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26 Aug

Here are the brand new Mary Jane shoes in this shop. She has other new shoes for sale too and also in sold items. The jewelry looks questionable, it may be reseller or attach a chain to a claw pendant “handmade”.


22 Aug

Reseller Callout :
Every single item in her shop is brought wholesale. I am providing few links below –

1) All of her Silk saree handbags eg : are purchased from this ebay seller

2)All of dont worry be hippy ….Indian Print Harem Pants eg:
Wholesale link :

3)All of dont worry be hippy tube top,dress,skirt eg :
wholesale link :

4) all mumbai nights silk scarf dress like

wholesale link:

5)all of her tanks and tunics eg :

wholesale link :

If you keep looking every Skirt , tops, dress,bags are from this wholesale shop.

This ebay wholesaler also tends to have an etsy shop
IF you see all items in the wholesaler ebay shop and etsy shop both have copyrightindigo watermark and same photos. On etsy he claims to be selling no where else on internet.

Sequin Headbands

20 Aug

So I’m not really sure where to put this stuff but It’s getting really irritating! I found just two right next to each other at first while looking for sequin headbands and upon further investigation found an unbelievable amount of the same crap!

Not to mention that if you look between the photos in each listing the different photos in one listing will have a different headband from one to the next, makes me wonder if they’re even using their own pictures!


19 Aug

Ebook reseller:

For example, compare:


We need callouts! Send them in!

lepetitminou, silversmithhk, aprimiao

14 Aug

I found something really weird. How is it that these three separate sellers are all selling the SAME “handmade” ring? I would have never known had it not shown up several times in my search:


11 Aug

This is so obviously Regretsy bait that it isn’t even funny:

But what’s more sickening is that the seller continues to rip images off of honest DeviantArt photo manipulaters and sells it as his own. The original artist commented on an image in the seller’s deviant art gallery stating something to the effect of “I do not like that you are using my work without my permission. If you are selling these pendants then you need to offer me an adequate percentage.” Nix simply deleted the image in his deviant art gallery, but continues to sell his glass eyes in his etsy shop:

She doesn’t have an etsy account so asked me to report the listing since he refuses to remove it. Of course, Etsy does noting about copyright infringement though…


8 Aug

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve flagged this one shop for placing her clearly handmade listings in the vintage category:

Results in this search:
Antique/ Book/ Page/ Print show results for nommon’s bogus vintage shop over and over again:
Clearly this stunt gets her lots more views and sales tucked into a much slower moving category than handmade..

(also most of those other listings in this same search are not remotely antique either, but I digress.)

This search shows similar results with different violating shops.

Please take a moment to let these sellers know about Etsy’s TOU on vintage goods please?

There are 2421 listings for PDFs in the vntage category.
and there are 1976 listings in vintage for downloads.

Go take a look