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Revisiting- ImagineStudio

30 Jun

A year ago we had featured ImagineStudio and her reinterpretations of work including movie posters

We decided to revisit the shop to see if she’s still at it..

Some of our findings-
Webshots wallpaper:×1024/1280_1024_nature_scene_wallpapers_08/html/wallpaper16.html

This design was posted in someone’s flickr named Simone (imaginestudio is Lyse)
called “Havisham House”:
ImagineStudio’s called “At the Museum”:

The painter William Bougureau’s “The Lost Pleiad”

This is model Christy Turlington:

Identical Crosses

25 Jun

From her announcement:

At Sandy’s Charming Beads our mission is to produce unique one of a kind jewelry pieces at reasonable prices. All my jewelry is hand made and all designs are original. I only use the finest materials, including turquoise stones, .925 sterling silver, onyx, freshwater pearls and hand crafted wood beads.

also in shop lisaloren with same words about Miami & celebrity yet left out the homemade part:

In gold too.  Sandy-

Exact title of “Small Sideways Cross Necklace 14 K Gold Filled”

and more!


23 Jun

They have over 3000 sales!! I reported them 3 times now.

here’s some site that also has the same items, but NOT handmade
Idiots!! both the reseller and etsy


23 Jun

Just saw this shop: indirectly call herself out in this forum thread: Even though she feels qualified to comment about misunderstandings of new shop owners, she either failed to read Etsy’s policies about what is vintage on the site, doesn’t understand her “steampunked” vintage pieces are no longer vintage (where she lists them) but handmade, or doesn’t care.

Since she has actual vintage items in her shop that are properly listed, I doubt Etsy will care about her category violations…but I am calling her out anyway. Was sorely tempted to post a comment in that thread that she should review Etsy’s policies for listing vintage concerning (cough cough) UNALTERED vintage items, but it’s more fun to see if any of the forum regulars notice the issues with her shop — betcha they won’t.

katwise sweater swap

22 Jun

Before we start with today’s callout we need to yet one more time point to the very top line on this blog, “Calling out blatant mistaggers, resellers, and other hot topics since admin won’t let us.” that has been there since February 2009. We are tired of the butthurt we hear when the post is not about resellers. We cover all topics alright?
Now back to a callout that isn’t about a reseller-

“I have bought several upcycled sweater coats from this seller:

She is a sweet lady, don’t get me wrong…but a horrible business owner!
First, her sweater coats sell out SOOO fast that if you have a slow internet connection, you don’t have a chance.  She has a waiting list months long…She is well aware of this issue but REFUSES to sell them on Ebay or online where others with slow internet connections could actually have a chance to buy them! She says “Well if you are meant to have one the right one will come along” uh-huh except if you have a slow internet connection…I guess…
Okay, but here is where it gets STUPID….She has upped the prices on her sweater coats over the years from 200.00  to now 300- 400.00.  She has a Facebook page “Katwise” where if you want to sell one of her sweater coats, you are supposed to use her “sweater swap” discussion topic to sell it there…She and her followers/collectors bad mouth people who try to re-sell them on Ebay because it is not “in the spirit of selling things”…whatever!  Anyhow, I went to try and re-sell one of her sweater coats on her discussion board on Facebook.  Since her items are now selling for around 300+ dollars, that is what I asked for mine.  Well, she GOT ON ME about it and put up a post that it was NOT the original price I paid for it and I needed to ask for significantly LESS if to DICTATE which price I could re-sell it at!! SERIOUSLY!!!??? Who does she think she is!!!! I think all the sweater fibers are contaminating her brain…
 Now I have a dilemma…do I sell it on Ebay and face more of her wrath and the wrath of her followers or re-sell it at the original price on Facebook even though the fair market value has clearly risen?  I feel like it would be easier to sell a stolen Warhol painting at this point!!!!”


21 Jun

Hi There, I’ve never done this before so I hope I’m doing it right. There is a shop on Etsy called Hearts & Bows Bath & Body ( This girl has copied Flourish Bath & Body almost to a “T” (

It started with packaging that just looked kinda similar. Her shop announcement/profile was pretty similar too, although that’s been changed. Then she stole the wording from Flourish’s listings for multi-packs of lip balm almost word for word. Her soap looks nearly identical to Flourish and she had soap samples listed that looked exactly like Flourish’s too. I can’t be certain of course but I’m pretty sure she’s aware of what she’s doing.

Flourish belongs to a soap forum that I’m also a member of. When a thread got started on our forum about Flourish having an “admirer” a few things started to change in Hearts & Bows shop. It was like she was reading the same forum and suddenly realized what she was doing was just wrong. But then she must’ve had a change of heart ’cause it got worse.

If you compare the shops side by side her product labels are now almost identical. She started out with just lip balm but now has Flourish’s entire line of products copied (well except for a few, which she states in her shop announcement are “coming soon”). Her photos are almost an exact copy, the only difference for the most part being that she lines her products up in the opposite direction. The font on her labels, the colors, the wording…it’s almost all nearly identical.

Flourish is one of the top B&B sellers on Etsy. She’s had a lot of exposure, seen a lot of treasuries and been on the FP quite a few times. She was also a featured seller. The owner (Brooke) has put a lot of hard work and dedication into getting to where she is. Now all of a sudden this little copycat comes along and it’s Hearts & Bows being plastered all over the FP, the treasuries, and in an Etsy Finds e-mail. She was even on Heartsy. I really think people are getting the two shops confused because the copy is nearly identical, especially now with the new labels and photos that were just posted in the last few days.

You can also see more product photos on her FB page. ( Take note of the picture posted on 28MAY11 of lip balms in progress. Flourish has an almost identical picture on her own FB page. It’s also amazing that the product Flourish most recently commented on on her FB page was her saltwater soap, and the most recent product Hearts & Bows commented on on her own FB page was her own saltwater perfume. It goes on.

I normally like to give people the benefit of the doubt but seriously, unless they were born with the same brain I just don’t see how this could not be intentional. There was also a thread started about this on the Etsy forums, but of course it got closed by Admin ( Please could you maybe put this in the blog? I really think a lot of Flourish’s hard work is about to go down the drain because this other person has copied her so well that people seem to be confusing the two. Thanks for anything you can do.


20 Jun
(How can they say “hand painted” when it looks exactly like the original cast iron item?)