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29 Aug

Reseller is selling supplies, pashmina cashmere scarf, and clutch. No one can dye and sell 100% pashmina scarf for $17. $4.99 or $5.99 clutch?

louise49 6 Inch PLATFORM Go Go HEELS Vintage

28 Aug

OMG. How could anyone feel that this vintage shop had ANY sort of credibility from a listing like this?!

These shoes were probably pre-owned by Shauna Sands and that is why they are now “vintage”. Disgraceful!

Sidenote: Why would you want to be orange and have an anchor on your foot?


26 Aug

This seller, Chuanshuo, is reselling items from the Chinese website

Here is their Etsy Store:

How do you know it’s not just a Chinese designer who sells on Taobao and on Etsy separately? Because they sell items from 3 distinct taobao stores, in far away cities.

Also, this seller puts their own name on the photos they copy, cropping out the name originally there. If they were the same store, there would be no need for that.

Take a look at the listings I’ve prepared below. The first listing is the one on Etsy, and the second listing is the one on taobao. I chose listings from three separate stores as I mentioned above.

Please help me tag if you’re not a fan of resellers!

Etsy listing #1:
Taobao listing 1:

Etsy listing #2:
Taobao listing #2:

Etsy listing #3:
Taobao listing #3:

Those were just a couple of examples…

Guess Who’s Back??

25 Aug
That’s right!  Twiggarden aka Elvendale aka Glenamara aka Wicopy aka Threedollarearrings aka Greengages aka Beadwitches aka Fairythimble aka Lindengate aka Saffron (on Artfire) is now back as GardenofSecrets!
Twiggarden was called out several weeks ago and I noticed the shop disappeared recently. Just in time for her to open up a new shop:
And yep, all those EXACT earrings that were once $3 (when she was threedollarearrings) are now $14, $15, or $16! I guess the cost of “vintage” components has gone up, huh?
And, as usual, she’s somehow managed 70 sales in, what, 17 days. Must just be beginner’s luck (for at least the tenth time).
Anyone wanna place bets on how long it’ll take before the negs (and associated retaliatory negs) come pouring in and this shop disappears just like the other ones?

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23 Aug



20 Aug

Reader comment:

craftlittlethings is a blatant reseller! She claims she is the designer of the wedding dresses on her website, if you read all of the wedding dress listings – she says she’ll make it in a regular standard size, but if you want it altered, you have to take it to a tailor to have it altered. If you are making it why can’t you make it to fit?
Most of “HER” dresses can be found on the website below – too many to list them all. BY the way, I convo’d her, she told me she is the designer and handmade the dresses you see in the photos, she makes a ton of them and says she is back ordered that I better hurry up and order it now – (but wouldn’t give me a straight answer on why she can’t do custom) and she works for a bridal boutique (how convienent).

her 100% handmade dress that SHE designed

the shop in China that actually makes the dress

Also she loves to resell clutches

online (various sellers)

pretty much everything in her store is NOT handmade by her- (possibly the 3 bridesmaid /prom dresses may be made by her) but the wedding dresses NOT!

Asiamade2order, wewear, SaveTheCat

19 Aug

Not handmade by the seller…

and noticed this shop on the front page … shop announcement says everything is 100% HANDMADE. Really? Perhaps Handpainted, but I highly doubt they are handmaking everything in the shop.


And I just *love* this shop name, really says it all.

If you care to research, they usually call themselves a thai goods and food exporter.