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FabulousRocks, RiverOfRomansk

31 Mar

I had heard about this seller on another forum; apparently she takes her sweet time in getting orders out to you, won’t communicate with you, then if you open a PayPal dispute she explodes all over the place.  One person said she even turned stalker-ish, harassing her via email and FB daily for quite a long time.

Here is her “Feedback Left For Others”:

A lovely piece of work, no?
I have reported this seller from Singapore and their two shops twice but nothing (much) has been done.

After the first time I flagged this seller, the shop owner added a little story about her “collective” and how her mom her sister help her…hmm only one size available, no customizations mentioned, photos look too professional, so I think “handmade by workers in a factory” not by her!
She states in her profile (only after I first flagged her shop):
“Three people are involved in my Etsy shop (making it a Collective). They are my mother and sister
and myself . The main person running this is me but they help me in terms
of packing the items for shipment, giving me new ideas in helping me create
my pieces, suggestions on the fabrics to purchase. My sister helps me with
the purchase of fabrics and materials from overseas suppliers. She is also
the photographer for my pieces created. Both my
mother and I will sew them on sewing machines. Sometimes, some pieces will
require hand embroidery. (i.e. Sewing of sequins, pearls, faux gems and
Everything online is managed by me. I list the items online, manage
conversations and enquiries and send the items myself at the post office”
Her profile sounds like a cut and paste from another clothing seller’s profile, I have defenitely read the same profile before, plus I dont see any mentioned “sequins, pearls, faux gems and appliqués” on any of the dresses/tops from both shops.

Check out both shops with 94% feedback!


Dashynka, Wallcandyarts

30 Mar

Before it was craft books, not it’s magazines!

I came across an Etsy seller with more then 500 sales of illegal digital copies of Japanese magazines and books! I already reported this to Etsy but i don’t know if they are going to do something about it…
If a person have time to do a little search it can find all this books for sale. i believe that this seller doesn’t have permission to sell digital copies of the book for $5!! And by the way most of this magazines are also available for free download in many ilegal sites around the world, so the sellers download it for free and sell it…
The shop:

I am sure you have already gotten complaints on them as they are now
listing on etsy now
also on amazon
some place called raintreeboutique

she also sells to walmart


so my question is how is this handmade? She claims it's just 
her.yeah right and i got a bridge I could sell etsy admin. On the
website it seems she (or collective)  has "fulfillment centers".
How many items does she have to make to be able to have her 
items in a fulfillment center? 

Although her items are great looking, there is no chance in hell
these decals are handmade.

They are also making a shop called wallcandy change their name:

AmericanHighwayVtg, avonci

29 Mar

AmericanHighwayVtg the “vintage” shop that offers you items NWT! Wow!
ETA: since the 3 examples we gave are now removed (Thank you Etsy) are there any more hiding in the shop?
This reseller tried to take their own pictures but we will still find you out!
wholesale listing:

fineartcn, raceytay

28 Mar

Just found this Chinese fauxtiques shop on Etsy. One of the items was shown in a tiny just-listed thumbnail, and I said WTF and had to click it.

Here’s the shop:

Note the way the antique paintings on paper are tacked to a background for the photos! I took a course on antique Chinese painting at college, which involved weekly trips to the Freer in DC. And a tour of the basement archival storage area for pieces not currently displayed. I can tell ya for sure that antique art is NOT handled this way.

OMG – I just went back and added up the front page features raceytay has had since Jan 1!!!!!! 167 – yes, one hundred sixty seven times she has been on the front page this year thus far!!! 3months

wow….ok, I got nothin’…. except I smell a rat, and there seems to be a whole damn herd of rats on Etsy! WTF????

ECO ETA: All of TeamX gets overexposure. Can the admin picking the treasuries not take the time to look at the tags and when they see “teamx” decide that maybe they don’t need to feature them 10x’s a day and to pick another out of the thousands?


26 Mar

Etsy seller

Someone I once respected but has turned into a major offender of marking things as “vintage” and reselling items straight from Ebay.

Items marked vintage: (these are just a few, she’s got several pages of false vintage items)

Directly purchased from Ebay and reselling:

birdznbeez listing:

Ebay product:


Exact item on Ebay:

That’s actually a two for one! Listed as BOTH handmade and vintage.


Direct from Ebay:

Is it Etsy’s new rule that if you have SOME authentic items it’s okay to sprinkle in some reselling and lying about items being vintage which clearly are not?

Some sellers just have no morals!


25 Mar
Yup, another jewelry reseller!
This one is a newbie, but lets see how long she can go before Etsy shuts her down…If they do!
The etsy shop is FreakyDeakyHebe and she has multiple items that can be found on ALibaba, Ebay and Amazon.
etsy sellers Chococat ring
just one seller on Ebay that offers same ring
etsy sellers Cute fox ring
other webs sites with same ring

treasury, iambridal

24 Mar

We love this treasury:
UPDATE: Regretsy has a screenshot.

I could swear that I saw them called out here previously, but it’s not coming up on search:

I’m pretty sure it’s all reseller stuff, but here’s one example:
also sold here:
and here:

I haven’t been able to track down where their stuff is from, but this shop also appears to be a reseller: