30 Mar
This seller with bird branch crap is claiming it is her original design and all others are copying her and she will pursue.

From the comments on a treasury showing reseller crap:

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CuratorSmarmypants Hippo 20 hours ago
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Chancho Peludo says: 20 hours ago
omg i had no idea they could personalize handmade jewelery like that putting initials and all so i think i can get one for my mother but my sister will be jealous where could i possibly find another of the same caliber for her??????????
-Brandy- from IrinSkye says: 20 hours ago
Per Etsy’s DOs and DON’Ts:

•You may not use a Treasury list or comments to reference a specific member, shop or item in a negative way.
•You may not knowingly harass or abuse another member in Treasury comments.

“Etsy reserves the right to remove Treasury lists at any time. Abuse of Treasury may result in suspension of privileges and/or account termination.”

This treasury has been reported.
Aimee Winslow from RandomStuff1 says: 20 hours ago
Awww, but it’s such a “tweet” collection!
TheBargainBabe from TheBargainBabe says: 8 hours ago
Well Brandy, you also aren’t allowed to resell crap either. Soooo…why don’t you worry about getting all the Chinese reseller sh!t out of your store and not who makes a treasury of stuff.
YOU have been reported.
-Brandy- from IrinSkye says: 4 hours ago
Nothing in my shop is resell. Everything in my shop is handmade in some way by me in accordance with Etsy’s ToU. You can look at any shop on Etsy, and see a design that has been copied, imitated, or re-worked in some way in a another shop. That is the unfortunate nature of online selling.

But I will not tolerate being harassed or referenced in a negative way, especially when what is being done is in violation of Etsy’s Terms of Use.
-Brandy- from IrinSkye
I have had many designs that no one else had that are now in tens if not hundreds of shops. I get tired of having to point that out repeatedly, and having to spend time defending my work.

TheBargainBabe from TheBargainBabe says:
So then did alibaba steal this necklace of yours?


Chinese wholesale/resale:

My last comment on the treasury (I’m getting crabby today with this reselling garbage)

TheBargainBabe from TheBargainBabe says: Just now
Oh crap! Alibaba also has your leaf necklace!

don’t even try to pretend you have come up with EVERY design on your own. Get your butt out of your head and quit being offended that someone is calling your work reseller straight-off-the-boat-from-china stuff exactly what it is.


OH, and link to the treasury itself:


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  1. Discord Threads March 30, 2012 at 7:33 am #

    Maybe by handmade she means she puts the made in China stuff ON the chain! That’s handmade by the E-hole’s standards…wait, do they have standards…

  2. TheBargainBabe March 30, 2012 at 12:15 pm #

    You gotta read the shop announcement. She’s pretty full of herself. Saying she designs, and MAKES EVERY ITEM in her shop. Yeah, I bet you are stamping out those little birds from sheets of metal. And she’s opening more shops and forming a “collective” under her main shop name.

    It is all so very self-righteous. The bad thing is Etsy knows she’s reselling half this crap and they won’t shut her down because she brings them $$$.

    No Discord, they don’t have standards. I’m seeing that more and more now. 😦

  3. morgansilk March 30, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    Get your butt out of your head”? hahahaha!

  4. Stiffler'sMom March 30, 2012 at 2:56 pm #

    morgan, I miss you.

  5. TheBargainBabe March 30, 2012 at 2:56 pm #

    ^lol good catch, my bad. 🙂

  6. morgansilk March 31, 2012 at 5:19 am #

    I don’t get around much anymore. Right now I am in bed with a foot the size of my head and some good meds— but I have two pieces I am dying to finish. What a spaz! I can’t walk or stand so it’s the internet and Turner CLassic Movies for me today. and so much I would rather do– ain’t it the way?
    One thing I will not be doing is looking at the front page– I never, ever do. Not good for one’s peace of mind. Duplicates of this crap is all over the place!!

  7. Jane March 31, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    Rio Grande used to sell the sterling elements for the bird and branch stuff. I haven’t looked in any of the recent catalogs to see if they still carry it but a couple years ago they did. Lots of etsy jewelry folks buy their charms and various elements from Rio Grande or similar companies. That is why sometimes it’s hard to tell hand assembled items apart from full on reseller because many times they are all using the same parts. To claim you came up with it is ridiculous unless you had some sort of proof that your original design was stolen by a supply manufacturer. Otherwise you are just using the same supplies that everyone else can buy.

