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vintagechildhood is back as ChildhoodStudios

30 Jun

Received this in the inbox:

I think this may be the Etsy seller who previously sold under several
other accounts and you wrote about back here:

The new shop is here:

Same tags, descriptions, etc. I’ve contacted the artists I was able to
identify, but there’s a lot up there I can’t figure out 😦

I’ve already reported the Alice in Wonderland engraving as mistagged since it claims to be an original watercolor, but is a completely different technique. I know I can’t flag as copyright, so I was at least hoping flagging as mistagged would get somewhere, but it doesn’t look like admin is doing anything. It really frosts me that Etsy purports to be about the indie craft movement, but then fails to act appropriately with what appears to be stolen artwork, in comparison to sites like Polyvore, etc.

Anyway, hope this helps get the word out to some of the other victims.

Trainwreck Fun In The Morning…

30 Jun
Janine King Designs is one of those massively successful shops with sales in five digits.  I’ve admired her success for some time now, but am so disappointed in what I’ve seen today.
She started a thread complaining that someone was copying her designs (using her pictures and descriptions and of course that’s a major no-no!).  Someone suggested she go in and “buy” all of those listings.  Apparently she decided to do so and logged in user her buyer account (which was not disclosed in her shop).
The problem?  Janine’s buyer account (nene12459) was used to buy from her janinekingdesigns shop!
Janine’s explanation?
“yes it was easier to relist items when I had a new item that was the same in every way but came in a different fabrics. I’m sure other seller do this too because Etsy didn’t use to have a copy function. I’m not sure if they do yet or if it’s ant Etsyhack but I used that now instead when i need to copy an item.”
Okay, let’s say that’s acceptable (it’s not).  But if that’s the only reason why Janine was shilling, why leave feedback?  Why is the most recent transaction only ONE MONTH AGO?
unfairness thread-
LittleRoundThings says:
So why was that Hong Kong shop closed down but not the “other” shop? Just because the other one is so big on etsy?

I bet that HK seller is scratching her head and wondering – why is she allowed to sell 14000 of those bags here but not me.

Memoirs Of A Geisha- ImagineStudio

28 Jun

Looks like the studio needs a little more imagination since they are incorporating a movie poster into art that is supposed to “resonate” in you.
image from ‘memoirs of a geisha’ movie poster

No mention of the copyrights on ANY of the images she uses in her images. Did they think by flipping the image that people wouldn’t notice?! Shameful!

Can you identify if there are any others??

UPDATE- Toaster gave more sources of other photos used illegally that are from present day so in no way, shape, or form could be considered “fair use” or “public domain”.
Original photo by Susanne Stemmer –
Original photo by Denis Delbecq –
Original photo by Lachlan Bailey –
Original photo from Vogue July 2005 issue –
Original photo by Avesta –
Can’t find the photographer credit but the model is Alana Zimmer –
Can’t find the photographer/movie credit but the model is Evan Rachel Wood –
Original photo by Paolo Roversi –

Extreme shilling- PocoLocoCreativo

26 Jun
4 whole pages of solid +’s from 4 buyers that buy ALOT of photos and NO ONE else on Etsy, AND like to leave just + feedback every couple of days. Who do they think they are fooling??

Chicagoman“- 9 feedbacks left on 4/8,  Feb 10th, 9th & 7th  (because you know that buyers leave feedback in

fruess“- 35 feedbacks. March 25th, March 12th, Feb 8th, 7th, 5th, 3rd, 2nd, AND 1st; Jan 29th and 27th. They have bought/shilled so many times they have duplicated some “purchases”.

The oldest couple of feedback she tried to add some of the shilling buzzwords we see like “great quality” (even though a couple times when they HAVE had a real sale they do not ship it correctly so it gets bent and give negatives. Irony much?? One customer “flattened it back out” so they left a positive.

diplomat“- 39 feedbacks. March 7th, 5th AND 3rd; Feb 11th, 9th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 2nd AND 1st; Jan 30th.

decorshoppen“- 6 feedbacks. 4/9, 3/9, 2/17

Not sure why so much effort has been put into this extreme case of shilling and not into finding a way to ship her product safely. I hope Etsy will remove all the fake sales/feedback.


25 Jun

their profile states: All our 925 Sterling Silver Fashions are handcrafted by some of the world’s most talented silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia. Every item is totally unique and never mass produced. We are confident you will cherish every piece.  They have their location listed as Toronto, items ship from Indonesia??


24 Jun

UrbanLaneNY. If you like this ring we just saved you $50…

Fleur de lis ring on etsy 65.00


UPDATE: Cosmic Yuk made a great list of links:

I found Urban Lane’s wholesale source for her shop. A couple of things I didn’t find, but I suspect they’re from the outlet shop and they no longer have them. Still, there is enough proof here:
The other call out was removed as people felt it wasn’t mistagging. All comments with shop name removed as well.


23 Jun
I flagged this shop a couple of weeks ago and included the links to the new stuff, but nothing has been done  by Etsy.  I also sent the shop owners an email telling them that their items were new, not vintage.  I did not receive an answer (no surprise).
They seem to stay purposely small to fly under the radar.  They sell the same brand new “vintage” items over and over – check out the sold items.
Here are the links for the same items that can be purchased on the internet for half the price this shop sells for:

And while I am at it, here is another shop who sells the same imported stuff, slaps a coat of paint on it, and calls it “handmade” .  They have over 700 sales in their shop, and get featured in plenty of treasuries.  And they say ,
“My items are original designs. Please don’t copy. ©riricreations2010 “

**Eco realizes that by a coat of paint riri becomes Etsy legal but it still is unfair to valid metal smiths and we always get ticked when people buy from wholesalers and then suddenly it’s under their copyright.**