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16 Feb

This Etsy seller was featured in the finds today with a “homemade” product clearly bought from They also use photography straight from They are featured in 100+ treasuries right now with stolen pictures. The rest of their shop is probably from other sites too. I’m sure your readers can shed some light on those. Nice work, Etsy.

Cajun corn

They have lots of fruits slices:



Homemade malt balls:


The list is endless.


WaistKnotBeltCo, SweetPrimitive

14 Feb

Seller WaistKnotBeltCo is selling newly-made “brothel tokens” as Vintage, in both tags and the descriptions. These are turned into keyrings and necklaces which is fine, but it’s not okay to call it vintage when these are just purchased wholesale, and never really existed in the Old West anyway. Here they are wholesale from one site, called “fantasy tokens”:


This person now has 22 negatives and 10 neutrals. And to make it worse, she has another shop!

Here is her feedback page,

And here is her other shop, no activity since 2/09!

If you REALLY want to see some crazy negatives check out 123 negatives & 107 neutrals

LoveXstitch, AustriaBrass, sunba12

12 Feb

This lady LoveXstitch is selling Janlynn Cross stitch patterns as her own! And then asks people not to resell them!


New shop, AustriaBrass has the same brass animals as Twostringjane
claiming they're originals and references TwoStringJane as a 
friend shop in their profile.

Also a complete idiot too, apparently, because they claim here
they are selling a platinum ring for $8.90.

click2egyptCOM, DesignerYD, findingAmandine

9 Feb
they don't even try to hide it with their watermarks.
Shop selling (reselling) fake Uggs UGG!
This listing from a relatively new seller really irks me. It is
blatant misrepresentation of a recently manufactured item as vintage
and "midcentury":

Someone should set her straight before she makes a habit of it.

everythingdamask, studioremix, sugarpinkboutique

7 Feb

these lights were on the FP. This is the first sentence of sugarpinkboutique‘s listing:
“I came across these adorable lights and just had to purchase some for my studio! I also thought they would go perfect in my sugar shop!”

A brand new faux-vintage (& 98% mass produces) shop opened up:


Everything damask is selling these napkins for  1.99 plus free shipping:

The thing I found weird about this was her description:
“Unlimited quantities available.”

“If you find a lower price…we will beat it by 5%.”
I just can’t see that these items are handmade… your thoughts?


5 Feb

In yesterday’s “Etsy Fashion” e-mail,

the “Royal Engagement Ring” they prominently feature,
uses all images pulled from the internet, including the MAIN photo:

More Jewelry…

4 Feb

You’ve probably seen this shit ad nauseum, but these sellers are still going strong and it pisses me off.  It looks like there are a few new ones added to the mix now too.






This crap elsewhere around the web:

The competition in Jewelry is tough enough without these jackasses adding to it.  I don’t even sell much jewelry and it makes me angry.

Thanks for what you do calling out these parasites!