  8. PussDaddyBlogs (@PussDaddyBlogs) March 31, 2012 at 5:41 pm #

    Isn’t alibaba the site that is always claiming etsy seller stuff as it’s own? Over and over handmade sellers have had to ask alibaba to take their items down. I’m not sure they are a site to use as a good example, IMHO.

  9. Brandy March 31, 2012 at 6:49 pm #

    This is Brandy from Irin Skye. Everything in my shop is handmade, and any supplies I buy do not come from China. Never once have I claimed I made the bird charms, or any of the pendants, charms, etc. I use in my pieces. She has taken what I stated completely out of context. My point was that once you put an item on the internet, it will be and eventually is copied. I am one of, if not the first, to combine the bird charm and branch pendant in a lariat style necklace. There are hundreds of shops selling it, as well as copies on Alibaba. As the above posts states, Alibaba is notorious for taking designs, photos, even word for word descriptions off of Etsy and other handmade venues. I have had to contact them twice where my photos were being used without my permission, and I did get those successfully removed. I have never stated that I would pursue copyright violation on the necklace, and at this point I doubt anyone can claim the copyright for it since it is on Alibaba with copies being manufactured in China. Yes, I put copyright notices in my listings and policies in hopes that it will discourage the shops who will imitate every single piece of work from another shop. I have had other sellers using not only my photographs, but the exact wording from my listings also. These too fall under copyright protection and intellectual property laws. This is the only way I have found to at least try to combat intellectual property theft.

    The op did leave out other comments she left on the treasury. I have screenshots of those. I basically stated everything I have above, just not in such length. Also in those treasury comments I asked her to quit harassing me. She went on to make her own treasury featuring some of my items. And she has now continued it outside of Etsy even after I requested she stop.

    My reason for even posting a comment in that treasury is that too many people are pointing fingers and crying “Reseller! I saw that item on Alibaba!” Yes, lots of resellers on Etsy, but not all. I’m also tired of the “charm on a chain” argument, when I do a lot of wire-wrapping and custom work. Of course, that will always be overlooked when someone wants to point fingers.

    Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this.

  10. resellonetsy April 1, 2012 at 8:38 am #

    From what I can see, most of Etsy is like this. People seem to think if they buy a ball chain for .25, and a plated pot metal pendant for .50, that gives them a right to call themselves artists an ask $49 for some piece of junk. When dodos like this say they made it, are they aware what it takes to make carp like this. Like plating the products? Its a joke. Also, many of these items are sand cast. It takes a huge financial investment and cheap labor to make these things. I am not sure it worth really giving a damn what people sell on Etsy. Of Ebay for that matter anyway. These places actually take the fun out of buying. Remember the days of no etsy or Ebay, spending the day at the Pomona computer fair, or the big swap meet in Pasadena. People have become lazy shoppers and lazy retailers. I fully understand that people on etsy do pay money for parts to make things, and these are limited. Like the ring shanks being sold for steampunk jewelry. They buy a ring shank for $1 and slap a $2 watch movement on it. The biggest business on etsy is in fact supplies. That means its to etsy advantage to keep people around to keep buying supplies. That means keeping around resellers of China junk, even if it means just selling them a chain. The real guilty people on Etsy are the ones that order or shop in countries in Asia. There are tons of clothing that comes directly from cheap shops in Asia. You have to realize, a shop could just be part of a garage converted into a sewing room. That and a few photos will get you making good money on Etsy. As far as Alibaba goes, I am not even sure its a good site to buy items to resell. Your best bet is to actually go to China, or go to Thailand, or go to Nepal. For people that want to be safe reselling, I would always suggest you mix your parts from different items. I see some resellers on Etsy really are selling handmade items. Probably is, a pair of hand carved bone earrings for $6 could not be made in the USA and sold for $6. Etsy knows this, but they have a file of balony somebody sent them when they asked them questions to see if they are really making the stuff. You have to figure, a lot of buyers on Etsy have no idea what can be hand made, in how much time and sold for what? So, how do you expect workers at Etsy to know much more? Anybody knowledgable, would kick off half of etsy in one day. My advise to resellers, is get the money while you can. Scams come and go, and you will always be replaced by the next generation of scammers. Ya, some people are grandmothered in, like Tribalstyle who sells earrings. You cannot get rid of them. Ya, they get reported, but then they make asked for changes and keep selling what we all know as stuff make in Bali. I think etsy said you have to make stuff where you like? You actually have to get rid of some of the bigger offenders before the smaller ones. Just imagine, if everybody in the world tuned etsy out for one month? You have to find a way to do something they can hear. They can’t hear you unless you cost them to lose money! They can hear that. Otherwise, expect resellers to come in droves, especially from poor countries. Chinese clothing on Alibaba is in fact more expensive wholesale, than it is retail on Etsy and Ebay.
    China realizes that most potential buyers also don’t know the value and price of what they are buying. You can only know this by traveling and research.

  11. TheBargainBabe April 1, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    Brandy, if any of your components are NOT made in china, like you say, I’d love to know which ones. I’m a big supporter of things made in the USA.

    When I copied and pasted the info for here I don’t think the other comments on the treasury had been posted yet. You are free to post them here in the comments section on the blog, I’ve found EtsyCallOut to always allow things like that and present both sides.

    None of your items are in any of my current treasuries. You can go back and check.

  12. nightcowl April 1, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    So, if your items are all handmade by you, then why don’t you change them up a little bit so they don’t look like every other one? Surely if you have the imagination to come up with these, you can come up with something so they don’t look just like carbon copies of everyone elses.

    If you are spending an inordinate amount of time defending your work, then it would seem to me that the easiest solution is to prove it by making something no one else is making. The whole key to being a creative artisan is that the original is always a step ahead of everyone else, but looking at your stuff and all the others, it’s the same old same old. You can’t tell who the originator is.

  13. Brandy April 1, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    @TheBargainBabe – I have researched the companies I do buy from. One of my current suppliers is in S. Korea. I contacted them to make sure there components were manufactured in Korea, and what the metal content was. They stated no, some we import. I then contacted them with a list of components I was interested in purchasing, and the items in my shop that I purchase from them are made in their own factories in Korea from brass. This is important to me because I am aware of what pot metal is, and I agree, a lot of junk comes out of China. I have purchased supplies in the past (from American-based companies even) that were pot metal and in my opinion are completely unusable as the platings quickly wear off. But, most of my suppliers are indeed located in the USA. The company that makes most of my antiqued and raw brass components is Trinity Brass Co. All of my resin components are poured here in the USA. The vintage components I use are purchased from American suppliers who have purchased old stock from here in the U.S., Japan, and Europe. The chain and findings are purchased from an American company; I apologize, but this one I can not guarantee the manufacturer’s location, as I now see they do not disclose a location. I do know that the metal content is guaranteed though.

    @nightcowl – That is the problem I have mentioned before with copying. When I have made something no one else has, within 2 weeks there is a copy. I think this is a flaw in Etsy’s favorites system, where individuals can hide their favorites. Nearly every item in my shop has a “secret admirer” listed as having favorited it. I do try very hard to make original items, but I am also aware that when I am purchasing manufactured components, every one has access to them and the originality is lost. Here is an example: I just listed this necklace a couple of weeks ago; no one has this exact design. I’m sure there will be copies coming soon. This is the whole reason I am going to be opening a second shop. I have been diligently collecting supplies that are hard to find, and learning soldering, resin pouring, and a bit of metalsmithing to create items that do not have mass-produced supplies. A few of my items from the current shop will be carried over, but these will all be soldered by me and not made using an epoxy as they are now. Also, if I was one of the first to make and sell something, why should I have to quit making it since it has been copied? There have been some items which I have been tempted to discontinue, but then I feel like I am giving in to all those who choose to imitate and will be letting them profit from other’s creativity.

    I understand everyone’s concerns with reselling. But I also don’t think it is fair for those who are not to be accused of it on a regular basis. Maybe I’ve developed a bit of a complex over it, but this is my livelihood and I really do enjoy making jewelry. This is why I am continously trying to improve, learn new techniques, and hopefully at some point have to rely very little on manufactured charms and pendants. And I agree, there is too much of the same thing on Etsy. I do feel that some of it has to do with Etsy’s policies and lack of enforcement. I assure you, if I could find a different handmade venue that would properly enforce it’s own policies and effectively fight reselling and copyright infringement, I gladly would. But at this point in time there isn’t another handmade venue out there that has the traffic of Etsy.

    Well, thank you to everyone for letting this be somewhat constructive and not so one-sided.

  14. TheBargainBabe April 1, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    Thanks for telling more about where your items come from. I appreciate that you reasearched the components and refused to buy from China. I commend you for that!

    I see how having private favorites could be bad for shops, I see why etsy wants people to have private favorites, but yet what about the people just copying everyone?
    Kind of like the whole shipping stuff….you aren’t allowed to list a shipping upgrade as an item…but etsy refuses to make priority shipping an option so it leaves many people knowingly breaking rules to put that as an option for their customers. (I don’t think you do this, but I’ve seen it other places. Or fabric choices or color choices, etc)

    Alibaba has indeed stolen from etsians before, so has urban outfitters. However, there seems to be more etsians using complete necklaces/items from alibaba and re-selling for a huge profit than there are alibaba people stealing from etsians. So I tend to be a little jumpy with alibaba since the majority of things you see on etsy are from alibaba, not the other way around. But yeah, I know it happens with them stealing…alibaba seems to have no scruples.

    If etsy people are indeed stealing your things frequently:
    1. Report them on here! Submit a callout!
    2. I can understand why you are jumpy and sensitive about having to defend yourself. From my side of things I’m jumpy about alibaba because of what it *usually* means.

    You put two jumpy people next to each other and a treasury blows up. lol


  15. resellonetsy April 1, 2012 at 7:42 pm #

    If you are spending an inordinate amount of time defending your work, then it would seem to me that the easiest solution is to prove it by making something no one else is making. The whole key to being a creative artisan is that the original is always a step ahead of everyone else, but looking at your stuff and all the others, it’s the same old same old. You can’t tell who the originator is.

    Nightcowl, I gotta say, I love you!!!!!! Right on! Like the guy that came here trying to defend his company by saying he was somebody else, he said, anybody can here and say anything to hurt innocent people. He was one of those anybodies trying to exclude himself from being an anybody. People on etsy cannot stand to see somebody making money of some then, and if its out there in the market, they will find it. What the Chinese do is find something that looks like the good thing and try to say they got the better one.
    That was a right on comment.

    OK, Brandy, pot metal is not the “only” junk metal. You got alpaca silver, German silver, all kind of composition metals. Some of it has merit, so not. The term artist or craftsman is used lightly on Etsy. Being original will take a lot of work and thinking. Just admit you are in business, not an artist. Picasso was an artist, and back then, there were 100 other guys doing the same kind of work. Picasso worked hard and made an impression and had good politics.

    Having a supplier in the USA is meaningless. None of it is made in the USA. Most suppliers order from China in huge amounts. By the time you get it, you are already paying too much. But in reality, you could not afford to buy any large amounts to get a discounts. You are just one of the many that is helping to make China rich.

    What you say is true, people may and will copy you. Thats because, what you make is too easy to copy. But once you are traced to Alibaba, you basically got caught with your pants down. Nothing you can say after that can defend your position. Some people think they are smart mixing in commercial items with the items they make. You seem to think there are degrees of being a reseller. You are either a reseller or you are not. 10% makes you a reseller. I have heard the argument saying that other people are doing it, so I can too.
    The main problem is not you the reseller. Its Etsy inability to police their site and the fact they want to make money. Artists get into juried shows, well many of them. You could not take the stuff you make and get into a juried show for real artists.

    I can buy this right out of China, how many do you want. This is saying sterling silver, so, how much does it weigh? Sterling silver in the wholesale market is about $2 a gram. Nobody would bother putting this together for $21. Where is it stamped 925. You listing is full of holes, and probably, the main pendants are not silver. Thats how I would look it is, a perspective buyer. After I saw that, I would put your site in the toilet!

    OH…OH…. hold on, I about about to gag…..

    she is collecting hard to find supplies. If you found them, how hard do you think they are to find. You know what it takes to find hard to find supplies? I will tell you. Fly to Katmandu, spend every day for a week look through shops that speak no English and are not on the internet, and carefully select items that might work in original pieces. There is nothing hard to find sitting at a computer at home.

    You have no creativity to imitate, believe me. Any 14 year old in a Shenzhen sweat show can assemble 100 of those a day or more, and they do it. People do on occasion find something on Etsy to copy and market, but for the most part, very little. What happened here is other people on etsy just found your supplier, thats all. They probably are all reselling too………….. ?

    I think you had an interest in jewelry, maybe, but then you decided it was cheaper to just buy stuff that looks handmade and post it. There is nothing original about that particular necklace you said got copied. There are huge showrooms in China with piles of that stuff. Even Korea buys from China

    Etsy reminds me of an old joke. There is a bunch of guys standing in a pile of doodoo.
    In fact, its up to their shoulders. They are screaming at me, come on in and join us. Its not so bad they said. Then, all of a sudden the boss comes out, Lunch break is over he cries……. “Back on your knees”.

    Best thing to do with etsy is bend of and spread em. After a bit of pressure it all starts to feel good and you can rationalize anything. Your whole story about yourself reeks of rationalizations. If this is how you run your life, you are in fact a rationalization of yourself! Lying to others is not a big crime. Buy lying to yourself will do more damage than you can imagine. Consider yourself now,,,,,,, spanked.

    Nightcowl gave you a complete thrashing in just a few words……

  16. resellonetsy April 1, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

    What is this? Well… DUH…….. a pile of barf!
    In fact, this has to be one of the dumbest displays of barf I have ever seen.

    I regretsy this……….barf barf barf…………..

  17. Brandy April 1, 2012 at 9:40 pm #

    TheBargainBabe- Thank you, I do want you to know I appreciate your point. I have been back and forth with Etsy support over a lot of issues, but nothing ever gets done. The shipping profiles being one of them. Of course I can’t discuss any of that in too much detail here, as I don’t want to be in violation of any of Etsy’s confidentiality terms. Alibaba bothers me too…a lot. In the past, one of my rings was reported as a resale item from Alibaba. When I looked in to it, it was easy to see why it was reported. The seller on Alibaba had taken my photographs and copied the description and title word for word. I successfully proved that the item was handmade by me and had the item removed from Alibaba. So yes, I too am jumpy about it. I agree to a truce!

    The rest is directed at resellonetsy-

    “OK, Brandy, pot metal is not the “only” junk metal. You got alpaca silver, German silver, all kind of composition metals. Some of it has merit, so not. The term artist or craftsman is used lightly on Etsy. Being original will take a lot of work and thinking. Just admit you are in business, not an artist.”

    Oh sure, let’s bring up other metals. Actually alpaca and german silver are the same thing, generally termed as “nickel silver” which is an alloy. And sure, depending upon the application it can be useful. But when buying supplies, I do not purchase nickel silver due to the high content of nickel which is responsible for most cases of metal reaction/sensitivity in a wearer. So, you want everyone on Etsy to admit they are in a business, not an artist. Well, I’ve never claimed to be an artist. A craftsman, yes. Have never stated I was an artist.

    “Having a supplier in the USA is meaningless. None of it is made in the USA.”

    I will argue that 100%. The FTC regulates products and companies that advertise as made in the USA. I also trust that the smaller companies I purchase from comply to this, as I have no evidence that they do not.

    “But once you are traced to Alibaba, you basically got caught with your pants down. Nothing you can say after that can defend your position. Some people think they are smart mixing in commercial items with the items they make. You seem to think there are degrees of being a reseller.”

    Your argument here is actually baseless. I have never purchased anything from Alibaba. And as I have stated, sellers there have even taken my photos and descriptions to sell items they are now manufacturing. Does a silversmith make the metal he uses when he casts a ring? No, he buys it from a supplier. Does he handcut any gemstones he places in said ring? Not likely, he purchases them from a gemcutter or supplier. Oh, and since as you stated none of it is made in the USA, he must be a Chinese reseller also.

    “This is saying sterling silver, so, how much does it weigh?”

