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30 Nov

this shop is full of non-handmade crap…


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maneklady, dizneydoll

29 Nov

2 emails:

Hi, I think there this maneklady is ripping off the original design, offered free online, and claims as her own, and resell the pattern and kit. Apart from the twinkle star, the beaded bead (in sold section) is another copy suspect.

Etsy shop:
Original design:

Clearly, the original design has been developed in 2003, and the maneklady merely added strings of blings and resell the pattern as her own design.

I hope you would take a look.


Etsy seller’s listing: listing for same exact item.  Etsy seller even using the
companies stock photos!  I have reported them.

LindsayWertin, nacreart

24 Nov

Charlotte Russe is not vintage:
– from LindsayWertin:


This shop sells mass quantities of sweatshop made compacts and cigarette cases and calls them ‘handmade.” I found no less than a dozen wholesaler sites for these exact items.


The etsy shop doesn’t even bother using a different photo than the ones on the wholesaler websites. I’ve reported this 3 times, and they keep making sales. I guess its the resellers that have made sure etsy stays profitable to make a good show for the new investors they just got. Good to see etsy fully adhere to their “handmade pledge.”

Reader comment- violavintage, jorjaclare, iconicstyles

23 Nov

We are not sure about this one but we will let this reader have the table…


These shops are running a monopoly on Etsy. The original store
Viola Vintage stays within Etsy’s rule about running multiple shops: she has link to her new shop as required: be sure to note the banner on jojaclare
Now she has opened another shop called Iconic Styles at cheaper prices but most of the same stuff. I flagged a couple and they are gone:

I messaged the shop and point blank asked if they were one in the same. A NO after to attempts is all I received. How do I know for sure aside for the items, the banner, and conveniently being from Thailand? If you go to the link of their web album you will find their last name. Which are the same as the last name as their family blog.

I tried a final message to her and asked if the answer is no why do they have the same location and same last name. Of course I received no response. All they have to do is put a link to their other shops in their profile and they would be within the rules. They have no profile or policies in this new shop. I don’t get it except that they want to monopolize these style of clothing.

MoldMuse, ShopSakura

23 Nov

This shop claims to make their molds….
so does this shop sell the molds from the first one?  The molds are identical…


22 Nov

This shop had a scarf on the FP a couple days ago…
Wondered how much of their work they do on their own…
Let’s see their website
says “We use a Cut & Sew production company that makes our very own quality shirts that have the MIR tag on them.”

ok. so they aren’t making their own stuff?

2 Emails- ronal63p, whimsicalwatchesinc

21 Nov

I am writing to report the store seller Ron - store name is "ronal63p".
  He is selling jewelry made in Bali, Afghanistan, Tibet and Nepal.  
This jewelry was clearly not made by him, as he admits the collection 
comes from the jewelry stores he managed over the decades, one he says 
having been shut down in 1995. This is in gross violation of etsy's 
policies regarding what can and cannot be sold on etsy.  The items must 
be handmade by the seller, and clearly none of the items he is selling 
were made by him.  Please, he is nothing more than a re-seller and 
allowing these kinds of re-sellers on etsy diminishes etsy's integrity 
as a website.  Arguably he is selling vintage jewelry from Asia so that 
I guess is allowable, but most of his stuff is not allowable.  Either 
etsy should change their policy or become the next eBay, which clearly 
they are.  I will be loyal to eBay as long as these re-sellers persist 
on etsy and the etsy management does nothing to police and enforce 
their own selling standards.

Thanks for your time.

Even though their “About” page says “Whimsical Watches is more than 15 years old and started as a hobby of an Artist in Atlanta, GA – USA”, it further says “My wife April and I purchased Whimsical Watches, Inc. in the Spring of 2007.”
I assume Etsy considers this a collective.