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imprintedpossessions stealing images

26 Feb


I need some help – I’m in the midst of filling out all the mountains of paperwork for Etsy’s legal team to prove that this shop is stealing my images and using them to sell her necklaces.

imprintedpossessions stealing my images

My listings

I have tons of solds from months and months before her shop even opened.  I also found another etsy seller that had her images stolen by Imprinted Possessions.  I have been in contact with her ( because we discovered that we both want her shop closed by etsy.  JLynnCreations just got Etsy to remove her photos (if you check Imprinted Possessions’ sold items, you will see that many of her solds are “no longer available”.  Those are the ones that JLynn successfully got Etsy to remove last week.  So, she’s stealing images from more than 1 shop, got caught and is still doing it.  The worst part for me is that one of my pieces is her best damn seller (and she’s selling it for me than me)!  Out of her 49 sales, I think 10 or 11 are my necklaces, images and all.  Just sickening.  I have contacted Etsy and got the standard “prove it” e-mail, so I am in the process of doing all of that right now.  I also asked twice if her shop would be shut down for being a repeat offender, but of course got no reply.  JLynnCreations and I both want to make sure she doesn’t do this to anyone else and didn’t know if you could help us.  If you need JLynnCreation’s contact info, I can get that for you or you can convo her at her shop too.  We both didn’t file with paypal (for fradulent selling and to possibly recoup money that was collected selling our items) out of fear of repercussions/retaliation from her even though she has sold over $350 using my images and over $150 using JLynnCreation’s images.

Not sure if you can do anything to help us, but figured we’d try! 🙂

Thanks so much,
Trisha Duman