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30 Mar
This seller with bird branch crap is claiming it is her original design and all others are copying her and she will pursue.

From the comments on a treasury showing reseller crap:

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CuratorSmarmypants Hippo 20 hours ago
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Chancho Peludo says: 20 hours ago
omg i had no idea they could personalize handmade jewelery like that putting initials and all so i think i can get one for my mother but my sister will be jealous where could i possibly find another of the same caliber for her??????????
-Brandy- from IrinSkye says: 20 hours ago
Per Etsy’s DOs and DON’Ts:

•You may not use a Treasury list or comments to reference a specific member, shop or item in a negative way.
•You may not knowingly harass or abuse another member in Treasury comments.

“Etsy reserves the right to remove Treasury lists at any time. Abuse of Treasury may result in suspension of privileges and/or account termination.”

This treasury has been reported.
Aimee Winslow from RandomStuff1 says: 20 hours ago
Awww, but it’s such a “tweet” collection!
TheBargainBabe from TheBargainBabe says: 8 hours ago
Well Brandy, you also aren’t allowed to resell crap either. Soooo…why don’t you worry about getting all the Chinese reseller sh!t out of your store and not who makes a treasury of stuff.
YOU have been reported.
-Brandy- from IrinSkye says: 4 hours ago
Nothing in my shop is resell. Everything in my shop is handmade in some way by me in accordance with Etsy’s ToU. You can look at any shop on Etsy, and see a design that has been copied, imitated, or re-worked in some way in a another shop. That is the unfortunate nature of online selling.

But I will not tolerate being harassed or referenced in a negative way, especially when what is being done is in violation of Etsy’s Terms of Use.
-Brandy- from IrinSkye
I have had many designs that no one else had that are now in tens if not hundreds of shops. I get tired of having to point that out repeatedly, and having to spend time defending my work.

TheBargainBabe from TheBargainBabe says:
So then did alibaba steal this necklace of yours?


Chinese wholesale/resale:

My last comment on the treasury (I’m getting crabby today with this reselling garbage)

TheBargainBabe from TheBargainBabe says: Just now
Oh crap! Alibaba also has your leaf necklace!

don’t even try to pretend you have come up with EVERY design on your own. Get your butt out of your head and quit being offended that someone is calling your work reseller straight-off-the-boat-from-china stuff exactly what it is.


OH, and link to the treasury itself:


22 Mar
Found this shop
featured (ha!) on Regretsy’s Compare and Save.  JewelrybyMaitri lists this item
for $48.00.  While this Ebay seller has the same thing for $15.99:
And it is the same exact item, too, because JewelrybyMaitri and the Ebay seller from Hong Kong are using identical photos.  The Ebay seller thoughtfully keeps their transactions private, so resellers on Etsy and elsewhere can mark up their purchases as high as they dare to go.
Here’s a link to the Ebay seller’s Store:
Lots of items sold by JewelrybyMaitri can be found for sale by fashionshow.
The owner of JewelrybyMaitri claims these items are handmade to order by her.  Don’t think so.

Send In Your Callouts…

21 Mar

We are getting about 200+ spam comments a day so we will no longer be able to look through that folder to make sure a post from you guys got in there accidentally.

To make sure it gets to us safe and sound please email your callouts to us directly at etsycallout at hotmail dot com.



18 Mar

“Antique reproduction” horsehead door knocker from alibaba

And the same item called Handmade by AllCountryPretties (this is just her current listing, she has sold several already)

Just take a look at her “Cast Iron” shop category, and you’ll see all the same stuff that’s been complained about forever on Etsy



15 Mar

Here is a reseller who’s been featured on front page –

Their muffs –

And alibaba –

Their jacket –
Same jacket in different colour –


13 Mar

How does the tacky deer antler seller EarthSeaWarrior  know this 2 year old deer antler is at least 20 years old and can be called vintage? Why would this item be chosen for 7 treasuries within 24 hours? It made me notice another faux item in the dead animal department:
seller says they hand made it and its available from the cast replica company

Also,, per their website “about us” is in a new (multimillion dollar) warehouse and office space! The etsy shop is bait to get you into their dot com shop.


6 Mar
read their announcement where they say right out where their items are manufactured.
Catalog pages in the listings are from this site: