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29 Jan

There was a post in the forums :
about a woman caught stealing another sellers photos.
The woman who had her pictures stolen posted this:

“Erica Floyd from afinityjade says Edited on Jan 26, 2012
Thank you to everyone that emailed about my photo being used. From what I understand she has taken her food items down so there really isn’t an issue anymore.
The photo in question is my own stock photo., thank you Libby.”

Turns out afinityjade actually stole most her food photos from food blogs across the internet:


27 Jan

ANOTHER seller who was ”banned” and closed back under a NEW name!!

This store was closed by etsy for non-delivery and lack of quality
HERE is the new shop called ‘Crimson Moon Soap’

Here is a glimpse of her old [closed] shop on Tools4Etsy and Google.
Shop feedback
Google cache

couple of her full sized listings from her old account/shop-check out the background
Product review showing same bottles.product. Uncanny huh? lol

Scents, bottles descriptions even colors of items match to a Tee.

here is one of her current listings..check out the 2nd and 4rd photo showing the flowery paper background


25 Jan

I almost used an item from Seastyle in a treasury – until I saw this via Alibaba Then I noticed most of the items at Seastyle are not vintage or handmade at all.

ArtPrintsoncanvas, artonlinegallery

23 Jan

they just changed their name to

Obvious art reseller.

First caught attention of some forum members when he posted asking if he should buy one of his own items in order to get his first sale:

Several people questioned whether or not the work was his and his replies were, quite frankly, vague and weird.

He started several other threads, including this one, asking what was wrong with his shop:

Several people TOLD him what was wrong with his shop and the thread was closed for calling out. But almost a week later and after being reported, the shop is still up and running. He has changed his profile stating that he is not reselling and that he and his wife paint the paintings…

but a Google Reverse image search on many of these images tell another story altogether:×36-inch.html

He had up several paintings by Andrew Atroshenko, some Disney images, and several photos pulled off free wallpaper sites, but has pulled them down after people in the forums mentioned them specifically. I have screen captures of the Google Cache page from January 13th showing many of these images in his shop.

He has fooled many people in the forums — fawning over how gorgeous his artwork is and hasn’t sold anything yet…but is amassing new favoriters everyday.

It’s sickening that Etsy will take the time to close down threads in the forums where these resellers call themselves out…but won’t shut down the shops themselves.


21 Jan

The black african soap says it is *** This freshly imported black soap from Ghana is 100% natural, pure and organic.

Yet ships from US and is listed as Handmade by seller.

The african Drums

says *Imported from Africa
*Handmade by local artisans in villages of Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Madagascar, Ghana and

and also listed as handmade by seller. yet ships from US


17 Jan

Peep toe pumps with bow supposedly handmade by reseller runwayriches:

Same shoe from ZooShoo:

Glitter toe pumps, supposedly handmade by runwayriches:
Same shoes sold by Make Me Chic:


16 Jan

I know has been called out before, but the bottle openers from AllCountryPretties led me back to PV.

Victorian brass business card holder listed in Vintage

Couldn’t find a supplier, but here are 3 others from around the ‘net: