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26 Feb

From the inbox:

I just discovered a reseller, and have flagged a few items. The shop name is seanwu.

Here are links to some of their etsy shop items, and the same items (with the same photos!) offered on a wholesale website:





etsy (unfortunately, someone bought this piece):




I contacted the seller and asked what technique was used to carve one of the silver bracelets. Here is their response: “Guizhou miao nationality…Pure handmade…” lol… what a thorough response.


Don’t Mess With The IOC

25 Feb

EtsyBitch had a post about the Olympics copyright and that anything with Olympics, or Vancouver 2010, or the rings symbol is a serious violation of their regulations.

but here are a few of the more problematic 2010 Olympics listings:

I don’t think these sellers realize just how serious a violation this is. Back when the Salt Lake games were going on there were quite a few places being busted for selling unlicensed Olympic merchandise. The fine was astronomical. It’s one thing to mess with Sanrio and quite another to mess with the IOC. Just saying.


24 Feb

I was emailed about these flip flop keychains and she said “I was in a chat when she was asked about these. She said her friend made them, and she had no idea how. Hilarious.”

Looks like a lot of dreamcapture’s items are questionable, with stolen images and more.

ECO is fairly amused that again in her categories of her shop she has “JEWERLERY”. *snort*

In this great “jewer” category there is this-
“These beautiful 19mm Silver Wire Spacer Beads will look great hanging from your ears. It’s just a ball of wire you might say. Well, I saw them differently.” SAW them differently?! You are supposed to be making them honey!

And as always a pixelated photo-

From the inbox- Muncheys/SignatureTshirts

23 Feb

Hello, me name is Elder Etsy seller username (Muncheys) and would like to ask your help in calling out another Esty seller biting everything I do. The Etsy biters username is (signaturetshirts)

Here is my Etsy shop:

Here’s the biters:

and here’s my listing calling them out:
I am categorizing this as editorial since it is going to come down to you (the blog readers) opinions. So, what do we think of this one??


21 Feb

Re-seller has been on etsy for 3 years with lots of sales. Their shop is a mix of handmade necklaces and lots of wholesale bought China leather bracelets. (web site which is unfinished) : The “about us” on web site states they buy from many designers. They are a retail company. They do not make any of the leather jewelry they sell.

They also have an ebay shop called ” kiskastyle ” kiskastyle@esty’s Swarovski pink pearl and leather bracelet… Swarovski pink pearl and leather bracelet by manufacturer Mily Kiskastyle@esty’s white leather braided leather with hamsa and charms… red braided leather with hamsa and charms by manufacturer Mily kiskastyle@etsy red leather kabbalah hamsa and blue glass evil eye… red leather kabbalah hamsa and blue glass evil eye bracelet by manufacturer Mily… kiskastyle@ebay leather and turquiose bracelet leather and turquoise bracelet by manufacturer Mily red leather bangles with heart charms by manufacturer

and kiskastyle’s red leather bangles with heart charms:

Another manufacturer which kiskastyle uses (Myth) leather bracelet with yoga charm by Kiskastyle… leather bracelet with yoga charm by Myth kiskastyle skinny black bangle with silver-plate… black skinny bangle with silver-plate by Myth

The shop best seller seems to be these skinny leather cord and metal tubing stackable bangle bracelets but I am having trouble finding all of them. I found the black leather with silver, but her shop also offers copper with gold, silver with gold, and red with gold, so maybe a fresh new pair of eyes could find these somewhere. I’ve pretty much scoured

There are also 2 other shops on etsy that sell these skinny leather bangles with metal tubing, but I am not sure if they are handmade or from wholesalers. I don’t want to call them out unless I am sure.
Also worth checking out is kiskastyle’s feedback-

“I ended up sending this back for a refund as it was not all together quality – the attachments to the octopus were not tight enough and scratched at my skin and the materials used seemed very cheap.”

“The chain I received is NOT the one in the picture. The quality was lacking on this item, it was a disappointment!”

“Item not as pictured. Returned for refund of purchase price.”

“Disappointing experience for my first time using Etsy. Item took 16 days to arrive after transaction and was not as pictured or described by seller.”

“Nothing like color in the photo.”

“This item took over 3 weeks to reach me and when I did receive it, it was not as described in the photo or text. Item read “high quality gold plated, 10x thicker than regular gold plating” but was cheap and thin and made a horrible sound against the chain, which was not the same as in the picture. The clasp was also not attached properly and protruded on the side. On the Kiskastyle website it says to send back an item with explanation for a full refund, which I did, the very next day and in perfect condition, but did not receive a refund nor did I receive a response to my multiple emails. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER.”

“When it was opened, it was clearly a poorly made piece of jewelry sure to break in no time. I contacted the seller, no reply, i contacted again, and she warned against bending it on purpose?! I explained it was too delicate for wear and asked for some solution. She replied with an accusation that i wore it and broke it and now wanted my money back, with no sight of any suggestion for a solution (no apology/exchange/return). Basically this seller makes cheap jewelry for a not so cheap price and when the buyer expresses dissatisfaction, they are just out of luck. I have never experienced such rudeness and poor customer service and i am an avid jewelry buyer and needless to say she spoiled a christmas gift and was not concerned in the least in making things right.”


20 Feb


Is it hilarious or downright pathetic when a jewelry seller can’t spell it correctly in their shop announcement?

Got this email about the shop as well:

No proof, but a lot of red flags. sizes like 7.25, which I see all the time on Ebay from the importers, this bracelet: which is manufactured, prices just too low to be handmade by the artist themselves, nothing in the profile or descriptions indicating they are a silversmith or have any part in the making of any of this jewelry. Most handmakers of this type of jewelry would say something to the effect that this ring is a size whatever but if you need a different size just let me know and allow time to make it. Nothing like that in her shop.

She also says in some listings to ‘convoy’ her for wholesale information. She also has a second shop listed in her announcement that is also suspect.

I’ve been making jewelry for a long time, and this shop just doesn’t feel handmade. I wish I had more experience with import sites to be able to provide links to identical items, but if I did, I think it would just push me over the edge to join them based on the number of sales this gal has.

Anyone want to put the detective hat on?


18 Feb

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5056p

Style Annual Calendar Moonphase
Model # 5056p
Case Platinum
Movement Automatic
Dial Color Black
Crystal Scratch Resistant Sapphire
Buckle Tang Buckle
Functions Time, Annual Calendar, Moonphase, Power Res.
Case Width 37mm
Warranty Type 2 yr Time Imports Warranty.

Was intrigued by how this shop could offer warranties on “vintage” watches, so I googled “Time Imports Warranty” and wouldn’t you know I ended up at

You can find all of the watches in watch717’s shop. Thanks to them leaving the oh-so-handy model number to these so called “vintage” items.

For example, that Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5056p is here with all the same info & warranty-

You can find all the others just as easy peasy! Someone should tell TimeImports through their live chat that it’s not okay for them to have their items sold on Etsy!

BTW, what is up with the $70 shipping if they claim they are in the U.S.?!