FabulousRocks, RiverOfRomansk

31 Mar

I had heard about this seller on another forum; apparently she takes her sweet time in getting orders out to you, won’t communicate with you, then if you open a PayPal dispute she explodes all over the place.  One person said she even turned stalker-ish, harassing her via email and FB daily for quite a long time.

Here is her “Feedback Left For Others”:


A lovely piece of work, no?
I have reported this seller from Singapore and their two shops twice but nothing (much) has been done.

After the first time I flagged this seller, the shop owner added a little story about her “collective” and how her mom her sister help her…hmm only one size available, no customizations mentioned, photos look too professional, so I think “handmade by workers in a factory” not by her!
She states in her profile (only after I first flagged her shop):
“Three people are involved in my Etsy shop (making it a Collective). They are my mother and sister
and myself . The main person running this is me but they help me in terms
of packing the items for shipment, giving me new ideas in helping me create
my pieces, suggestions on the fabrics to purchase. My sister helps me with
the purchase of fabrics and materials from overseas suppliers. She is also
the photographer for my pieces created. Both my
mother and I will sew them on sewing machines. Sometimes, some pieces will
require hand embroidery. (i.e. Sewing of sequins, pearls, faux gems and
Everything online is managed by me. I list the items online, manage
conversations and enquiries and send the items myself at the post office”
Her profile sounds like a cut and paste from another clothing seller’s profile, I have defenitely read the same profile before, plus I dont see any mentioned “sequins, pearls, faux gems and appliqués” on any of the dresses/tops from both shops.

Check out both shops with 94% feedback!



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  1. PussDaddy March 31, 2011 at 9:03 am #

    Good Lord I would never buy from anyone who has feedback like that. I don’t care what the real circumstances are or are not. Fighting publically in your feedback with your buyers is just a big turn off for me. That shit was crazy.

  2. em March 31, 2011 at 10:53 am #

    I can’t believe people buy from sellers with such terrible feedback. Don’t they read? Or care? I’d avoid these shops based solely on principle if nothing else.

  3. PussDaddy March 31, 2011 at 11:16 am #

    I care. And I don’t buy from them. Except on eBay I have bought from some booksellers with some really bad feedback but they also had a gazillion sales that went ok. So far I haven’t had a problem doing this with the booksellers.

  4. pony March 31, 2011 at 11:21 am #

    this might be my favorite feedback that she left someone else:
    “Once heard in a lecture my professor of psychology mention… “1 out of 10 people in the general public are mentally unstable.. ” Think we have our winner!”

  5. stinkypants March 31, 2011 at 11:22 am #

    I had a few of her ( FabulousRicks ) items in my favorites and was going to buy from her. That kind of feedback is so embarrassing to read. What a nutjob.

    I am so touched that ROR has a better relationship with the person who runs to the post office to pick up all those packages of clothing to resell. That the person is probably some guy named Karthik, it still brings a tear to my eye.

  6. stinkypants March 31, 2011 at 11:24 am #

    She is a dentist?! Just the kind of wacko you want in your mouth with tools. She calls her pets furry babies. Sorry, but a majority, not all, of people who do that are slightly scary. lol

  7. sickofetsy March 31, 2011 at 11:36 am #

    A dentist for real?


  8. PussDaddy March 31, 2011 at 11:40 am #

    I don’t find the use of the words “furry babies” as scary as I do people who use theirs to tweet in silly assed animal talk. When I see it on twitter I can’t get away from it fast enough.

  9. JAC March 31, 2011 at 11:43 am #

    Ive actually bought some stuff from FabulousRocks and it did take two weeks. But it also took me a week just to get a response from them about a special order.

    The worst ive dealt with is luxegems or luxgems, man that lady is crazy.

  10. AngryEtsySeller March 31, 2011 at 12:08 pm #


    HAHAHAHAHAHA… I need to look that up! Oh my gosh!

  11. stinkypants March 31, 2011 at 12:51 pm #

    Maybe she is so angry because she is actually shitting out those rocks.

  12. tineyeferart March 31, 2011 at 12:56 pm #

    HOLY SHIT A DENTIST!!! I wishwishwishopehopehope her patients could see her true character outside the office… holyshit unbelievable

  13. tineyeferart March 31, 2011 at 1:00 pm #

    Also, since feedback is now a free-for-all she could shill to her hearts content to bury the justly negative feedback and no one would ever know…

  14. Abi March 31, 2011 at 1:26 pm #

    Is she selling the dogs too? If not, why are they in every item? People who take pictures of their pets for their Etsy photos for no apparent reason are annoying.

  15. snowqueen March 31, 2011 at 4:01 pm #

    Fabulousrocks reminds me a lot of miabellacollection who also sold tons of supplies and left retaliatory negative feedback for their screwed over buyers…. Their last Etsy rating was 99% positive out of over 12000 feedback. That shop is on Artfire now where you can’t see negative feedback left for shops, but you can read their policies to see how they feel about their customers. Sad that there are tons of supply sellers who value their customers and don’t make all these sales.

  16. Trista March 31, 2011 at 5:08 pm #

    I’ve seen RiverOfRomansk in TONS of treasuries and on the FP several times. I knew from the first time I saw the shop & read the feedback it was a reseller. They have lots of negative feedback complaining about the crap quality of the clothes, which I don’t find surprising. Looking at the pictures you can tell the fabric is about as thick as a piece of tissue paper. Every time I see that shop the clothes remind me of the cheap junk they sell in Rue 21.

  17. megansbeadeddesigns April 1, 2011 at 10:55 am #

    FabulousRocks says:

    Once heard in a lecture my professor of psychology mention… “1 out of 10 people in the general public are mentally unstable.. ” Think we have our winner!

    !!!! OMG !!!!

  18. Yaya April 1, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    But its for cancer so its ok:


  19. PussDaddy April 1, 2011 at 11:33 am #

    I do buy on ArtFire but I do not care for their feedback system as it does nothing for a buyer as far as being able to judge whether to buy or not.

  20. stinkypants April 1, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

    What the fuck is with all the ” thrill ” language.

    I love how all those cheesy items are all marked as being vintage.

    The cure that shop needs is to be closed.

  21. kitten April 1, 2011 at 2:38 pm #

    FabulousRocks says:

    Once heard in a lecture my professor of psychology mention… “1 out of 10 people in the general public are mentally unstable.. ” Think we have our winner!

    !!!! OMG !!!!

    I’m sure the professor was looking straight at her.

  22. mrpouncy April 1, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

    BohemianHippies lists their location as United States, Europe and Australia, and the stuff ships from Singpore. There may be a flaw in my thinking here, but why can’t Etsy make it impossible to enter a different location and ships from location? Shouldn’t they be required to match or it won’t let you into the next form for registering an account?

  23. Life During Wartime April 1, 2011 at 4:52 pm #

    Great question, mrpouncy! I think the answer is that Etsy does nothing on their site to discourage resellers or to document that a TOU abuse might be happening.

  24. PussDaddy April 1, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    FabulousRocks says:

    Once heard in a lecture my professor of psychology mention… “1 out of 10 people in the general public are mentally unstable.. ” Think we have our winner!

    !!!! OMG !!!!

    I’m sure the professor was looking straight at her.
    Actually it might be the 1 in the 4 out of 5 equation. She’s a dentist, remember? Didn’t you ever find the fifth dentist who refused to recommend anything a bit suspicious?

  25. uh-huh April 2, 2011 at 6:03 am #

    money is money, they don’t care where it comes from

  26. Stacey April 2, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

    In case you’re looking for some dirty old shoes…

  27. Trista April 2, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    Omg, these are sooo disgusting: http://www.etsy.com/listing/70188198/green-slip-sandals-9

    “Slight wear” indeed.

  28. em April 2, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    Ew, you couldn’t pay me to take those shoes. Geez, at least clean your non-vintage junk before trying to sell it on Etsy.

  29. Life During Wartime April 3, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    Do I see a reseller shop in today’s Get the Look Decor feature?


    Check out their sold items: cast iron, picture frame, bird houses, typical mass produced Thai jewelry. Lots of tags like ‘victorian’ and ‘vintage’ blah blah blah. Free shipping, too!

  30. oneangrybird April 3, 2011 at 11:38 am #

    Those toe prints are so gag inducing I can’t hardly stand it…

    I can pick up dog doo and blow toddlers noses all day but the toe prints just about put me under!

    tho….. I wish they could be used in one of the chosens Treasuries – they do look like they’ve worked hard, I mean worked over hard!

  31. Yaya April 3, 2011 at 12:34 pm #

    Someone should do a P.U. treasury with stuff like that.

  32. PussDaddy April 3, 2011 at 4:49 pm #

    OMG those green shoes were just gross. Corroded. Filthy. Blech!

  33. em April 4, 2011 at 9:42 am #

    nasty shoes are gone. Wonder if it was Etsy or the shop owner who took them down.

  34. PussDaddy April 4, 2011 at 1:22 pm #

    Let’s hope they reburied the shoes back on the dead person’s feet they must have gotten them from.

  35. oneangrybird April 4, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    kapong is empty…. will bookmark it and check back!

  36. EtsyDontCare April 7, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    I know for a fact that RiverOfRomansk does not make anything to size. I had a customer ask me to reproduce one of the items because the shop did not offer custom sizing.

  37. FabulousRocks September 21, 2011 at 6:01 pm #

    I have read all the interesting feedback left re: my comments in this link.
    What this site doesn’t investigate are the foul, verbally abusive, self righteous remarks made by those 20 or so BAD buyers in my shop’s 2+ years of sales.

    I have almost 11,000 orders to date.. which means at least 9,000+ buyers.. and yes.. ~20 of them got absolutely everything they deserve for their comments.

    Our team.. which now includes two employees work very hard to work with our buyers and clearly we can’t please everyone. We state very explicitly our shop’s limitatons due to the volume we get in orders, offer priority shipping, and respond to convos as soon as we can.

    If buyers don’t read these and then elect to blame us we will leave them the feedback they deserve

  38. kitten September 21, 2011 at 6:12 pm #


    You really don’t get it. Your feedback left reflects on YOU, not your buyers. You should be embarassed.

    Your professor had you pegged right.

  39. SUDZ December 16, 2012 at 12:04 am #


  40. Faithys January 2, 2013 at 1:30 pm #

    Yeah I have just had a run in with them. I posted neutral feedback because the wire I received was not silver like they said and they gave me neutral feedback and then sent me nasty e-mails rubbing my nose in the fact she deliberately dropped my shop rating from 100% to 88%!!! I have sent an e-mail to Etsy, we’ll see what happens!

  41. Faithys January 2, 2013 at 1:58 pm #

    OH gag me! she is going on about how she is teaching me a lesson, and how dare I leave truthful feedback!! This is down right shameful, and Etsy needs to put a stop to her. She is a bully and is using feedback as a scare tactic to keep anyone from calling her out! She is picking on little shops where she knows she can damage their reputation! She never even offered to correct the problem, she had the balls to say she won’t even try! that it is to late now because I left bad feedback!!!!!!!!! I left NEUTRAL FEEDBACK!! Then she e-mails me and tells me to “go away”! The only reason she gets away with this is because she has so many sales and her numbers are so high that no one or 100 people can affect her rating! Her obvious history of attacking people through feedback is clear when you look at the feedback she has left. What an arrogant and condescending person. I should copy and paste the emails and feedback she left!!

  42. Gammaray January 8, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

    I am currently being harassed by Linda Yu from Fabulous Rocks!, I left her honest “neutral” feedback and she sent me an e-mail stating point blank that she did NOT take kindly to people like me, that she was giving me NEGATIVE feedback to affect my shops sales…yes she actually stated that in her e-mail, and she did, she left a nasty negative feedback and brought my 100% down to 94% all because I was being honest and left NEUTRAL feedback. I told her i was reporting her, and she went crazy and starting sending me psychotic e-mails telling me how she’s such a HUGE seller that Etsy would never do anything about a LITTLE person like me, and that she would have my shop shut down…I swear this person is NUTS!!!! she has my personal address and I do not trust her at all! I’ve contacted Etsy but haven’t heard back yet….I have no idea how to handle a psycho like this???

  43. Gammaray January 8, 2013 at 1:56 pm #

    Here is Linda Yu from Fabulous Rocks…..this is just one of the MANY harassing e-mails she has sent me, oh and yes it took about two weeks to receive my order, but that wasn’t even my complaint, I simply stated that “The wait was not worth the price or the product I received” this was her reaction……..

    negative feedback from NASTY, bitter, “all about me” self centered types don’t bother us.. as we have only had about 50 or so such customers who make up those negative feedbacks.. so welcome to that club!!
    and as for business attitude, we don’t allow people to walk all over us.. one of the BEST policiesI set up is to allow my staff to treat customers the same way they are treating them.. so be nasty.. get it in return! we don’t stand for rude people around here and don’t welcome them nor their friends to shop with us. best policy to get rid of the riff raff that we don’t want and one of the biggest perks of owning our own business.. 🙂

    as for size.. let me see.. the listing says it will be between 2-3 mm.. tad smaller, tad larger.
    I did not state.. “you will see diamond nuggets in all this range..”
    YOU yourself said these were in the 2 mm range.. so please ASK questions if you had any uncertainty or needed something specific. for you to ASSUME something else.. well.. that is your issue.
    and you contacted me on the 28th at which time I told you how long the order was taking. if it was not worth the time to wait, YOU SHOULD’VE CANCELLED THE ORDER as we certainly did not need your business!

    we hear all kinds of 2 year old threats from buyers who either don’t respect our shipping time, don’t review descriptions and then blame us, act like they run our shop and try to tell us how to run our business, etc..
    if it mattered at all we would not be the 26th LARGEST ETSY SELLER in so short a time, so go spend your time so wastefully. i feel sorry for someone who has nothing more important to do with their life 🙂
    go volunteer, help a child, do something productive with your life.. what a bitter nasty attitude to have.. but you control how you waste your life.. so again.. DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO LADY!

    and yes.. your threats now put in writing will certainly give us the ability to report you to Etsy and get you kicked off.. as their policy clearly does not allow that..

    but trust me.. I don’t worry about a petty little person like you.. unless you think you influence the world.. get some perspective on who you think you are.. too funny!

  44. FabulousRocks January 9, 2013 at 11:27 am #

    Some very interesting comments here lately.

    I would like to address several things. No shop is going to please everyone. We certainly are aware of that. However, when we received feedback from buyers who try to slander our reputation (which is libel that you can be sued for) or get comments from buyers that are rude, condescending, and full of foul language or threats, we do not tolerate this behavior and do not feel compelled to appease these customers with what they want.

    with respect to specific to the above comments from individuals:

    1) go spread my phone number and personal address and see how fast we will issue a court order to obtain your information to file a stalking / harassment / libel lawsuit against you. internet sites will toss out your information faster than you can say “now” once served a court order.
    2) we don’t blame our buyers for our errors. most of the time our polite buyers will get whatever it takes to resolve the issue be it our error or theirs. however, buyers who don’t review our shop policies, review our shipping timelines, or expect their orders immediately without consideration of our other customers will be told they don’t need to come back and are left appropriate feedback. almost 100% of the negative feedback we leave for others center around several things 1) buyers who lie about the product they received .. as in faithys and gammaray above, 2) buyers who blame us when they don’t get their order when they wanted it (which is usually immediately) when they did not review our shipping timeline information 3) self absorbed, “diva-mentality: buyers who issue clearly unreasonable demands 4) buyers who engage in threats or foul language with respect to their issue

    faithys ..
    1) why don’t you post what you actually wrote to us? especially the part about where you libeled our product as NOT sterling silver without verifying it with a lab meltdown report. you should have evidence before making false accusations. why don’t you quote where you accused us of sending silver plated wire when we DON’T EVEN CARRY any silver plated wire in our inventory. we buy our wires and findings from a very reputable USA vendor who sells over 30-50 million dollars of supplies per year. we have no reason to distrust this vendor.
    you are the ONLY buyer out of thousands who has claimed this.. and without proof. to write this on a feedback and to then claim you did no harm and was just being honest is a lie. unless you have a lab test report, don’t libel us without proof. as we explained to you in our feedback, a wire not balling up as you would like is often more an issue with heat level or technique and not the material.
    and yes, I did tell you to go away as I have no tolerance for lying, rude, threatening individuals who then DEMAND I do what you want. who in their right mind would?

    gammaray ..
    by far my favorite one.. we are in the process of discussing with Arizona lawyers getting court orders for all the websites where she commited libel over and over again with flat out lies and malicious fabrications.
    she neglects to put in her entries above what she actually threatened us with
    .. “I will spend every day ALL day spreading this message outside of Etsy to warn people about the kind of person you are and how you do business!!!!!! Fortunately, I have an endless amount of free time to devote to this NASTY e-mail from you. I am contacting Etsy right now and then I have many other sources outside of Etsy to contact-.. ” I will be HAPPY to spend ALL day spreading your nasty e-mail outside of Etsy….google your shop in a few days..hahahahaha!

    right after she issues those threats on the same day and the following day, we get
    1) 10 blatantly deceitful libelous entries on our Facebook page calling us scam artists, claiming she bought items she never even ordered, stating we sell crap that breaks, etc… interesting to note this facebook member subsequently deactivated their account within hours of us sending her and Etsy Abuse an email saying we are going to sue her for libel and financial losses. suffice to say.. this highly suggests she was behind them.
    2) an extraordinarily dishonest review on ripoffreport.com stating our rough diamonds are not precious gems. again, why don’t you take it to a GEMOLOGIST and see what they say. rough diamonds are non faceted, organic diamonds that have a drusy surface appearance and ARE GENUINE DIAMONDS which are PRECIOIUS GEMSTONES. We have already verified 100% her identity based on content.
    3) another site claiming she bought a diamond ring she had to take us to court on. very interesting as we don’t even sell diamond rings!! could at least have told a more credible lie!

    does not take a rocket scientist to know who did all the above.. but again, the court orders will be the final nail in her coffin. if we lose any sales immediately or in the future or we EVER lose a deal with a vendor due to her internet crimes (which it is by the way) we are going slap a lawsuit. considering our sales and future potential sales it will be a very costly mistake for her.

    best yet, she has gone on the internet yet again, claiming harassment from us sending her correspondence we are sending to Etsy Abuse and Etsy Legal using paypal and etsy emails that are on every order should we need to communicate with buyers. why don’t you review their Terms and Conditions and see that is NOT harassing you.
    and how about sharing YOUR harassment as every email we have sent has had a reciprocating email or convo!

    out of our 80,000 plus sales and thousands of buyers, this “person” is definitely the most unstable, threatening, and libelous and we will make sure we do everything to stop criminals like her from doing this to another shop!

    so, before anyone else posts any other egregious lies, consider your PROOF or you will be held libel. a fake signon name can easily be traced back to you and we will pursue criminal and financial actions for such individuals


  45. Faithys January 9, 2013 at 12:17 pm #

    You are such a LIAR. I am laughing right now at how you embellish all these stories and accuse everyone of threatening you when my very first contact with you was YOU threatening ME! Also my NEUTRAL FEEDBACK had NO AFFECT on your shops score!!! I did not harm your shop! You however, harmed mine! I stated the truth in my feedback, that your wire, whatever it is, did not react like the hundreds of other pieces of sterling silver wire I have worked with over 15 years! Maybe you got a bad batch of wire from your supplier?? You should check your product before attacking your buyers! After seeing all the Negative and Neutral feedback you have received I am sure you will be out of business soon. Talking to random Etsy memebers has enlightened me. Tons of people know exactly who you are and know about your reputation. How is it someone mentions a “crazy shop owner” and everyone knows it is you!!!! You damaged my shop rating in revenge, your’re a bully and abusive, and you won’t be selling for long! We are on to you! Just the feedback you received since my incident proves you are going down fast. More and more of it is negative and neutral. You may be big shit, but the bigger they are the harder they fall! Keep sending those e-mails and keep abusing your buyers! There is Karma and you will be getting yours!

  46. FabulousRocks January 9, 2013 at 3:09 pm #


    unless you submit to PROOF, such as a lab meltdown report, anything you claim is LIBEL as it is damaging to our reputation as a business.
    LOOK IT UP.. under “libel and slander”
    what you have done meets every criteria for what needs to met for committing libel.
    just because you claimed it didn’t “react like” is not proof. it is an opinion.

    in this internet age, we are sick and tired of buyers seeking revenge via lies and then claiming innocence or that they were “just trying to get a resolution”
    this is a form of internet crimes for which you can be prosecuted by law for libel and financial renumeration can be exercised against you. we keep VERY detailed information of our sales from day to day, year to year since we opened our shop and can quickly pick up on changing sales trends.

    and no, we are not going to accuse my vendor like you did us of “sending a bad batch”
    we had one other buyer in the past out of thousands of sales who claimed the wire did not ball up. we tested the wire, and guess what.. 925 STERLING SILVER. we told her she needed to use higher heat and NEVER HEARD FROM HER AGAIN. what does that tell you?

    why don’t you review carefully our rebuttal to GammaRay and what we are proceeding with in terms of legal and financial action on ripoffreports.com
    you can call me “crazy shop owner” but we are not going to be laying down when buyers lie to malign our business and then claim they “just gave us a neutral”. the fact is they are blatant lies, meant to be damaging, able to be seen by others, and financially can cost us (which is often the malice intent behind the “just a neutral” feedback)

    btw, fortunate for GammaRay for now.. our sales are higher than ever. but if we EVER suffer any current or future financial repurcussions because of her internet libel, she will get a financial lawsuit.. already as is, she is earning a letter from Arizona lawyers in her near future.

    so.. before you continue with how we are embellishing stories..
    everyone.. here are the exchanges between faithys and our shop ..
    too bad you don’t have the decency or nerve to actually post them!

    unfortunately I have to do this as rebuttals to libel.. as there are no other ways for people to review the facts other than phrases taken out of context or he said, she said…


    originally sent to faithys regarding feedback


    we left you feedback in response to your feedback.. which unfortunately has very negatively affected your feedback score (now an 88%).

    we don’t appreciate buyers who don’t understand a materials properties or how to appropriately use a product and then insinuate that our products are not as stated. our wire is 925 sterling silver as listed and because you don’t know how to make the wire do what you want that does not give you free license to wrongly slam us.

    we have built a very successful shop on Etsy over the last 3+ years selling quality products that we obtain from very reputable vendors and don’t appreciate inappropriate and misleading feedback as you left us.


    immediate hostile return convo from faithys

    That is BS! I left you NEUTRAL FEEDBACK, so you could address the issue, not NEGATIVE!!! Now sending me this rude e-mail and slamming me in my feedback is wrong! How dare you blame me and call me Ignorant! I have been making Jewelry for almost 20 years! I am very familiar with the traits of melting .925 silver wire and I had every right to report that your wire was not acting like it should, The discoloration was not the normal blackening it turned orange and copper and it looks like the wire underneath was plain copper!!! I WILL take that wire to the jeweler and have it looked at, and when I find out That I am right I will be taking action against you for selling silver plated wire as 925!! I am reporting you to Etsy, this slam back is not correct and is against their policy! You may have made a mistake and sent me the wrong wire, but that never entered your mind, to senselessly attack me and to call me names and not even TRY to resolve the issue just proves you are shady!! You know damn well my neutral feedback didn’t affect your rating and you also knew that your NEGATIVE feedback would horribly ruin mine!! You did it on purpose to ruin my rep!!! As you so blatantly pointed out in your e-mail dropping me from 100% to 88%.. You had no right to do that to me, I have been a loyal customer of yours, you have never had any issue until now, and to act like I did something wrong is just disgusting! You’d better fix this before you get in trouble, I will not tolerate it.

    our opinion of her statements and claims line by line:
    – first few words and profanity and hostile reaction. sure method to get someone to do what you want… NOT! Remember this saying: You catch more flies with honey than vinegar” be bitter and nasty.. you will most likely get dealt the same.. basic human psychology.

    – “I left you NEUTRAL FEEDBACK, so you could address the issue, not NEGATIVE!!! Now sending me this rude e-mail and slamming me in my feedback is wrong! How dare you blame me”
    as a storeowner yourself, you can’t claim you didn’t know a better way.
    you know perfectly well feedback is not the way to “address issues”.. a convo to us inquiring, letting us know possible issue IS the way to address issues. we would have been happy to work with you, but stating that it is not silver wire on a feedback that we could or could not read is DAMAGING.
    we get pages of feedback in a day. what if we did not catch it? how would that solve anything?
    and fyi, we have not even reported this to Etsy to get the feedback removed but we will now.
    bottom line is, damaging our reputation and placing suspicion over our products is libel, not a solution to addressing the issue

    – “The discoloration was not the normal blackening it turned orange and copper and it looks like the wire underneath was plain copper!!!”
    interesting to note now your story mentions color changes you did not mention in your feedback.. you now even claim the wire seems to be plain copper!! the story seems to keep changing.. which is often the case when statements are not honest..

    – “I am reporting you to Etsy, this slam back is not correct and is against their policy!”
    fyi, we have every right to leave our feedback as a form of rebuttal to state our side. that is why feedback is TWO SIDED!! we viewed this transaction as NEGATIVE based on your actions, which were not intended to “help” us in any way but for you to vent your anger on us in an unconstructive way

    – you “may have made a mistake and sent me the wrong wire”
    well, this is pretty darn hard considering we ONLY CARRY 925 STERLING SILVER WIRE AND 14K GOLD FILLED WIRE.. pretty hard to mess that up!
    but had you sent us a CONVO.. you would know!!

    – “you did it purposely to ruin my rep”
    frankly, we don’t care how our feedback affects a shop, we just leave them when we get buyers who deserve them..we don’t even have time to leave positive feedback as we are so busy fulfilling orders. the store’s rating could stay 100%, could drop to 99%, could go to 88%. i do notice it afterwards of course.. but that is not our fault. YOU had control over how you chose to deal with the situation and YOU thought feedback that we possibly could have never read was the rational way to get this situation handled.. are you seriously believing yourself?

    – ” you have no right to do that to me.. i have been a loyal customer of yours”
    we have a right to leave feedback.. Etsy made that rule.. not us.
    the feedback could be positive, neutral, negative.. we did not make these rules either
    as pointed out to you later, you have bought from us this one and ONLY time.. which hardly even makes you a “loyal customer: which is a wild exaggeration. of course you never had an issue with us till now.. are you sure your feedback is even meant for us and you did not slam the wrong shop?!?

    – “you’d better fix this.. before you get in trouble.. I will not tolerate it”
    wow.. sounds like a threat.. CLEARLY we did not listen.
    and yes.. we are in trouble now.. please..


    our response:

    we have every right to leave negative feedback for your claim. It is ridiculous to say such things on a feedback and not think it will be damaging in any way.
    so before you start ranting and raving about how we damaged you “wrongly”, consider your own actions.

    additionally, if you read “ignorant” into the feedback or my convo.. that is YOUR own assumption.. I never called you that once.

    you had every right as a “loyal” customer to ask us to double check … ask our vendor .. etc.. but you DID NOT so don’t start acting like you don’t deserve the feedback we gave you

    we DON’T EVEN SELL SILVER PLATED WIRE or OWN ANY IN OUR OFFICE so to claim that is not valid.. so before YOU start jumping to conclusions about what we did you might want to check with us.

    so your threat of “you’d better fix this” does not worry me AT ALL!


    faithys replies

    You know feedback can be changed and you left me nasty feedback before you ever tried to fix the issue. You are a bully and damaged my feedback deliberately. I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t earn bad feedback and you know it! It isn’t ridiculous to tell the truth! All I wanted is for you to address the issue. I was being nice by leaving NEUTRAL feedback and you left me NEGATIVE feedback in retaliation! That is not what feedback is for. I didn’t do anything wrong as a buyer, and my feedback didn’t affect your rating at all. Being pissed because I pointed out something does not constitute negative feedback. Not that it matters you are obviously not interested in resolving this matter as you have not once offered any kind of solution. I was willing to work with you to fix this, but you have made it clear you don’t value your customers.

    our opinion.
    – seriously.. hypocritical …. she tells us about us not trying to fix the issue.. how is it that she tried to fix the issue by sending us a simple convo rather than hoping on feedback?
    – “I didn’t do anything wrong.. ” and “It isn’t ridiculous to tell the truth!”
    well.. seems to slander another shop over false, unsubstantiated claims that our wire is not 925 sterling silver WITHOUT PROOF would be wrong according to 99.99% of people.
    – “NEGATIVE feedback in retaliation! That is not what feedback is for.”
    clearly you need to review what feedback is for. it is NOT a place to make unsubstantiated claims that damages a shop’s financial results or reputation.
    we were not pissed, merely not allowing our reputation to be damaged in such a blatantly untrue way. we don’t take lightly to buyers who do this and then cry innocent.
    what we did was REBUT the libelous statements you made and stated possible reasons the wire did not behave the way you wanted.
    – “Not that it matters you are obviously not interested in resolving this matter as you have not once offered any kind of solution. I was willing to work with you to fix this”
    you were not willing to work with us.. you were quick to throw around foul language, be hostile, threaten, give us excuse after excuse about how what you did would solve the issue
    – “you have made it clear you don’t value your customers”
    not true. we don’t value customers LIKE YOU nor need such custmers to return. we don’t encourage their friends to shop with us.. as this will likely bring more trouble.
    we are not so hard up for sales we need every sale or every customer who finds us. in fact for rude buyers we refund their money and cancel their order!
    for our other thousands of loyal buyers who do act like adults and can converse in such a manner we bend over backwards to do whatever needs to be done! That is how we have over 80,000 sales, 100% feedback, and over 40,000 positive feedbacks and are the 26th largest Etsy seller out of hundreds of thousands. The numbers speak for themselves.
    We don’t worry over the 172 negatives from about 50 pissed off people.. can’t please the world so we don’t try. And we obviously don’t cater to all kinds of demands from buyers like you ..
    FYI, a huge majority of those feedback are due to what has always been a problem with our shop.. even now with 6 people working.. we can’t handle orders fast enough due to our amount of sales.


    our email back:

    um.. you have ordered from us ONCE.. so no.. we don’t want customers like you.

    the proper way to resolve things is to convo the seller when you get the item… so no.. we don’t care to resolve this. let this be a lesson learned.

    i am CERTAIN you would not want a buyer of your jewelry to do the same thing and then “claim” they did not mean any damage by it.


    she lectures us with:

    would address the problem and try to correct it regardless of my personal feelings on the issue. It is called being professional.

    our thoughts:
    seriously???? so BS, YOU BETTER and Etsy threats is your way of “being professional” wow.. hate to see you upset or deathly upset!

    and by this time.. I think for us to even consider discussing anything more an apology was waaaay overdue.


    our response.

    go away.. too late at this point

    like I said.. hope this is a lesson learned..
    we obviously don’t “fear” negative and neutral feedback around here.. but we don’t take lightly to inappropriate ways of communicating with us.

    so .. here it is Laurel.. in black and white..
    you should’ve posted this first instead of claiming I embellish stories..

  47. Gammaray January 9, 2013 at 4:19 pm #

    OMG LINDA!!!! get a grip!!! look at your actions! look at the LONG rants you go on! you have WAY too much time on your hands, maybe you should volunteer or do something constructive with ALL of this free time you have to come after every singe person who SPEAKS out against your unprofessional business practices!
    And btw, I saw the complaint about a diamond ring too! maybe you should track down the person who actually filed that complaint against you before you go blaming it on me!!! look at the DATE of the report filed DUH!!!! but yet you blame that crap on me! and your phony ass FB claims! get real! I DEMAND to see these comments on your FB page!! Post them and please get the IP address like I asked BEFORE you go blaming me for that BS!!

    It would be your MO to falsely claim that I did A) B) C)……but where is ANY of your proof???? You have SOOO many unhappy buyers you have NO idea who is doing and saying what, so your like a crazy person with a blindfold on and a gun in her hand!! Do you even realize that YOUR actions on Etsy and the abuse of their feedback system in order to ruin a shops reputation and cause them to lose sales is LIBEL as well???, since that seems to be your favorite word LIBEL LIBEL LIBEL LIBEL…like a damn broken record!!!
    Eveything I have said is the TRUTH so I am NOT losing any sleep over your threats to take me to court, hey if you feel you need to spend thousands of dollars on fees, travel etc. You keep bragging about how much MONEY you make I guess you can afford it!! I have done NOTHING wrong and I will take this as far as you want to go!!! I will NOT back down from a big BULLY like you!!! But you have been reported to paypal legal for harassment! So do you want to keep it up?????

  48. Faithys January 9, 2013 at 4:41 pm #

    OMG, she really is INSANE! I LOVE how she edited my e-mails adding her own comments and changing the continuity of our conversation. I will post everything properly when I am at home. She seems to think my e-mails shame me, lmao, I don’t think so. I had a right to be upset after what she did, I’m not ashamed of what I said but I will be damned if she edits my words to suite her cause! Get a life loser!

  49. FabulousRocks January 9, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

    GammaRay/Desiree/Monique/whatever fictictious name you are using

    again, you act like a parrot, saying things I have told YOU in the past. can you think for yourself and come up with something on your own? I told you to do something constructive with your time rather than explode in anger like you were doing in your 8+ ranting convos to me. don’t regurgitate those comments to me.

    remember, YOU are the one who professed to having all this time on your hands.
    I am not the one who threatened daily harassment, saying in several emails:
    .. “I will spend every day ALL day spreading this message outside of Etsy to warn people about the kind of person you are and how you do business!!!!!! Fortunately, I have an endless amount of free time to devote to this NASTY e-mail from you. I am contacting Etsy right now and then I have many other sources outside of Etsy to contact-
    .. ” I will be HAPPY to spend ALL day spreading your nasty e-mail outside of Etsy….google your shop in a few days..hahahahaha!

    this by the way is the email I sent her:
    sorry to have to leave you negative feedback.
    i am sure you would appreciate a buyer working with you before leaving you feedback.. and we never take kindly to buyers who neglect to do so.. ESPECIALLY those who also sell here on etsy
    unfortunately it has impacted your rating

    it is incredulous how nasty her threats were, particularly since she was the one LYING!
    what I am doing is providing rebuttals as well as sharing the harassing emails in ENTIRETY for this site.. which by the way.. is NOT the Etsy community. this site is the creation of a self described “.. jealous hating bitch who has no life” (see blue upper hand corner on top of this page).
    i found this site after some Etsy members congratulated me for having the fortitude to stand up to lying, deceitful buyers with my negative feedbacks. certainly ten times more “thank yous” than the comment on this blog from the likes of the members above.

    if you took this to a legitimate Etsy forum, you would be hammered by Etsy so hard you would forget your name as that would be creating libel on their site!

    funny.. how come you have no response to lying about the rough diamonds not being diamonds.. cat got your tongue? no sassy rebuttal or proof to submit?
    you better start looking for a gemologist who will tell you those are not diamonds, which are precious gemstones and should check your caliper measuring skills to back up your lies.

    for all who want to see our PROOF of one of her libelous postings and our subsequent rebuttal on ripoffreport.com, check this link:
    you just about signed you name on this site with the nature of your complaints about the diamonds and their measurements and the time of shipment, etc. which is EXACTLY your complaint on the feedback. but you took it a step further by LYING and saying these are not diamonds.

    with each subsequent company we subpoena with court orders to produce information about the member(s) who did libelous postings related to Facebook, reviewstalk, and any other sites we will get the proof we need.
    if this was a crime case, YOU will be the number one person of interest at this point under investigation. does not take a genius to deduce that.

    don’t worry lady. we are building our case against you. as our business produces over significant sales per month, there is a lot at stake for us with libelous internet claims as well as personal defamation of character. I am a dentist as well, and just the fact you are lying about my business integrity can EASILY be proven to have an adverse effect with how employers, the dental board, etc. can construe such comments about ethics regardless of whether I currently work as a dentist. so you have also committed defamation of character. so enjoy that new phrase! we have a lot to protect and the money and travel is just a necessary DEDUCTIBLE business expense as well as the opportunity to visit Arizona/ASU as well as taking care of business related to you.

    you better watch what other made up lies you come up with, as you are now caught redhanded in one out of three suspected sites. it is a matter of time before the rest falls in place.
    at the rate our business is growing, even if we lose 1% of sales per year, you will pay dearly in a lawsuit against you. that is the only reason I am telling you numbers, so you can realize the magnitude of what this will cost you. we don’t make a small amount in sales per month and unless you can afford to pay a 5 figure renumeration in a lawsuit judgement you better start doing retractions and removing the lies you are putting out there (like “Dan Jones” did.. fictitious name ring a bell?). and yes, we have a copy of every single one of those 10 postings.. they are in my email, regardless of whether the account has been deleted! we have ONE YEAR for each libelous claim we find. go do an internet search on libel and see what you are facing!

    don’t forget to also report to Paypal legal we plan to use the address used on your account to send you emails and send the legal correspondence.. better get a head start and tell them! we will send them our proof and tell them we are suing you for libel and you will look like a moron in addition to being proven a liar.
    tell them also, for someone claiming “harassment” over and over you sure are engating in a lot of active communication with us.

    we now will tell YOU, STOP WRITING US OR WE WILL FILE AN INJUNCTION AGAINST HARASSMENT IN ARIZONA. we are dealing with you via lawyers and a court of law in the state our lawyers select from hereon out.

    we encourage you to brush up on your legal knowledge before you continue more of your actions.

  50. FabulousRocks January 9, 2013 at 5:57 pm #


    grow up.. “lmao”.. are you 5? can you use proper words and adult phrases?

    and can you read accurately? your convos are stated VERBATIM, we added our comments to break down line by line your distortion of reality

    if anyone wants the HARD copies, which obviously can’t be changed, email us at broodofthree@hotmail.com.

    we have the true copies as does Etsy admistration at Etsy Abuse.
    so lie away some more!!

  51. FabulousRocks January 9, 2013 at 6:02 pm #


    this goes for you as well…


    we encourage you to brush up on your legal knowledge before you continue more of your actions

  52. Gammaray January 9, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    Sorry you can’t tell when someone is being “sarcastic” as was the case when I told you to “do something more constructive with your time”. I know it’s hard for you to be rational about things and that you just spout off claiming legal this legal that…the fact is you are too much of a hot head to handle anything in a mature and “PROFESSIONAL” manner. I doubt very much you are or ever have been a dentist, maybe your practice was shut down? I doubt someone with a TEMPER like you could EVER handle ANY unsatisfied customers!!!

    You just LOVE to talk about how much MONEY you make, and how BIG your business is and now your stating your coming after me?that you are coming to ASU which is close to my studio…Okay now you have gone too far! you are threatening me and I will contact my local police department and report this entire threat!!..I feel that I am now in danger and my family is in danger so I will NOW take this threat from you EXTREMELY SERIOUS!!!

    You take all of my correspondence out of context to suit your own story! I also have HARD copies of every single message you sent to me, especially the ones you sent to my e-mail on file with Paypal, AFTER I told you to STOP contacting me on ETSY, you started sending me harassing threatening messages to another e-mail address, I had to BLOCK both of your e-mail addresses just to keep my sanity, and to keep you from causing me a great deal of personal and mental anguish! You want to bring on a lawsuit you will get slapped with a countersuit for harassing me ENDLESSLY!! and for damaging my shops feedback rating and causing me to “lose” sales as a result, all done by abusing the etsy feedback system!! as for you, I have NO interest in having anymore interaction with you as you are NOT a rational human and can only threaten SUE SUE SUE SUE! really? for what? what have I done but tell the truth! and you can’t handle that, well. too bad…you yourself just stated……”btw, fortunate for GammaRay for now.. our sales are higher than ever.” Those are your exact words…I MADE you money!! Stop using my name, you keep posting my first name, my last name…what is the reason for this? go ahead and “google” Portnoy….do you realize who you are even dealing with? I have Lawyers in my immediate family! So before you threaten sue sue sue, be prepared to get it in return…EYE FOR AN EYE! Take your sour grapes and get a LIFE! stop harassing me over these forums!! Leave us ALL alone you are NOT wanted here!!!

  53. Gammaray January 9, 2013 at 8:36 pm #

    Oh and please please PASTE the “SEVERAL” e-mails you got from me where I say I have an endless amount of time to devote to letting others know how you practice business….I would LOVE to see where I state that in “SEVERAL” e-mails, since you are so good at the copy/paste feature…please use it to provide proof that I stated that in “SEVERAL” e-mails…Please provide PROOF BEFORE you state things that are UNTRUE!!! You are doing exactly what you claim we are doing to you…hypocrite!!!

  54. Susan March 20, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

    I check fabulous rocks feedback every day to see what vile Linda Yu spews at buyers. It’s really entertaining and we laugh at her in our private forum. No one takes her seriously.

  55. john smith March 20, 2013 at 4:53 pm #

    bunch of trolls here it seems…some people need to get outside, away from the computer…

  56. Modjewelerydesigns March 26, 2013 at 8:42 am #

    If you plan on reading the feedback fabulous rocks leaves for their buyers, better get a bowl of popcorn, you’ll be there awhile and it’s quite entertaining. As I read just the first 10 pages or so, I had to be thankful I’ve never run into that shop or had any desire to buy any of those mass produced rings and connectors they sell, oh ya, i’m sure all of those ready to wear rings are “handmade” right? if not they do not belong in the “supplies” category. So many issues with that shop, not to mention the ratio of negative feedback when compared to other shops is insane! and im sure there is some serious shilling going on, I studied the pattern of negs, and she buries them very quickly with feedback that just happens to contradict what the previous negs read- Oh sure, not at all obvious. They really think they’re fooling people. Too funny!

  57. Scared customer May 31, 2013 at 4:22 pm #

    I won’t get into detail because the Fabulous Rocks person is very unproffesional, harassed me, all because I told her I was very disappointed with my purchase.

  58. neverafraid June 10, 2013 at 2:58 pm #

    “scared customer” the whole reason Fab Rocks is still up and running is exactly that…she scares her unsatisfied customers into thinking she’s going to get a lawyer, sue, etc, if they stand up and tell the truth about her, which is that she obviously harasses her customers, leaves retaliatory feedback, is deceptive in her listings, blames EVERY single customer for everything etc, she would be kicked off Etsy. If you havn’t noticed, she has never once taken responsibility for any error, ever. That is the worst thing a seller can do. I only wish more people would stand up, trust that she does not have the resources or any case that would hold water in a court of law, she would be laughed right out of the attorneys office. She threatens and that’s how she gets away with her terrible business practices and customer service. Rethink your decision not to say anything.

  59. neverafraid June 10, 2013 at 3:05 pm #

    Oh and I noticed she is threatening people in her Fb on Etsy with legal action, how low can she go? What a joke! she probably talked to a lawyer and got a little info on what could happen in an extreme case. I doubt any attorney would represent her, especially with all of that feedback she has left for her own customers, it really has hurt her reputation as a reasonable seller/person. Any lawyer would only need look at that and turn her around and escort her right out of their office. It’s crystal clear she is not playing with a full deck.

  60. fabulousrocks June 29, 2013 at 9:13 am #

    If you actually read what I write, I did verbatim copy from two separate emails what you threatened daily harassment, saying in several emails:
    1) .. “I will spend every day ALL day spreading this message outside of Etsy to warn people about the kind of person you are and how you do business!!!!!! Fortunately, I have an endless amount of free time to devote to this NASTY e-mail from you. I am contacting Etsy right now and then I have many other sources outside of Etsy to contact-
    2) .. ” I will be HAPPY to spend ALL day spreading your nasty e-mail outside of Etsy….google your shop in a few days..hahahahaha!

    First off, if anyone gets any entertainment out of this, great. We laugh at a lot of things all the time and lies about us is among that list.. Then we take action.

    Why don’t you review the Etsy policies re: shilling and then even TRY to buy your own items. The Etsy system does not even allow for that. With over 16,000 items that still need feedback, clearly we have no need nor time to leave feedback except for the exceptional buyers who feel compelled to leave negative feedback for their own oversight and then blame us for them. And buying items costs money in fees and transactions costs. We do not need to do something so stupid and in violation of Etsy rules when we get the business from thousands of customers, many of whom do leave HONEST feedback re: our products and services.
    95-99% of the negative comments relate to shipping time, which we have been working hard to improve from inception and finally got a handle on with a rehaul of our fulfillment methog. Prior to this, we clearly post and change as needed our shipping timeline in three places: our storefront, our policies, our checkout receipt. We are NOT going to allow buyers to chew us out inappropriately for their own oversight in reviewing this, especially when we work so hard to give realistic expectations and have that information for them in so many ways. So no, I have no need to take ownership for someone else’s error or oversight.
    And fyi, we do take ownership when we make errors and correct issues, offer apologies, credit for orders, etc. Obviously those people asked us to help deal with issues rather than just slander us inappropriate and did not need to file a complaint, so before you go and claim we never take ownership, get the true picture. Assuming our business practices when you know nothing does not make you credible.
    We care about negative feedback, particularly when they are lies or inappropriate ways to hurt our business, but just for perspective, 213 negatives from 20 or so buyers out of over 102,000 orders and tens of thousands of buyers is a fact of life.
    The complaint percentage, in case you want to know is one fifth of 1% (0.2%) .. I think we can deal with that percentage just fine.. only God can be perfect

    Lastly, why don’t you look at the SOLDER line on the rings and explain how a machine mass produced those. Oh, right.. you can’t because you never bought anything from us but are now able to spew out a bunch of lies. People like you make me sick!
    Why don’t you talk to our staff member who are hammering and making those rings for a good part of a day and see what she says.


    It would behoove you to REVIEW which individuals we are after.

    Individuals such as GammaRay who go above and beyond and feel it is appropriate to create internet slander and LIE with fictitious stories with the intent to damage our reputation and business will get legal action. we personally flew up to Arizona to get her served. A judge felt there was enough evidence to substantiate over half of the slander we suspected was done by her, particularly when she was stupid enough to give her name out on this site incriminating herself. Why doesn’t she openly discuss what a coward she acted like in response to our actions? She should be disgusted with herself. She comes from a family of lawyers and needs to ruin their good name by doing something so stupid and criminal.

    You do not need to wish.. we do go after these people who slander us and try to damage our business. And why don’t you go talk to an internet libel lawyer and see how seriously they take these issues. We talked to several in Arizona with regards to GammaRay.

  61. neverafraid July 3, 2013 at 11:14 pm #

    Seriously? why are replying to people who “from what it looks like” have had nothing to do with you since Jan? im just going by this particular thread, it look like this gammaray person hasn’t said anything here to you, at least since Jan from what I can see….and these other posters have a right to their opinion whether you like it or not!, if you don’t like what you’re reading…the problem is real simple…DO NOT READ THIS BLOG, no one is making you come here, no one. Why in the hell are you still trying to bring up shit that people have obviously moved on from? you seem like a very vindictive person to me. You do not realize that you only make yourself look bad by coming here and throwing your hissy fits. Drama much?

  62. neverafraid July 3, 2013 at 11:21 pm #

    Your so called legal actions are a waste of your time and money “foolish”, and obviously you use them to try and scare anyone who is unhappy with what I have read in your feedback as “horrible customer service” over and over again, the same feedback is given to you, but you do not seem to understand that if you’re getting the same complaints over and over about the same issue, the problem does in fact lie with you, until you rectify your behaviour then you will keep getting bad feedback and more disgruntled customers, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Good luck, I think you’re going to need it-

  63. fabulousrocks July 4, 2013 at 12:46 pm #


    I see you are reading the material, but you seem to be missing the point and content of my comments.

    Any company or individual will not tolerate inappropriate or flat out lies or malicious statements made about themselves or their company. I am sure if I went on the internet and slandered you or a member of your family or your company (if you have one) that would not be fine and you would defend yourself, your loved one, or a company you worked hard to build into a successful entity. Common sense and instinct.

    Why do companies from the likes of Intel/Coke/Microsoft to much smaller corporations SUE other companies for libel? Why do Hollywood stars do it to gossip magazines? It is because they 1) have the resources to protect their good name and 2) it is wrong and they will not tolerate it. We clearly are not the only company or people doing this. Internet libel/defamation of character attorneys have a lot of work to keep them busy.

    Every story has two sides.
    In the best circumstances, an upset customer will only tell their side of a story and neglect to mention their oversight in reading listings, store policies, expecting a product not commensurate with the price they paid for (eg, fine jewelry quality gems rather than beads; perfect drill holes on gems drilled by humans, not machines; Mikimoto quality pearls for $25), etc.
    In the worst circumstances, they make statements that are entirely fictitious or state an outrageous “opinion” that is basically libel and then try to use “freedom of speech” to hide under. Freedom of speech and opinion does not give someone free reign to lie, or as ModJewelry did, state her “opinions” about our company and products (none of which is based on truth or reality) with malicious intent. I use “opinions” but what she is doing is libel.

    You are a PERFECT example. You state all these negative feedbacks you keep reading but choose to ignore and not mention the 49662 POSITIVE feedbacks, with thousands of comments commending our shipping, customer service and attentiveness to orders vs the 213 negatives of which 95%+ are related to shipping times “issues” buyers had when they clearly ignored shipping information we provided in three areas on our site? Did you happen to “miss” that or purposely ignore it? Appears you have very selective reading.
    Again, I reiterate my previous post, “The complaint percentage, in case you want to know is one fifth of 1% (0.2%) .. I think we can deal with that percentage just fine.. only God can be perfect”

    If you feel our legal actions are a waste of time, why do you not state your TRUE name, city & state of residence but hide behind your signon? Then you can have comments openly made about you on the internet about your behavior and character.
    By the way, you would be more credible if you were not foaming at the mouth and cussing in your postings..

    GammaRay hopefully has been so enlightened after having cops knock on her door several times in February/March 2013 to serve her and has enough common sense not to continue her libel against our company. Or perhaps she is now just using another signon..

  64. Susan July 7, 2013 at 8:32 am #


    You deliberately respond to each and every negative and neutral with accusatory retaliatory feedback that you know can be seen on the buyers feedback. Anyone looking at the buyers feedback doesn’t know that it has come from Fabulous Rocks and that you’re a mean bitch in all your feedback so they have no chance to discount the wild ramblings of some unfortunate purchase that buyer made. I have never seen you admit to anything wrong, it is always the buyers fault and the buyer, is not only wrong but the most horrible person ever.

    But Linda, because as you say your feedback percentage keeps you at 100% because of all those positives, no one would really look at the actual feedback. And if they do and see the occasional red mark, they indeed might think that would be typical of a high volume supply seller. What looks really bad though, is reading your actual words. That makes the feedback actual more negative than it already is.

    Thus, I think you get your Rocks off on it actually. Being Mean.

    This website still comes up in the top five when your shop is Googled. I hope that it stays that way.


  65. neverafraid July 13, 2013 at 8:37 am #

    Ugh, It’s funny she says there are two sides to every story, yet, her side is always the same “horrible customer, should be kicked off Etsy” “horrible buyer, wish she never found us” Does she realize that only her potential “new” customers can read that? Those poor unfortunate buyers…does she realize that NO ONE but the buyer themselves can read her nasty fb? if that buyer goes to shop with another seller, that seller cannot read Lindas crazy words. I would think she’s been on Etsy long enough to know that, so that being said, I think im right in thinking she’s not exactly playing with a full deck. Oh damn! did I just read she actually sent the cops to someones house over a transaction, because that person spoke up? okay that’s a new level of low! talk about petty….oooh boy, we got a nutter folks! BTW, Fab Rocks is NOT anything like Coke or Intel, holy crap that made me LOL sooo hard! All I can say is keep up the bashing in your FB, you’re only asking for your customers to run to the internet, look you up and talk openly about the bad experience they had with you. I hope you understand that is not the way Coke or Intel would handle an unhappy buyer, which is why you’ll stick to re-selling your cheap stuff on a little place like Etsy. Good luck-

  66. fabulousrocks July 13, 2013 at 9:39 am #


    comments for you..

    1) calling me a “mean bitc&”
    Did you actually think that gave you more credibility and respect?
    Seems you have not grown up beyond your high school times.
    Much can be stated without the use of inappropriately colorful language.

    2) feedback..
    99.9999% of the time we ONLY leave feedback for the buyers who deserve it.
    We have almost 16,000 transactions that need feedback at this time, most of which we don’t have the manpower to do as order fulfillment is always the most important and leaving feedback is the last thing on our list.
    Horrible buyers are ones who:
    .. Neglect our storefront information re: timelines then write us stinging, nasty convos (often with foul language much like yours and much worse) blaming – us – for their oversight in reviewing policies, unwillingness to pay for expediting their orders, upset they did not get fine jewelry level gems at beading gems pricing, etc.
    .. Lie about our products such as claiming we do not sell sterling silver when our United States manufacturers have stated repeatedly they are. Unless you have an assay report, those are damaging “opinions”/statements which can have financial repercussions on a company and such lies are considered libel on the internet and punishable by the law.
    .. as far as claiming I make the individuals out to be “the horrible person ever”, that is your opinion. we do not make inferences to them as mothers, employees, sisters, etc. but discuss the transaction. I however, have had many buyers make such assumptions about me personally (specifically the one who also claimed I stalked her on the internet).

    3) “have never seen you admit to anything wrong”
    Let me clarify, 1 out of 50-100+ upset buyers will resort to leaving bad feedback. The rest of the time through our working with the buyer the complaint is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
    As mentioned prior, we apologize for a lot of things to buyers/correct many concerns and issues and those buyers do not feel any need to lie or blame us afterwards.
    Why should I admit wrong to buyers who lie about our products, don’t respect other buyers and expect us to ship their orders over ones that came in prior, have unrealistic expectations for products (such as expecting perfect pearls or perfect diamonds for under $15)?
    Our largest challenge that accounts for 95% plus of the 213 negative feedbacks (from about 25 or so buyers) relates to shipping. I was dissatisfied with our fulfillment time and our company has worked diligently to improve this over the last 4 years to the point that we now ship most orders in 1-2 business days. That has been the only negative to our success.. we are slower in processing. I can think of much worst problems. And no, we do not apologize for this when the information re: our shipping is posted in three places and buyers are told NOT to shop with us if our policies do not suit them.

    4) “Anyone looking at the buyers feedback…”
    You are obviously not informed.
    No one except the buyer can see what I wrote on their site. They can read it on our site, which we don’t mind as that hopefully will dissuade some types of buyers from shopping with us. And yes, I break down the situation in great detail .. the full story as the buyer will often tell a very skewed perspective.
    The ONLY thing someone can see on any Etsy store is feedback they have left for others (with no name/store attached), their feedback percentage, and number of -/+/neutrals. It is up to their potential buyers to make guesses on what was in the negative feedback left for them.

    5) “This website still comes up in the top five when your shop is Googled. I hope that it stays that way”
    Does not bother us or we would pay for someone to “clean” this information on the internet. The only things that bother us is when LIES pop up about our company and then we decide if legal action is necessary.
    If this stops certain buyers from buying from us, great. Nip the potential problem in the bud.
    Anyone who TRULY reads our feedback from customers will see that we take great pains to make sure they are happy with our service and products.
    Again, our feedback ratio is Positive: 49985 to Negative: 213
    We are now the 17th largest Etsy seller worldwide, 10th largest in the United States and climbing.

    6) “I think you get your Rocks off on it actually. Being Mean”
    Quite to the contrary. I have often had to tell buyers to calm down..
    I get my thrills from seeing our business grow if you must know.

  67. fabulousrocks July 13, 2013 at 10:24 am #


    Please review most of what I just addressed with Susan with regards to you thinking I don’t care if new buyers will see what I write about bad customers.
    My comments serve to dissuade more of such types of buyers and meant to be reviewed.

    Again.. your reading what I write does not translate always to comprehension, as clearly seen by your comment, “did I just read she actually sent the cops to someones house over a transaction, because that person spoke up?”
    That person (GammaRay) didn’t “just spoke up” but LIED with INTENT to damage our business’ reputation all over the internet. She threatened us twice with this and the next day comments all across the internet, some of which she incriminated herself for when stating her name on this site. A federal judge saw enough preponderance of evidence for us to seek legal action.

    Another example of reading but not comprehending is evidenced here:
    “Fab Rocks is NOT anything like Coke or Intel”
    I never said we were. I said that companies/individuals with a name/business to protect and the resources to do it should and can seek legal action if necessary against libel.
    What I said was, “Why do companies from the likes of Intel/Coke/Microsoft to much smaller corporations SUE other companies for libel?” Companies all across the gamut in size sue for libel, and we are larger than many companies based on our revenue.

    As for your last comment, it probably will offend Etsy and the 800,000+ sellers who choose to sell there to make a living/extra income.
    With regards to your statement, “.. you’ll stick to re-selling your cheap stuff on a little place like Etsy”, here are the facts:
    – Etsy is now about 1 billion+ in sales per year in revenue. Not a “little place” which is an insult to Etsy’s founder, those who work at Etsy, and those who sell on their site. Personally I think that is very impressive given Etsy is a company that started in 2005/2006. We are a large part of that revenue being their 17th largest volume seller, much higher based on revenue.
    Serving a specific niche only allowing artisan made goods, vintage (20 year old or more goods) and supply shops has obviously hindered their market of buyers and sellers, so it will be hard for them to be on the same scale as Ebay or Amazon but only call them “little” if your net worth is more than several billion.
    – We personally have many designers who either full time or part time make a very good income to the tune of 30-90K+ a year selling jewelry on Etsy, this “little place”. We are their suppliers on Etsy. Don’t insult them as well.
    – Last I check, silver and 14k gold are precious metal commodities traded worldwide. These items are in government treasuries, people’s safety deposit boxes, carried in most investment funds on Wall Street, etc.
    Most of our finding products are made of silver or gold and hence are far from “cheap stuff”.
    Antwerp, Bangkok, Jaipur, New York are huge gem cutting capitals that employ hundreds of thousands of people and do billions of dollars a year in gems. Gems are our second largest product line and obviously not “cheap stuff” either.
    – We are expanding onto our own personal website(s), bridal jewelry line in boutiques and online, ebay, and other growth avenues. so no, we are not sticking to Etsy only.
    Do not speak like you know our company or our plans for a very bright future.

    Your lack of knowledge and ill opinions are incredibly staggering.

  68. ilove6kies July 15, 2013 at 6:15 am #

    Yeah I have dealt with “Fabulous-Not” Rocks a few years ago…to be honest I think she is nuts just look at the feedbacks she leaves for customers. I never left her any negative feedback because I know she will retaliate.

  69. neverafraid July 15, 2013 at 3:20 pm #

    Ya she’s a looney toon. I guess she thinks every time she comes here and writes another long drawn out boring novel, she will convince us she really is not what we think she is. I honestly couldn’t even read her post….I think I almost fell asleep somewhere in the middle, she starts to sound like the teacher from the Peanuts. She will never understand HER actions are a direct reflection of her business. She isn’t very well educated on business, Etsy is still widely unknown, and the way they are headed, the site will be “completely” overrun with re-sellers and cheap knockoffs, it will be just like Ebay….nothing special about that. Linda…best of luck to you, I still think you need anger management, although i’m not sure if anyone would get through to you 🙂

  70. ilove6kies July 16, 2013 at 8:36 am #

    The funny thing is if she ever owns a store, say, in a mall…I can just picture her store being the LOUDEST and EVERYTHING AND EVERY SIGN WILL BE TYPED IN CAPS. There will be special security guards for her store because “WE DON’T WANT HIS/HER SORT OF CUSTOMER” or “I WISH HE/SHE NEVER FOUND OUR SHOP” and customers being dragged away…That should be epic, haha

    Oh yeah, her “feedbacks” are just pages after pages of epic fail as a seller. Quite entertaining though, because she’s nuts.

  71. neverafraid July 16, 2013 at 2:46 pm #

    @ ilove6kies…..So true right? oh, but you know she only leaves that feedback to teach others that they will NOT stand for lying, deceptive, diva type people!! So she must teach everyone a lesson, if you shop with her and you are not happy…you better keep your mouth shut or she’ll school you in how to be a better buyer. I love how she’s bragging about a bridal shop now, ya guess what? already got 4 negs bringing them to 96% she’s bitching about people being unhappy with their plated pieces wearing off, okay let me get this straight….you advertise as Modern and Chic, “bridal and bridesmaid jewelry” and you use PLATED materials that wear off in less than a week? Yep, reach for the stars Linda!

  72. Jessica January 23, 2015 at 11:40 am #

    I have been a customer of FabulousRocks on Etsy for years now. I have never ever had a problem. I have had a ton of wonderful orders from them. It does take a little while for orders to ship because they have a very high volume of sales. If you add priority shipping, you order is processed first. There are ways to get your order shipped out quicker. Every product I have ever received from them has been amazing quality. I am also an Etsy seller, and this shop has always been very professional and friendly. When a woman has been pushed and pushed over an over again, had to deal with racism and insult about her personal life, of course she is going to get angry! I know if someone was making comments on my personal life, I would be infuriated! Can any woman here honestly say that if they were harassed for months, being insulted personally and racially, that they would be friendly about it? I think not.

    All plated items rub off eventually. They have some plated items, but they have way more sterling items. And they are all genuine sterling silver. I have had them tested. Everything they sell is exactly what they say it is. I have spent thousands of dollars in their shop and have never had a problem. A couple of times, I wanted something different, and they were very kind and professional! I love this shop and I am sorry to see that a couple of bored people have worked so hard at tarnishing their reputation.

  73. joed April 30, 2015 at 9:22 am #

    Can we please get her shitty business shut down? She is a complete child with none of her own home-made goods. She makes Etsy look cheap and common.

    A few bored people, Jessica, or people that were offended with her absolutely terrible customer service. If she is doing okay, and you were satisfied with the sale, then that would make you the bored one for putting in your unnecessary effort with a situation you’re content with. We are not content, she was not kind, the items were not homemade, and I am not bored. If you had a good experience, count your blessings and move along. You’re basically advocating that Jeffrey Dahmer was actually a great cook despite what people say; just run.

    My situation is that my girlfriend lost an earring. After perusing her shop, I sent her a picture and asked her to let me know if she has anything that can match or close. She replied very quickly that it was simply impossible. I told her that I would obviously buy 2 earrings and that I didn’t expect her to perfectly match the old earring. She replied that she did not care and it was not worth her time. I went on to tell her that every sale and customer should matter and that I might know a lot of jewelers, and she simply replied “Good for you! I don’t care about you, your girlfriend, or your business!”

    Just in case there’s any confusion in the matter, above is the example of a complete bitch. Whether or not she has time, is stressed, deals with racism, etc., she chooses to put herself in a situation dealing with customers where she clearly does not belong. You sleep in the bed you make. If you sell cheap, imported goods as your own on a home-made goods site, and respond greedy and crass to someone who asks a simple question about a personal order, then you get what you deserve.

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