SO against TOU.


Nancy’s Cute Surprise Shop

18 May

reader comment:

I flagged this seller the day they listed their first item two weeks ago. They have made 41 sales in two weeks with their mass produced crap listed in the handmade categories.

Almost everything is listed in the handmade Everything Else category, and on their very earliest listings under Materials they have put in “not made by me”. One item, a plush keychain (which clearly shows the commercial price tag) is under Dolls and Miniatures. I guess most of the stuff could go under Supplies, Commercial although the plush keychain shouldn’t be on Etsy at all.

This pisses me off. It could have been nipped in the bud if the flagging system actually worked.