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27 Feb

Garage sale rejects at!

from forever 21 last month

Thaisaket, earringchest

25 Feb

A word to the poster of this- you simply post in the comments or email us but you don’t need to copy and paste your message over and over. Once is fine. Thanks! -ECO

I am not sure how I can be a member to post here. I thought etsy had 1300 people reporting and wanted more, after I reported this person they kicked me off. All his stuff comes off wholesale websites, its so obvious. What do I have to do to get some help or get him on the reseller list on this site?

Here is the info on the shops Thaisaket and earringchest, they blatantly sell stuff off websites. All the stuff is handmade in China, however, they employ 14-17 year olds and pay them $80 to $100 a month. They sleep and eat in the factories. It is believed that younger people are sharper and put more work out, especially women. Help out to report this person. All the information is there about the websites they buy from. Earrings from Bali and Clothing from Thailand and China is some of the worst resellers on etsy. Just read the stupid feedbacks, things like, poor quality, (sure, it was $5 or less and you paid $35-$50 plus $20 shipping) or, size was wrong (sure it was, they try to sell you the fact it fits everybody, but in fact, it dont. They don’t bother to get rid of the neutrals and negs because they sell enough, its OK for some people to get screwed. Or slow shopping,(sure it was, in some cases, they dont have the money to carry merchandise, they have to go find it when they sell it) Look at Thaisaket, the stock numbers are almost the same as on the wholesale website. You know what that means……. this site may not have the item in stock!!!!! Look at the data, does this not make you mad that you are buying $5 items for $50? How about the earrings, $1-$2 each and you pay $8-$!5. Just enjoy wasting your money! If you don’t report them, your friends and esty family will become victims of this reseller. It must be addictive to lose money, right?

Don’t forget to call out these shops, I have an update. Thaisaket on etsy just opened anyonesfashion, claiming to ship from the USA, when in fact the people claim to be making stuff in Thailand. All of his clothing is bought at this shop who has a website. This shop is across from the UOB bank in Pratunam Market, in the basement, it is a pink shop. here is the info of what you can find shipping in this market. Rising an impressive 88 storeys high, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is Thailand’s tallest building. A distinctive feature of Bangkok’s skyline, it also marks the spot for one of the city’s all-time, favourite pursuits: Shopping! A scandalous variety of goods are on offer, with something for everyone – no matter how deep or shallow your pocket may be. One of Bangkok’s most colourful and chaotic areas, and famously popular for its fashion factory outlets, street markets, bazaars and armies of local vendors, Pratunam offers bargain prices for all kinds of clothing, apparel, fashion accessories, shoes, watches, jewellery, belts, luggage and then some. Read more: Pratunam Information Guide so, feel free to report this shop. Why should this person sell $1000 a day and only resell? They have an earring shop also. Look up earringchest on etsy. All of their earrings can be found on this site. He shops here also, and here But look here, almost all his earrings can be found here! All of these shops for earrings are located on Khao San Road a tourist area where you can find wholesale clothing, jewelry, silver, cheap food and hotels. Check the sites, you will see most of his earrings he says he makes on these sites. Peace and Love, Raven I have an update also. All his clothing on Thaisaket, and they now sell $2000 a day, came from a wholesale shop in thailand called “Chicky” There are photos of his clothing in one article about this shop.


23 Feb

Came across this blatant example of reselling in the Heartsy VIP email. The fun part? The reselling information is in the 1st paragraph of the seller’s listings! Seller is here

See the first part of the listing here:
I find this disturbing on many levels: that this shop has been operating for 2 years, that he’s now getting Heartsy exposure, and that the original artist may have no idea his work is now being sold at cut rate prices.

Liz Claiborne

20 Feb

new with tags



and those are just a few. I loose more faith in etsy everyday…


15 Feb

She is selling a mix of items, from handmade, to fake vintage.
Here’s a couple of examples. Just visit her shop for 12 pages of WTF!
Oh and she also her website in her listings[ a no no] , telling people to go there to well.
I have this purse! I got it in 2002- I don’t think Kathy V has even been around long enough to actually have anything vintage yet.
Here is a mink brooch, posed with Chanel wrapping/gift box. But Chanel has never has a mink brooch, ever.

Leopard bag marked “Angel” not Vintage

NON Vintage “chunky chain” posed with more Chanel packaging.

A LJO Collection [snorts] Military bag

Beaded rope chain

What the hell is a ‘Rustic Farmhouse Doggy? I don’t see ANYTHING Rustic about that shitty made tag so she must mean the dog was raised in a farmhouse?

non handmade / vintage military hat

a NEW Liz Claiborne purse

Anyhow…that is it LOL


13 Feb

Nothing like a good old self call out. Azuraccessories posted links to items in her shop on Etsy’s Facebook page; too bad they’re all typical made in China pocket watches.

Here’s just a few examples from her shop, and links to where they can be found for wholesale. I’d post more, but we all know these kinds of shops are the exact same. This is sitting right under Etsy’s nose on their FB page (and the shop was reported too), but of course, that will probably do nothing.

Super Bowl Entrepreneurs

9 Feb

in honor of the Giants’ Super Bowl win, let’s see how some Etsy “entrepreneurs” are taking advantage. These are NOT items handmade with licensed fabric, they are bootleg reproduction logos. I’m sure the NFL would not be thrilled. If you blow up the photo, you see a (c) National Football League notation below the graphic. So does this t-shirt printer have a contract with the NFL? This is in vintage, and it is licensed. However, the packaging reads, “Visit” Twenty years old?

Just a tiny sample. I got sick of looking at them.