    No where does this say it is sterling silver. Silver, in this usage, a color. Down in the materials used, brass pendant. No where is the word sterling used.

    “she is collecting hard to find supplies. If you found them, how hard do you think they are to find. You know what it takes to find hard to find supplies?” “There is nothing hard to find sitting at a computer at home.”

    Well, trade shows generally aren’t found on the internet. I think someone also decided to disregard everything else I stated.

    “I think you had an interest in jewelry, maybe, but then you decided it was cheaper to just buy stuff that looks handmade and post it.”

    Yeah, it would be a lot easier, maybe even cheaper to buy it already made. But I don’t.

    I’ve come to realize that people have different reasons for making posts on sites like this and Regretsy. Some are generally against bolstering the Chinese economy while the American consumer is duped into buying junk. Others because they flat-out don’t agree with companies like Etsy who refuse to enforce their own policies. Others for more selfish reasons, such as they weren’t able to be successful on Etsy, or they have a grievance against a particular individual or shop. But by Etsy’s definition, my definition, and most of the world’s definition, I am not a reseller. I do have the right to protect my photographs, listings, and designs. I also know that when using commercially-made components, there is a thin line as to what will be protected by copyright laws. I also go back to, no matter what materials are used, eventually everything becomes “un-original” or “non-creative” because someone somewhere will figure out a way to duplicate it. I’ve made my points, and won’t be replying to any further comments. I think trying to argue this any further will accomplish nothing.

  18. hannah April 2, 2012 at 4:10 am #

    This one looks a lot like yours Brandy is it copying your shop?

  19. bertha shapiro April 2, 2012 at 8:16 am #

    Ya, they are copying the fact you omitted the weight of the silver, and if there is a stamp or not. Same as you, Kind of a con artist?

  20. TheBargainBabe April 2, 2012 at 5:51 pm #

    okay, someone explain this to me.

    This shop sells a cute little umbrella necklace:

    This other shop sells a cute little umbrella necklace:

    Two different shops, same exact photo. I get that they could be legal if they were buying the umbrella as a part and adding it to a chain (which other sellers appear to be doing)..but this is the SAME necklace, same wire wrapping detail, etc. Same photos.

    Are the two shops the same person? Or just two different people reselling a premade necklace and using the stock photo of it?

    As a buyer, I want a pic of WHAT *I* AM BUYING, not what was sold 100 pieces ago and renew sold all the time.

  21. dragonmum April 2, 2012 at 6:57 pm #

    I love that I found you all here. Sorry Brandy – if everyone is copying your stuff, guess you ought to do other newer, harder-to-copy stuff. Like, something original. If you really think you aren’t a reseller, you’re delusional. And that’s a shame, because you actually seem to be articulate and have some smarts.

  22. resellonetsy April 3, 2012 at 2:23 am #

    Very good point. It takes the same amount of energy or less to go the straight way. There are 1000s upon 1000s of books on how to make things. There is a project for every level.
    This means there are so many possibilities. By selling stuff as a re-seller, you are actually putting yourself into a box, not easy to get out of. Being on Etsy and making money does not mean you need a MFA to succeed. You just have to be really involved in making things you are passionate about. Once you start think about how you could make things that people would want to buy, you will find that one thing leads to another, and soon you are doing something different than you could have imagined. And thank Dragonmum for the burst of positive energy. It was like a hug, and you need one right now.

  23. TheBargainBabe April 3, 2012 at 3:46 am #

    hi dragonmum!

    resellonetsy–what is MFA?

  24. no originality April 3, 2012 at 6:29 pm #

    There can be very little if any originality in putting together pre-fab components that are available to the entire world. Seriously, there are only so many variations of a finite number of bits. Best to come up with your own design of at least one focus piece; at least no one else will have THAT bit.

    What’s that saying about a thousand monkeys and typewriters?

  25. PussDaddyBlogs (@PussDaddyBlogs) April 3, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    I bought some earrings not too long ago that used the bird parts but they were black instead of silver and I am confident they were handmade. I’m not saying the birds were handmade but the earrings were handmade using the birds. I’m also not saying the person of interest here is handmade or not, only that you can’t always look and say something isn’t handmade just because it has commercially made components on it. I have bought items myself and then later have seen beads or whatever that it was made out of in a store and bought some myself just because I liked them so much. The shit has to come from somewhere unless you are talented enough to make your own beads and other stuff is what I am trying to say.

  26. resellonetsy April 4, 2012 at 5:11 am #

    Correct, there is nothing wrong with buying some beads and a carved focal bead, stringing it together and saying you made it. We would never want to discourage the inspired hobbyist. We do want to discourage people buying handmade stuff on etsy and saying they made it. The one person that says Alibaba copied them, I want to say this, “only in your dreams”. Now and then, there have been cases of stores copying etsy artist, but I think it is not usually as blatant as Urban Outfitters. You can find stuff on etsy that could be make better an more interesting. If you notice on etsy, there are real very professional artists that sell very high, have very few sales, and don’t care, because they value their own work. When you see 30-70% sales on etsy clothing sites, it is only because they are buying stuff for $5 and marking up up to $50. Today I saw one lady in Singapore mark up an item that cost $4 to $80 plus $15 shipping. (What gall and disrespect for people even going to a site like etsy to buy) She has many bad feedbacks about poor quality, but people keep buying and trying to copy her? Why? I saw one site on Esty with 14 negs and one positive. Thats like 7% feedback. Why are they still there.
    Thats a case for regretsy? Some resellers are at least smart enough to at least look like they made something. They reason so many keep coming to etsy, is money. Its not a juried fair where they chose you. The sad part is that over time, this will erode what etsy originally wanted to be.The basic rule of selling is find a need and fill it. The resellers are only filling their own need, not the customers. There is an easy way to kill resellers……..don’t buy. How long can they last selling nothing? But is you can beat them, then just join them I guess. Be part of the new wave of low integrity in the world. Remember, lying just leads to deeper levels of lying, which later will backfire on you when you get caught in a lie that meant something to you and you end up losing something that can’t be repaired.

  27. Kori Houghton April 4, 2012 at 12:54 pm #

    TheBargainBabe, MFA = Master of Fine Arts degree, I think.

  28. Looseycaboosy May 29, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

    This site was created by a copy cat herself. Note that she is not the first person to make Any of this crap.

    StifflersMother copies mainstream trends. Such as the famous Ed Hardy Work!

  29. laugh or you'll cry June 11, 2012 at 12:05 pm #

    LooseyMariana, you’re wrong again!

  30. A l March 9, 2013 at 3:16 am #

    I grew up in Malibu and just looked up her address on satellite maps. I live in NY now but go back often and I knew that she doesn’t have a gallery in town like she claims. Now that I see the location on the map I can tell you it’s bullshit. The address is a Chabad school, which used to be a lovely little french bakery. The only other buildings around are a residence way behind it and a kosher “fish shack” that rents kayaks on the upper level. I am going home in a week and can check it out myself. These people really piss me off and Etsy is a joke. The only problem is I doubt that Etsy would do anything about it if they had solid proof.

  31. A l March 9, 2013 at 3:59 am #

    Spoke too soon and realize they disappeared! I also was just so fascinated by them that I looked up her husband’s “business address” and it’s a “virtual office” you can rent for $95. Now his spelling quirks are making a little more sense in his legal rant. So, now I cracked the case that didn’t need cracking. One thing that made their business model work was the fact that buyers felt secure doing business with a stranger over the internet thinking Etsy was there to smooths things out should they go awry. They have lawyers, right? They didn’t need to cower at the threat of legal action in the form of the paranoid rantings of a con artist caught in a lie. They must have sold a lot of that overpriced furniture to become a top seller. Etsy should at least wrangle a deal so their customers get the Overstock discount. Just because you delete your website doesn’t mean you should be off the hook for fraud.

  32. Laney April 6, 2015 at 2:38 pm #

    This is an old thread but this girl just sent me a item that broke immediately. I wrote a negative review bc I was disappointed (you can read it and I am in no way abusive) and she reacted horribly. She basically said if I didn’t leave a negative review that she would have given me a refund. Last time I checked that’s my perogative. Especially if she’s selling low quality products. Bottom line: don’t order from this seller! I have emailed her several times to get a refund and she has ignored me.

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