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31 Oct

I found a bunch of sellers on Etsy and on Ebay selling steampunk style inexpensive items, all photographed on a very very similar greenish wood background. The Ebay sellers all say their items are ‘new without tags’, so they are honest resellers. Some of the items in UmbrellaLaboratory use the same background — same source?

Here is another Etsy shop selling similar items to Umbrella — note the greenish wood backgrounds and compare the prices in the two shops.

Okay, let’s compare descriptions for steampunk items shot on the green wood background between UmbrellaLaboratory on Etsy (from Florida):

and an Ebay seller in Rhode Island:

Even though the items are not identical, some of the description text is the same!


28 Oct
Handmade clothes for $8-20.00 ??!/PeonyApparel
why are they closing and their own domain website is closed down?
“Our head office, based in Toronto, Canada, and production team in New York’s fashion district”

More than a collective? Sounds like BS to me.

Why does their Facebook page say Etsy deactivated them yet they are still open?


25 Oct
Etsy shop:
She is a reseller, and Etsy hasn’t closed her down.  So here’s more proof, and let’s hope it’s something Etsy cannot ignore.
First item from her shop, a dog bed made from a wine barrel:
But, wait, photo number one wasn’t taken by the seller.  Found it on other retail sites, one identified the source for the product as True Fabrications.  And here it is:
True Fabrications sells both wholesale and retail.
How about the hanging glass and bottle rack made from a wine barrel:
Again, not her photo.  Same photo here (and on Ebay and a bunch of other sites):
And the wine basket made from barrel staves:
check out the second photo, it is easy to fine elsewhere, like here:
My guess is that all these items are purchased wholesale from True Fabrications, and are items you cannot view online without an account.
This item shows stock photos of three different products, all now usually listed as Out Of Stock by most retailers.  They used to be all over Etsy, but it looks like Suzi is the last shop selling these:
But she doesn’t make them, here they are on Amazon:
Reseller Holiday item from Suzi:
But she doesn’t make these, and she didn’t take the photo:
How about a gardening kit for those who like to grow their own 😉
But it’s another borrowed photo of a commercial product (is that why all items take 1-2 weeks — she’s drop shipping?)
page down for the herb garden kit.
These are listed as ‘vintage’ even though the description says they are new vintage style:
And here they are from a wholesaler with the same stock photo:


23 Oct
because it isn’t vintage, as she claims, and the wholesale price here:
is half of what Pris charges!

Another ‘vintage’ Compare and Save! From Etsy reseller PriscillaJames:
Buy for less here:

Not vintage, obviously.

Jumping to yet another online merchant we find another item also sold in PriscillaJames shop:
Read the bottom of her description which implies this is a vintage collector’s item. But you can buy it here:

Pants on fire!

More ‘vintage’ fakery from PriscillaJames:
Here it is, wholesale, same photo, same text:
Look at the price difference!
But she bought it wholesale. Like this one?
Same photos, copied description text. Busted!

Reseller PriscillaJames claims she makes these neclaces to order:
Check out the stock pics in her listing from an Asian catalog site, and the fractured English title…because we ladies always feel ‘sweet and dearing’, don’t we?
And the price is so low, too — a handmade necklace for $5.00?
That’s a bargain compared to this
but you can contact the ioffer seller for a bulk price!
Same photos, but ioffer necklace has no claims to be 925 (sterling) silver.

TheVintageArt, KRHSvintage, vladamikdesigns, OneStopBeadingShop, iCouldUseADeal

22 Oct
How easy were these items to find?  I typed the number 2004 into Etsy Search for ‘All Items” and there they were!  Easy for me, but apprently beyond the expertise of the Etsy staff?
Found this shop with my 2004 search, but they have more than one violation here for selling newish items as ‘vintage’.
Another shop that is a mixture of old and new items, some listed in handmade categories.  Also found in my 2004 search.
And again, found by searching for 2004, this shop also has a bunch of listings for newish collectibles less than 20 years old. This shop has a bunch of Hallmark products listed as Supplies, all too new for viintage.  Found with my 2004 search.  Ornaments and photo frames from Hallmark are not supplies.
Shop for art not created by the seller, most (15 out of 18 listings) too new for vintage, listed as Handmade Art.
These shops were easy to find.  Granted I had to look through 14 pages of items, but mostly that was just paging past a lot of listings for crafting patterns and artists selling their own work from 2004.  Come on, Etsy, you don’t need us to find these things.


21 Oct


19 Oct

Lets see how long it takes to get this one removed. Fake Uggs, fake, Burberry, fake LV: