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Bird Cage Watches

13 Dec
Here are the watches from the manufacturer’s store on Ali Express:
Lots of clear photos of the chains.
Here’s the line-up of resellers listing the bird cage watches on Etsy — many familiar names here from previous callouts.
Champion reseller toofashion2010:
Second photo is great because it shows the huge gap in the metal ring attaching the watch top loop and the chain — the chain can slide right through there and your watch will hit the ground…which is what you deserve if you buy this cheap carp on Etsy.
Has similar photos to those on Ali, same photo shoot but different views.  Proves Ali store could not have stolen the pics from fashionland, cupcakettes!
Here are two resellers who just happened, coincidentally, to embellish the watch with the exact same charm!  How strange, considering the thousands of charms available from jewelry supply manufacturers in China!
and shininggift:
Here’s a watch on its chain, sold as a supply!
Here is a listing for the same watch, with a title that says it is ‘antique bronze’ from handmadeworld88: