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29 Apr
I know you guys already posted Elohar on your blog last summer.
Unfortunately, they are still doing business via Etsy. And they’ve been doing it since 2008! What a damn embarrassment. (All of these shops on your blog should be a huge embarrassment to Etsy…)
The seller is Elohar International Corp.
Some links:
I do not believe that this company fits etsy TOU. Etsy is supposed to be for handmade artisans, these people obviously either resell or mass produce in quantities which no individual or collective ever could. They also charge more for shipping than for the actual items in many cases. Doesn’t that count as fee avoidance?
I just reported them again today – but I highly doubt it will do any good.


28 Apr

I have flagged this store a few times and it’s still around.  She’s selling “Cookie Lee” jewelry and has written in the item description “new with tags”.

There are many listings…….


27 Apr

This is an account of a person on another forum who posted this info about the fake sterling she got from an Etsy seller.  As it turns out the seller is now putting a comment in her listings that the chains *may* be plated, but they’re still tagged .925 on the chain itself and also the listing title does not say “plated”, it says “sterling silver”.  I have also attached a photo that this person included showing the results found by the silversmith, chains with the silver removed and the base metal showing through.  Here is the person’s post in its entirety:

Etsy seller

So I met someone at a bead show wearing a chain she got from this seller on Etsy. She mentioned how the price was crazy low for sterling. I ordered a few chains from the shop, just to see for myself. I had a silversmith test the chains, and they are in fact plated. I sent the chains back to the seller, and asked her to please change her listings to plated (and sent photos of the chain, compared to what actual sterling looks like). She said she was so sorry, and that she would change the listings and the titles, which she did, until the next day! The titles now say sterling, but in the description she put a tiny blurb about how they’re probably not real sterling…

I sent Etsy all of this information, and mentioned how many people have bought from this seller, thinking they were getting sterling chains (even if the price was way too low). and they said “I’m sorry to hear this. I have made a note of your complaint on the seller’s account. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you in the meantime.”

I’ve reported several listings, but maybe it would help if some more people did. Here’s the pic, (my silversmith also did an acid test on the clasp and its plated too)

there is a thread about fake sterling on Etsy right now:

UPDATE: Due to pressure from a number of people on the forum this came up on, she has changed the names in the titles to simply say “Silver”.

Might be worth watching this though, as apparently she has done this before then changed it back when she thought the heat was off.


26 Apr

If you look at the watermark in the listing above, it kindly informs you that “toprunway” will custom made this for you. (sic)

So I looked up “toprunway” and I found

If you click on an item, the seller’s name is actually “oriental_treasure” who sells from “fast ship, China.”

Oh look! The matching listing:


25 Apr

“Sexy Hair was founded in 1998 by…”

Clueless (1995)


“In 1992, it created a short-lived chain of apparel specialty stores called Everyday Hero with two stores in Minneapolis.[17] They attempted to compete against other apparel specialty stores such as GAP by offering private label apparel such as its Merona brand”





“New York based Dollhouse has been regarded by industry leaders and consumers alike as a leading fashion brand in the juniors market since its first denim jeans hit retail in 1995.”

this is just the easy stuff. I’m tired of flagging to no avail.


23 Apr

Clearly not vintage.

Here is their website:  They call themselves “the professional leggings store.” They are using Etsy like Ebay or Amazon.

Their about section clearly states that they are not  makers: Thanks to a direct relationship with designers, manufacturers and authorized dealers, Gopinkpony is the virtual boutique of fashion & design and is positioned among world’s leaders. It is an infinite ever-changing source offering rare and innovative styles that are difficult to find in traditional shops. On-going research into new creative possibilities makes Gopinkpony an innovative online space offering exclusive collections, a carefully selected range of end-of-season clothing and accessories at accessible prices; from vintage collectibles to capsule collections by cutting-edge designers and a unique assortment of books, design and art objects. 

The core of style rests with iconic pieces from the past and present, providing inspiration for the future. Gopinkpony has become a destination and a reference point for fashion lovers all over the world. Established in Korea in 2009, Gopinkpony has logistics centers and offices in Asia, the United States and Japan and delivers to 70 countries worldwide. Thanks to years of experience and online shopping expertise, Gopinkpony offers its customers an exceptional quality of service characterized by: secure payment, total privacy warranty; rapid EMS delivery; returns and refunds where required; efficient customer service via phone and e-mail.

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23 Apr

In this post

was the callout of sockpuppet pingi44 featuring FriedasophieVintage and Friedasophie guess who’s treasury made the FP this morning and who was included??