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questionable vintage housewares

31 Jan

Lots of metal sculpture, wall hangings etc.  says she finds 
some of her things at flea markets but sells multiples


The sell a wide variety of items. Their "antique" wood trays
and boxes are all identical (looking at sold items). Claim
they're made from wood from torn down houses - not! Also
"hand-carved" milk bottles from antique wood.
Lots of other questionable items on site as well.


beautifuldress, calisunshine2010, xuenia

30 Jan

Yet another clothing reseller beautifuldress
8 Sales in a day

The shop announcement:
My hometown in the beautiful USA, I fascinated by the clothing design and production. I love them。 Thank you for your support. Welcome to Custom

My name is: james
Welcome to my shop, thank you for your support. I love you.

What is with the love crap. WELL I DON’T LOVE YOU RESELLER!

Looks a bit like this shop too calisunshine2010:
This one doesn’t chop off the head of the models.

Got to love this in the shop announcement of xuenia:
I hope you can find your favorite dress in my shop, many style accept custom-made.

Zakkamate, ArtisticJewelry2010

29 Jan

I was browsing around and found this shop..

I dunno smacks of reseller to me and the fact that she has 17 feedback and 192 sales most in the last couple of weeks. Very fishy, I just had to say something.

I'm an avid follower of your site, an Etsy vintage seller and
 sister vigilante. 
Here's a shop that has been flagged numerous times by my
vintage team members and me.  Zakkamate
is a reseller who doesn't tag its mass-produced items vintage
or handmade (but does tag them
"French" when they're made in Hong Kong).  

All items ship from Hong Kong and they encourage wholesale
purchases of multiples.  They even
have a vintage knock-off coffeepot in their shop banner!
Take a look 

Thanks for all you do for sellers of genuine vintage and handmade items!

platformninevinyl, twostringjane

27 Jan
I found your site from the etsy forums, hope you don't mind my 
barging in! I just had a completely ludicrous experience 
purchasing some laptop decals, detailed here:

I'm really new to etsy, so I don't know if platformninevinyl 
qualifies as an actual reseller, but he sure was an actual 

Looking forward to reading more!
This shop:
Is selling new items as vintage
See the brass animals in this section:
She's already sold a bunch, here's where she buys them, 
$35 for a set of 12:

aptvwt, turkish jewelry

24 Jan

This shop is a a reseller claiming to sell “vintage” clothing. Yet she has sold 6-7 of each style. Also check out her recent negative feedback – it says it all.


this jewelry is being sold in grand bazaar in Istanbul…tons  and tons of them…none of them are made by those sellers…


22 Jan

I doubt any of things in this seller’s shop are handmade, considering it’s all available through Alibaba!

It’s so sad that they have as many sales as they do on a handmade site, when they’re obviously peddling cheap made-in-China junk 😦

theweddingmainst, fashionjewelryforeve

20 Jan

The person is the leader of the Etsy Wedding Divas Street Team

They have reserved listing for team members to purchase (other
wedding vendors on Etsy- who clearly don't need card boxes)
and it starting to have them "purchase" these reserved listing
and leave feedback... a couple have done so already. 

See here:

I believe without a doubt that this is an attempt to boost
feedback because of several negs. This person has also
harrassed a friend of mine on etsy. Emailing her several
times a day from ebay and etsy calling her names and
telling her that he owns the trademark to stacked card
boxes..., really? Well, that's it! I declare I own the
copyright to feather fascinators! So there! Oh and there
is a lovely reserved listing for that spectacularly
awesome resellers shop BelCanto - how appropriate.
ashion Jewelery for Everyone has shops on both Etsy and Artfire. 
They  are exporters!  They have a worldwide presence, including
Mumbai and  England.   Links to their shops follow:



They  were outed in the Artfire forums as being fishy because
they also list  their website in their Artfire "handmade" listings. 
Whoever the owner  of the site is tried to hook it up with posters
there, calling them  jealous, making  really snide and snarky
remarks, and was basically run out on a rail. 
Here is their website:

Here  are the websites listing them as world-wide exporters of
jewelry who  help small businesses get set up all over the world
selling their  jewelry made in Bangkok, Thailand:

Direct quote from both websites:  We manfacture Jewelry Items,
made of Austrian Crystals, Boho Beads,  Pearls or the combination
of the 3, in Bangkok, Thailand.   We help couples  or individual
startup their own Jewelry business here in USA mentoring them and
giving them suggestions  of the current jewelry trend in the market
to get a good jump start  their business.

**EDIT TO ADD**- I guess having that cheap on sale site linked got us
shut down for spamming for 24 hours. Thanks a lot fashionjewelry! :(