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“vintage” eyewear

31 Jul

Reader comment-

Okay, eyewear. Do a handmade search using keywords “vintage” and “eyewear” and you will see more handmade vintage shit that you will ever want to.
Who knows if it’s vintage? but you sure do know it ain’t handmade.
Diner is the worst when it comes to not understanding categories:

I take it back. Do not search; save your serenity!


29 Jul

Today’s call out is courtesy of Etsy’s blog post from yesterday:

Ice cream bucket:

Found here for $16.99

and here:

The rest of this seller’s shop is also questionable.

Ebay shop-


27 Jul

This item

found here and also being sold on ebay by multiple sellers

This item

Found here

Im sure a quick search of all the items in this shop would show up somewhere else.  If any of these were handmade of course there is copyright infringement and not to mention the fact that they use the word vintage to describe new merchandise.  Mess.

apricotbabybaby fauxvintage sunglasses & TwigGarden

26 Jul

this seller is really pushing it with these mass produced knock off sunglasses that you can get at
Forever 21 for ten bucks. She lists them and moves it to the ‘back’ of her shop so it doesn’t draw any attention.
I’ve already flagged this and Etsy just doesn’t care it seems. She needs to be called out!

can be purchased here as well and claims they are “NEW IN PACKAGE”

This seller was called out back in March.  Here:

Well guess who’s back?  Just dropped by Etsy and who should I see but TwigGarden?

Exactly the same jewelry seen in these shops: Wicopy, Beadwitches, Elvendale, Glenamara, Greengages, etc.

Guess this seller will just sell until she gets her first negative feedback, then go “on vacation” and pop up in another shop in a few months.

And really?  She just opened up yesterday and already has 13 sales?  Something ain’t right there, if you ask me.


25 Jul

I’ve flagged this seller to no avail.


is here


is here


is here

and read the descriptions, hilarious.

daikhanbrocade, cuffdesign, jackjewelry

23 Jul

This one is obvious, he had the factory address in his profile

This one isn’t so obvious, but I’ve never seen grommets that perfect unless they’re factory done. Just sayin.
Oh, and on jackjewelry:

check this out


22 Jul

While this seller DOES have some nice, unique items, it seems a lot of her things are blatant copyright infringements.

This section calls itself out….True Blood and Twilight
The images are just simply stolen, not even creative.

This section seems to be the worst:
All of the images used in her buttons are stolen from commercial websites. Most seem to be rip-offs of Tshirt images from Spencers, Hot Topic, Tshirt Hell, Snorgtees, and other known places with funny Tees.
Then of course there’s Disney, Dora, Hello Kitty….

And I’m SURE that all of these have been approved by the CPSIA, too…