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28 Dec


I don’t know if this shop has already been investigated before, and I would feel very badly if it turned out that they were not a reseller, but..

Some of the items are very detailed and I just cannot see how these items could NOT have been handmade in a sweat shop and sold at these unbelievably low prices.

I don’t see how this shop could have avoided being flagged since last December..
And they have over 700 sales. They were also on the Front Page today (12/28) which is what led me to the shop.

Thanks for taking a look,
an anonymous friend.

Edited to add:
Their item:

Their item:

Their item:

Their item:

Their item:

Their item:

Their item:

Their item:


Editorial: Better Days For Etsy?

24 Dec

We do not want to sound Pollyanna but we really feel that things definitely have the potential to be looking up for Etsy in the new year.

Take the time to read the two replies so far that Rob has already addressed to the community. I think that is already the amount of times Maria talked to us in two years.

He’s said that he’s killing the gift guides and shady weekend deals crap, along with trying to minimize admin curated parts of the site…many of the causes of integrity issues and dissension lately in the Etsy community.

Obviously it isn’t going to all be perfect (we don’t think it ever will be) but at least someone is trying to fix the problems instead of focusing on revenue. So maybe it’s the holidays but we feel happy.

She Makes Stuff With It, But Won’t Sell It

21 Dec

Another email from the inbox-
Love the blog – long-time reader, first-time caller-outer 🙂

I found this seller who sells tights, knee highs, fishnets, etc as supplies, or “costume supplies”… aka Leg Avenue stuff. That might have worked previously but with the new rules about not being able to use “supplies” as-is, eg non-handmade chain necklaces, her store should really be shut down. Her name’s LuckyBunnyHoney- My favorite part is how she has a whole paragraph in her shop announcement about how it really is supplies:

“ALSO for all those who don’t think Pantyhose and tights are a commercial supply – they ARE – If you lack the imagination – LOOK IT UP! The first doll my grandma ever made for me was made of pantyhose! There are entire books written on crafts with pantyhose & tights.
Here are some other ideas Things I do with my tights:
~Make Killer Hairnets Bright with my multifence thigh highs 50’s style.
~With sheer hose you can make pantyhose animals and people.
~With the fishnet’s I have covered pillows
~Use the patterns on my paintings
& Most importantly mixed and matched with the other wierd thigh highs I have to get the ultimate unique look. (a Blue Multifence over a green fishnet)
Have fun ladies ~

ON MY PUBLIC PROFILE PIC is a white opaque pair that I hand dyed.”

So why doesn’t she just sell all that stuff instead? Maybe that wouldn’t be as easy as just re-selling Leg Avenue…

Pandora Beads- HappinessHome

20 Dec

How can the listings say “Handmade” and “Pandora” in the same sentence?!

From the Inbox:

19 Dec

For about 2 1/2 years I have been fuming over this particular seller, who has shops everywhere!!!. I have flagged her numerous times on Etsy and i even sent an email to Artfire admins last week about her being there under false pretenses.
The name is Janine King Designs, and from my Google research, I have found listings for shops on Etsy, eBay, Artfire, Bonanzle, Mintd, and Ecrater, and that’s only on the first 5 pages.

The number of her sales is what got me nosing around originally, cause the type of item she puts out is not a 10 minute deal, and how anyone can make and sell 362 pieces in just the first 16 days of December on Etsy, (and still have close to 100 items in shop) is an impossible feat! She makes purses, wristlets, iPod pouches, laptop covers, and the like, so you know it it not an easy item to make…certainly not in the numbers she has been selling.

On Bonanzle she has 4,977 feedback…and she has only been there since September 7th of this year.

She has over 12,324 feedback on eBay, but I guess she started there back in 1999 or so.

The site where I found the employee info is

here is the link

Every time I think about this woman and her devious ways I just about scream, and I’d love to be able to get her the hell off Etsy, and Artfire as well…someone should be able to find a way to show her up for what she is…a fabricator and conniving toad!

Of course, she has now put her shops on vacation mode for the holidays, so you can’t see her inventory, but you sure can see her sales.

Hope someone can come up with a way to blast her out of the water. Would love to know someone in Ithica, NY who could check out her little “cottage industry”.

Anyway, just had to vent, so hope you will see fit to post this on the blog.

Thanks for listening (reading)


18 Dec

Weird hodgepodge of stuff with the usual blurry photos but then a couple of knitted hat pictures with one being VERY professional looking that has to be hijacked from elsewhere.

*Sure enough, a reader found the hat from the shop NuxieMade.

**UPDATE 12/20- (When asked about using the striped stockings photo this was a response that was sent in)

Sent by GravityBoutique on December 20, 2009:
the picture has been ,removed but thats not her own picture ,thats the china wholeseller ,picture ,please dont every contact me again.her just put her name on top of the picture ,get the facts first ,god bless you



14 Dec

Here is one of the resellers recently targeted by the sock who left negative feedback.

She whined in the forum thread that she just had a few supplies mistagged & claimed to make her rings.

here are some interesting identical photos:

Note her “handmade” rings are only available in one size, yet she sometimes has sold multiples. If they are handmade, can’t you make more than one size per type of stone?

also, some of the pendants are available from the same eBay sellers, & she hasn’t changed the tags to supplies yet as she promised she would. (Although a silver druzy one has been removed since the call out)