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30 May

elysianorganics have copied prunellasoap on photo composition, items, and even descriptions –

description stealing:

photo idea stealing:


and seriously? the small plants and the toy animals? there’s *no* way that’s a coincidence.

EO mentions in their shop announcement that they’ve just opened May 23rd….because the previous incarnation of their shop was knits….including photos that were blatantly stolen from others:
see blog post here with comment from the original photographer:
and her book:


28 May

Handmade Tiffany & Co

“My shop sells genuine hand made products that are made from raw materials sourced from remote parts of Thailand from local villages and their markets and businesses. ”    Um, yeah.


26 May

regretsy callout:

fake vintage glasses etsy shop:

etsy glasses:


etsy seller feedback:

“The glasses do not appear vintage at all. Cheap and Fake. The story behind them is as fraudulent as the seller. Bad APPLE! Buyers Beware!”

“Unfortunately very disappointed. I received a pair of glasses that were of very poor quality and did not appear to be authentic vintage. (Not to mention the status of the item was never changed so I didn’t know if it had been shipped) After emailing comeuppances about my dissatisfaction, as well as shipping the glasses back, all I received was a note from the seller assuring me that the glasses were in fact vintage. I understand that a seller may choose not to issue refunds, or in comeuppance’s case only issue them if the item is misrepresented; however, if a customer is unsatisfied and feels that the item was misrepresented, I believe a refund is due… otherwise it’s just bad business.”

“Unfortunately, these were not the vintage glasses I thought they were going to be (in fact, they were Forever 21). However, the seller dealt with the issue promptly and professionally.”

“I was hoping to put prescription lenses in these glasses, but they are a much cheaper quality than I was expecting, so I won’t be wasting money doing that.”

“The glasses I got aren’t actually vintage even though I specifically asked if they were before buying them. They are cheap plasticy and probably made in china and bought in bulk and sold on etsy. the first pair i ordered never came, and i had to wait a month for a replacement to be sent. i’m probably just going to end up throwing these away cause they’re not worth spending the money to put my prescription in. be cautious.”


24 May
Hi, I absolutely love your website. I found it recently and have been there several times.
I have some information that I think you might enjoy. I also think it may possibly be linked to someone you previously wrote about “shadejewelry” because all the pegs seem to fit into place. I am not saying it is so, but it sure seems like it could be because it would explain the non deliveries and late shipping complaints on your blog entry replies. Not to mention that the name Shade pops up in both cases.
Here is a site that has a buch of etsy members products for sale as well as other items..
There they have my own hand faceted seaglass listed FOR SALE without my permission.
and here it is in my own shop
I raised the price so if they sell it, they will have to pay me more than their asking price. hahaha revenge can be so sweet sometimes.
This person has done this with other etsy sellers items as well.
Here is some info that is supposedly about this person which I was sent from another etsy member who was also hjacked by them.
I have info from several people on etsy who say that this is fraud. here is the info about this woman:
Here’s her facebook:

She has an etsy site, I’d definitely complain to them, too:

Domain is registered through GoDaddy to:
shade duffin, kymberly
seven thousand islands
112 n johnson rd
sterling, Virginia 20164
United States
(703) 232-9914

Hosting nameserver is CORECOMMERCE.COM
Support: 1.888.221.6019Kymberly Shade Duffin ..Share..

Your readers seem to be awesome researchers so I thought that if you got your hands on this info and the two are indeed linked, you would be the one who could prove it.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my ramblings.
sandchica at etsy

omeowmeow, huahua123

23 May



And looks who’s the featured seller!


21 May

This shop of ‘hand drawn custom images’ is fraud. The images on here are, in fact, iStock images. She is misleading her customers by offering this ‘one of a kind’ image.

And just incase she deletes the comments:
and her shop:
and her shop:
and her shop
and her shop

Because nothing disappears on the internet:


19 May

And she’s back! This is at least the THIRTEENTH shop run by this seller. If I notice this, how is Etsy not seeing it?!

Background for those who aren’t familiar with her yet  –

Her MO — she opens a shop, renews like hell, negatives roll in (to which she leaves hateful retaliatory negs), she empties the shop and opens a new one.

She cancels orders without letting the buyers know (see recent DesignsbyCeline feedback) and refuses service to anyone who buys what she deems to be “too many” items because she doesn’t participate in wholesale (but how can it be wholesale if the buyer isn’t getting a wholesale discount?!).

This is definitely the Laurie Park /  Lollie Park we’ve all come to know and love! Here are her “Time Travel” earrings, from when she was running the wicopy shop:

And here they are in her current DesignsbyCeline shop:

Here are her “Foxglove” earrings from back when she was beadglories:

And, lookie here! The same “Foxglove” earrings are available in the DesignsbyCeline shop!

A quick Google search show proof for almost all of the old shops:

And, of course, she’s still got her Artfire shop, too! What a busy little bee!