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Reseller Call Out- seventwentytwo

28 Apr

she has a couple different “styles” of photos so she gets her stuff from a few places but most of items in her shop can be found on wholesaler site Pink Ice.

Just a few examples-

Pink Ice Braid Slope Dress-,172171,172.aspx

Pink Ice Fringe Flies Dress-,172171,172.aspx

Pink Ice Brush Paint Dress-,172171,172.aspx

Pink Ice Haze Print Dress-,172171,172.aspx


Other Pink Ice items that are in her Etsy shop-,164,165,17012,164,165,170.aspx,164,165,17012,164,165,170.aspx,164,165,17012,164,165,170.aspx

On a side note, 42 sales and 3 feedback? Yikes. It’s either fake sales or very unhappy customers that don’t want to leave negatives.

Location- Paris Shipped From Morocco?!

27 Apr

Profile, Shop Announcement and shop policies are all blank.

Location says Paris but if you check a listing it say it’s shipped from Morocco- What do you think is the story with that?!?

If you want to see the last post that got censored by Wordspress it is located at

3 Stupid Listings

22 Apr

This is a beautiful KJL feather brooch new in box.It is rare to find KJL in their original box. It has sold for 89.00 and is 90.00 on other jewelry web sites, do the research. It is way under priced for what it’s worth.
They threw in a vintage scarf so maybe you wouldn’t notice all the price tags…

have paired a vintage Gucci scarf with an authentic Tom Ford era New with tag bag Scarf has a Gucci tag that says 100%seta A norma Della Legge 883 Del 26-11-73 Dry clean only cool iron 100%silk Made In Italy

Beautiful Gucci Monogram Horsebit purse with original price tag and receipt.675.00 in 2003 Purchased in 2003 Saks Fifth Ave. It has never been carried.It was designed during the famous Tom Ford era at Gucci Bag has great design and look .Monogram fabric gold hardware a zipper closure and an inside zipper compartment dark leather trim and handle.Lining is brown fabric.Many believe Tom Ford era Gucci purses are more stylish than the newer bags If you look at the new styles you will see that yourself
Bag comes with attached price tag copy of original receipt with personal info masked


marked Mattel 1999

Reader Email and niceclothes

21 Apr
Hi there-
I came across this store today on etsy. It has “handmade” right in the banner, so you KNOW it’s good!
First of all, read the profile.  It sounds like a pod person wrote it, trying its best to pass for the “typical” etsy seller.
There are the massive amounts of stock, the dirt cheap prices: offensive, but not a smoking gun of someone misrepresenting herself. Or himself.  What gets me are the stud earrings that she claims are handmade, which are WHITE GOLD PLATED.  Do you think Lana O’Crystal does some gold plating while she’s getting dinner ready for her kids?  If so, she should really keep that voltometer and the arsenic solution well away from the mac n’ cheese.
Sorry for the sarcasm, but this makes me so angry.  Etsy will not do anything about it.  As far as I’m concerned, you are performing a public service.  Thank you.

What is this shop announcement about?! Did they just admit they have employees?? Support my employees- when they have things to sew because I got paid for it that is important to me!
I will give you the lowest price, because I need a well-known design. In June, I will resume my price. Hope my dear friend seize this opportunity. You will get beautiful clothes. All my clothes are hand-made employees. I need your support and encouragement. I hope you like our design. Please enjoy, feel free to contact me. Your support will be my motivation.


19 Apr
From the inbox:
37 sales, 34 since 3/7/10 – prom season and resellers abound!

The photography and huge number of sizes immediately available were big clues.
sold as I was checking out the reseller.
They’re mostly all there.
Someone into weddings should look at the wedding dresses.
Let’s see if the “report this shop” button really works?

Thanks for all your hard work.

feedback issues- simplysilverbyheena

19 Apr

This shop has been open since 2008 and currently has 57 Neutral and 35 Negative. Most complaints are slow shipping, never received, or damaged goods due to packaging. I find this funny due to the fact of the high shipping this person charges $4 for a single fake flower).—lilac
Not only can I then assume that this person is trying to get around Etsy fees by charging so much for shipping when apparently they aren’t using that money to make sure the items arrive in one piece. Buyer Beware!

*****There is a flaw in the wood material, which I thought was due to bad packaging and how rough the postal workers can be; turns out the items have a flaw in the material which creates a weak point and cracks. No response from shop on sending message even though image was sent as proof.
*****Badly packaged, no protective coating on the acrylic glass so items were scratched. I wrote to the store, my message was ignored.
*****This feather arrived with a sharp crease in it due to poor packaging.
*****Some of my feathers were not securely packaged, and were loose in the box when I received it. Not too badly damaged, though.
*****Very pretty flower, but packaged poorly and a little smooshed.
*****I am disappointed, the feathers are damaged and dirty!
*****These got a bit squished in the mail. all were loosely packed in a big box and didn’t arrive in the best condition. seller was helpful resending when initial order never arrived but the packaging was disappointing as everything arrived crumpled. Received goods yesterday. Product was packaged poorly. The box looked like it was packaged poorly because when I received it it was falling apart. Half of the flowers were broken. The Coque Feathers were not even in a bag, they were all over the box. Although I got what I wanted, I can’t give this a positive rating since the condition I received it in was not what I paid for.


16 Apr

Reader Email:

i initially found it while looking for some prints
lo and behold, it’s selling bali silver chimes as handmade
handmade by my people that is ( i live in indonesia)
maybe it’s mistagged supplies
but maybe not as the shop announcement practically giving it away that they are not the artists selling their work, rather, a reseller
i don’t think it’s robert kline selling his work there

Shop Announcement:
Mermaids by Robert Kline and unique, handcrafted jewelry from around the world!

Gorgeous Sea Maiden art prints from a collection of Mermaids, Mermen, Sea babies and pirates created by renowned author and artist Robert Kline of St. Augustine, Florida. The prints are lithograph reproductions of original pencil and watercolor paintings.

I have looked around the world to find and bring to you – very unique, handcrafted, high quality, collectible jewelry. I think that you will agree that the items I have for sale have been made by true artisans with extreme pride and craftsmanship.
Trying to find the original artist’s website. “Robert Kline Art” is the same sellers on Etsy. I found a gallery page for Robert Kline and all his work is sold without the RobertKlineArt watermark.,26-robert-kline/page/1/ I will honestly say it’s hard to figure out what is really from him since everything is so wrapped up with this place. Odd.