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30 Nov


28 Nov
I’ve been seeing some topics in the Etsy forums about how awesome a job Etsy is doing shutting down bags and purses resellers that are reported.  So I thought I’d have a look at the cleaned up handmade Bags and Purses category.  But OMG right on the forst page of results (by recency) is an obvious reseller:
I guess this one was never reported because the shop mails from the USA instead of China, and isn’t listing fake Chanel, LV and Hermes.  And the shop owner claims to handmake all her items ‘with love’ so she can’t possibly be a reseller, right?
I was in the process of finding other sellers with the same items for sale as rebeccasrags when I clicked on a ramdom listing in her shop, and got lucky:
where she lists the name of her wholesale source, Wholesale by Atlas:
I took a look around, and a lot of her inventory is here, same photos.  Wow, that was easy!


23 Nov

Please take a moment and review this shop below.

They claim that their rings are cast from antique jewelry, listed as vintage 80s items. What a joke! That’s not vintage, or close to it. If their items are antique then why do they have multiple rings in the same color & design? Luck!? Old stock maybe?! We all know that even old stock from an estate have limited quantities and will have vintage storage wear. It gets even better, they sell true vintage items, only to hide the real truth. Very clever! Another big fat lie, they claim that some of their vintage rings were casted by an English silversmith. Fact: England never hallmark their jewelry 925.

Maybe this can help my case further,

one of their Designer’s ring listed

Jean Dousset

Jean Dousset is a new Designer. Est. 2005


22 Nov

No doubt this shop will become an Etsy favorite. Already seem in the gift guide pages.

It first of all links every product to their website where you buy them there. But their products are not made by them. Their candles: “Manufactured by “Yotzrim Or” a Candle factory that occupies mentally challenged people. Part of the non-profit organization “Shekulo Tov”


18 Nov

Just a reminder before we get angry mobs for these copycat posts- this is someone’s callout, not written by us. Don’t shoot the messenger. Now then, discuss…

NestingPretty copies NestPrettyThingsShop down to the name!

It’s so obvious she’s copying the original shop (NestPrettyThingsShop). Their designs are similiar but some listing descriptions are flat-out copying the original Nest PrettyThings shop.

She also copied Dreams by the Sea with her leaf bobby pins.

I confronted NestingPretty on Facebook when she linked her leaf bobby pins telling her she was a copycat and even though she KNOWS she’s a copycat she has the ballz to say:

“I don’t really understand your comment. All of my designs are original one of a kind designed my myself. If someone else has something similar I am not aware of it. Maybe you could inform me??”

Yeah right! Loser!

**Definitely check out the comments with lots of interesting links…


18 Nov

Here’s a seller who calls her self out in her shop name: “Real Pretend Vintage”

All handmade items as she claims? Here’s some pencils with “China” stamped on them. Maybe she made the box

Christian Louboutin

17 Nov

“Handmade original” Louboutin heels! Buy now:

Loboutin site – just $6,395

Want to save $5000+? Shop on Etsy!

Or from a different, cheaper source: