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31 Mar

A shop filled with pocket watch necklaces which you can find absolutely everywhere.

For example, I’m pretty sure this:

Is this:

I’ve flagged this seller before, clearly with no results.


The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

30 Mar

This seller suzieautomatic is using part of Paul Goble’s illustration from “The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses” on two of her decals. I don’t know if she has permission, but she doesn’t even credit him. She also calls the pronghorns gazelles.

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26 Mar

Wanna buy a hookah?

Commercial supplies? Looks like finished stand alone items to me…
Just cuz you say it’s handmade, doesn’t make it so.

I found these easily on Pounce by looking at the thumbnail photos. Why can’t someone from Etsy look at Pounce as I did –maybe on their cupcake break — and find shops than need a staff review?

Two sellers with identical leg/arm warmers…wonder what that is all about…


25 Mar

how bout this shop featured in Etsy finds…

this is the wholesaler i found after i googled the name seen on the step and repeat in the photo

Check out the “other” photos in the shop and you can see how the wholesaler photos couldn’t be any more obvious.


23 Mar

I just came across this etsy seller who sells “handmade with love” bridal jewelry and accessories….
from Affordable Elegance

You can have this “stunning bridal jewelry set” for only $165 plus shipping.

or for $109.99 with free shipping.

Easy way to make money. I haven’t checked all the items but I believe everything comes from the Affordable Elegance. I just feel so bad for all that brides that are being ripped off.
Someone posted about this listing by ILoveYoYo who has
“supplies, handmade, applique, fabric, scrapbooking, quilt sewing scrapbooking ehsteam team sassy cic esst yoyo trim embellishment yo yo sew on iron on patch round wedding party decoration fascinator favor decor diy project bead, fuxico rosette suffolk pufs iron on sew on patch home decor birthday center piece bouquet arrangement banner garland ornament dollhouse quilt top yart sale valentine love anniversary baby shower kit, craft satin stash ring pillow basket summer spring feelings happy happiness joy gift wrap bow gift bag gift box tag wrapping paper delicate adorable cute feminine boy girl women pretty mini notion shiny bridal bride bridesmaid girl women tiny sun, bride bridesmaid gown button prom accessories hair clip bobby pin ponytail headband rose sunflower sun bloom blossom citrus lemon bridal tiny sun mustard easter, ring pillow basket summer spring feelings happy happiness joy gift wrap bow gift bag gift box tag wrapping paper delicate adorable cute feminine boy girl women pretty mini notion shiny lovely egg, vibrant”

for tags. How on earth are they able to do add that many words??


21 Mar

Sensuous Swirling Earrings/Pendant- horn simple, elegant curves…a soft wave in the ocean.
very light and strong. handmade with love 🙂

Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry-


20 Mar

One can not make a brooch like this for $13.50:

FOUND ON EBAY by wholesaler Pugster-

With over 4,000 charms and other jewelry items, Pugster888 is able to offer remarkable prices to fit every level of jewelry enthusiast. Pugster’s line consists of selections in all varieties, shapes, sizes, and colors. Pugster888 is known internationally, and proud to offer customers the best in Italian Charms. With our wide selection of products and competitive prices, customers worldwide can enjoy one-stop shopping for up-to-date trendy Pugster fashions. All Italian Charms sold by Pugster are compatible with Zoppini, Disney, Nomination, Boxing, and other brands of Italian charm bracelets.

We pride ourselves on high quality, excellent prices, and honest retail concepts;

Of course, there are oodles more in her shop.