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Links 9/30

30 Sep

For pete’s tweet STOP putting these damn Bodhi Leaf lights on the FP! A super quick Google comes up with:

Krishna Arts is supplied by
___________________________________________________________________________ is very suspect with her “vintage” shop, it looks more like the dollar store.

Should hchappycat SUPER CUTE MP3 ipod Earphone Tidy Wrap Winder‘s (though yes, super cute) be allowed as supplies? What are they supplying in the creative process other than neatness?


Immature Admin Picks & SteamSociety

29 Sep

I received this email from a reader:

I’m calling out the AdmEtsy----Your-place-to-buy-ain who picked the Front Page on Sunday, 9/27 at 9:00pm.

Attached you’ll see a jpg screengrab, showing how they’ve nicely highlighted “Dork” and “Wanker”

While I’m no prude and I don’t care what people do in their own shops, the Front Page? Apparently Admin doesn’t know that Dork is a slang for Penis, and Wanker means “one who masterbates.”

Somehow that doesn’t seem like Front Page material that will help with Etsy’s branding and their sellers’ reputations.

Your thoughts- funny or unprofessional??


Beware of seller SteamSociety. The feedback seems like a broken record. Relists the items but doesn’t send the items even after a month. Yikes.

Super Stuffed Tags and Thailand Tees

28 Sep

Check out this listing by WhimsicalTreasures01:

This is the tags:

jewelry, charm pendant necklace, silver plated, crystal briolette swarovski, sparkly sparkle shiny, classic chic, everyday simple simplicity, nature inspired branch twig vine, modern sweet special pretty, bridal party bridesmaid bride wedding, jewellery gift present, teardrop bead dainty delicate mini small miniature, clear transparent white see through translucent, international worldwide shipping

how on earth does she get so many letters in there?


Re: The dress “brought back from thailand” by anotherfeather reported by “groove is in da heart” in the first response (

I reported this item to etsy… Since then, she’s changed the listing to remove the bit about bringing the dress back from Thailand, so that’s alright then… But whoops, she’s left “thailand” in the tags.

clothing, dress, tunic, harvest, autumn colors, warm, pattern, brown, cotton, linen, thailand, wooden buttons, lanterns, dragon flys


25 Sep

Two different readers commented on AutumnandEve…

Major copyright violation “illustrator” on the FP right now. I guess illustrator now means “I know how to use filters on photshop.” -LOVE that they have the image listed under their copyright. Funny, I believe the photo of Mr. Dylan that you stole had it’s own copyright. I can’t stand these sellers!

A very amusing email I received from the crazy funkyshique bunch…

I just finished reading your blog entry on Funkyshique. It was incredibly shocking to me as an Etsy seller myself to see how other sellers would treat Funkyshique. Etsy is a plethora of mixed items, including items to be altered, things that appeal to the artistic mind. You would have to report over half of Etsy and could spend 24 hours a day pointing out non-vintage and non-handmade items.

Funkyshique has a nice subtle style and doesn’t exploit any type of manufactured item, unlike many of the made in China supplies found on Etsy. She is a hard working Mother, American Citizen and Hobbyist with her own unique style and has respect enough for our planet to recycle.

Does every knitter weave their own yarn or every artist mesh there own canvas fibers? I hope she paints the figurine purple and sprinkles it with glitter and calls it Altered Art.

What a shame that your blog exists simply to insult others. I see nothing but jealousy and envy and negativity.

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Yep, the new Etsy rules say it must be handmade by YOU or 20 years old UNLESS you are a mother, a US citizen, a hobbyist with style and hell, even recycle. Nice to know. Mothers, hobbyists and earth lovers from other countries be damned!

Reader Email – Wonderbar

24 Sep

“I was farting around on etsy looking for some “homegrown” honey and I came across the Wonderbar. Upon seeing the all too apparent mass-produced packaging I wondered about
Here’s what they have to say in an excerpt from their profile:
“Business has grown over the past two-and-a-half years. Due to encouragement from the public and success in sales, our bars are now sold in health food stores all over the United States. Wonderbars are now made in a small facility in Dallas, Texas rather than in the home kitchen in which we began; most of the production process is still done by hand and Wonderbars are still made in small batches on a weekly basis. Each member of Desire Tree International’s management and staff is dedicated to providing healthy, simple, and truly all-natural snacks.”

Wonderbars sound wonderful for something one can get from a grocery store not etsy, I wonder if Cliffbars will start selling on etsy because they are “done by hand” in a factory, I mean “facility” too.”

Reseller Call Out- fantask

23 Sep

Fantask out of China listed “their” items this morning, September 23, 2009. Here is the link:

Unfortunately, the toys are actually produced by Playsam (a Swedish company,) a fact that Fantask points out themselves in their listing descriptions. Here is the link to Playsam’s product page:

Reseller CallOut- funkyshique

22 Sep

funkyshique is selling the hugely popular figurines by Demdaco. The figures have stickers on the bottom that say “Made in China”. (I know because I own some)