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This Isn’t Priceline Honey…

30 Nov


Read directions carefully. I want this to be a fun new way to purchase on my etsy page!


I have decided to go about this in a new way.
If an item says $1.00 that means it is part of the sale.

This sale is called “Name your price”

So….contact me on etsy and tell me what you think the dress is worth.
If I agree, I will change the price and you purchase the item.

Offers will be considered based on 3 criteria:
1. Degree of dufficulty in creating it
2. How cute it is 🙂
3. If you want to purchase more than one item.”



30 Nov

Reader comment:

Does this look like a resell to anyone?

Kind of breaks my heart, since I was an inch away from buying them…
The seller has mostly “charms” in their shop- I can (maybe kinda) understand sticking a mass-produced charm on a chain and calling it “handmade”, but it looks like the earrings in question are just a blatant resell. I hope I’m wrong on this one…

Love the “Thank you etsy for featuring these earrings in the Equestrian Chic Gift Guide!!!” *roll eyes*-ECO

Reseller Call Out- kismetics

29 Nov
*disclaimer* A note on the wholesaler’s website states:
Cut and pasted from their source:

But wait, you can buy shoes too!
I’m sure you can think of all the ways to wear these incredibly comfortable boots from TSUBO.


28 Nov

huby06 is selling assorted indian, thai & mexican silver jewelry (he’s calling it vintage and designer).

Take a look at his Profile: “i have been selling vintage and designer jewelry for several years now. i am currently expanding into the english speaking countries. my current webshops are available in german and french only.”

His Etsy shop:

His ebay shop:

itsadoggiedogworld & mimeqiqi

27 Nov

Another seller who buys sale crap at Target and Michaels and resells it on Etsy. Left For Others Feedback is a fun read, as well:
In the shoe listings she says she found them in her travels and had them shipped back home (so she can ‘share them’ — sheesh, I am tired of resellers sharing their stuff on Etsy), but her announcement says she’s taking orders.
As for the rest of the vintage shop, her announcement says her vintage items are ‘reworked’ but the listings make no mention of any alterations to the clothes. So who knows how old they are or if they are original.

Sock Monkeys & $2 rings

24 Nov

A) They have been kicked off the site before – and just signed up under a different name.

B) This is a Chinese company: ( Yes, handmade, but sure as hell not by one person… they are all over the wholesale sites and offer special deals on 500 sock dolls or more.

What annoys me is that people can just come back under a different name, and even flagging them doesn’t seem to work. It took me months to get their first shop closed, and is probably taking me months to get their new shop closed again.

In the meantime, they are selling like crazy – which is no wonder with those prices. But who can compete with a Chinese sweat shop?

Wow, a shop full of $2 rings and other super cheap jewelry. Insane.

Reseller CallOut- AshleeBonaparte1

23 Nov

She resells rings from Target-

Here is the ring at target:

and this one:


AND JCPenney

At JC Penny’s:

If you look at her 26 negatives in her feedback, 9 are from the last month alone…BUYER BEWARE!