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31 May




Did they think they could pull off reselling a pair that Rhianna wore? LOL! Even the photos scream reseller.

They are jacking the prices too.


29 May

They’ve been on Etsy since the end of December 2009, but only started selling 2 months ago. Suddenly they’ve made about 140 sales in 2 months.

They’re claiming they’re experts at leather craft and even make a statement in their shop announcement that their items are not stocked or mass-produced. Anyway I have found the same items on a wholesale site online:

The product on Etsy:

Wholesale site:

Also, there is no way this is handmade:

and besides, I found the original product for sale :

They’re also selling these iphone cases, which are made from moulded polycarbonate:

I highly doubt that so called experts in leather craft and jewellery making are also able to cast moulds and do polycarbonate injection.

It seems to me that they’ve been on Etsy since the end of December, researching how to make their shop look as though they’re not re-selling, by giving it a cutesy logo and filling out their profile to make it seem as though it’s just 2 people (husband and wife) hand-making all these things.

I just think it’s unfair that they are allowed to remain selling on Etsy, especially at this volume, when they’re clearly getting their products on a wholesale site for around $10USD a piece and then marking them up.


26 May

from a reader-

Speaking of faux wedding jewelry designers–after reading your post about TZTUDIO and JoanMareeOriginals I’ve become much more vigilant about spotting the mass produced jewelry items on Etsy. The newest offender? Belcanto–
who has has 370 sales to date. I’m not sure about the provenance of all of her designs, but I found two items right off the top that are from this site:
(a favorite of TZTUDIO as well…)
with hers:
with hers:
I’m only scratching the surface here, but it would be wonderful if you could do a post about it and hopefully they will be shut down. As a designer who actually handcrafts all of my own jewelry it is disgusting to have to compete with these dishonest sellers.
ps– last I checked, JoanMareeOriginals is still operating…amazing…


25 May

Here’s a seller who’s selling both handmade and vintage in one shop. The problem is that many of the vintage items aren’t vintage. She even states in a lot of the listings that these are “possible” vintage or “almost” vintage.

She seems to have a thing for action figures:

thanks for the links rocksinmysocks.

Identical Design- 4 Different Shops

23 May

Got a kick out of 4 different shops having the same design and all four putting their own copyright on it as well. Nice 🙂



VanityDesign (with a very poor Photoshop treatment we must say)


GourdgeousGourdsPa, sunshinepatterns

21 May

Reselling HO railway figures made by Woodland Scenics

Flagged for over a month and references given

Example below

These two figures can be seen in this set
Yet ANOTHER Willow Tree figure in Homemade for $20 (I think that is 5 bucks cheaper than if you just bought it brand new) in sunshinepatterns

The whole shop other than the patterns is a garage sale.

This Week’s Controversy-

19 May

Resellers. Then SEO. Then the Suggested Shops. Then the T East. Now the Mature Fallout-

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