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Reseller or not?

28 Apr

All of them, reseller , You can buy anythings like in those shops in market everywhere in Thailand and surely they are not unique!!!!
please ask them how they made?

I saw more shops in etsy. They are reseller. I think this not fair and fake for handmade.
Yes, those are handmade but made from someone or some shop. BUY AND SELL. It is very easy.

Just to give example today. If I search more will see more! It was very sad with this who love real handmade include me.

Reseller or not?

1) ThaiGraceDesigns

Those are just part from

please look from Google,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=bgabT7mjHcjmrAftpoWgDg






27 Apr
Couture Curtain Desgin
is a seller of handmade and hand-altered items on Etsy.
Problem is she lists her “significantly altered” items in the Vintage category.  As a reward for ignoring the Dos and Don’ts, she was included in the Sunday blog feature Get The Look Decor on Nov. 13 with this item:
which used to be a brass lamp.  Now a painted metal lamp.  And it sold, thanks to Etsy promoting abuse of the vintage category!
She has only a small number of listings in her shop.  But there are more misuses of Vintage included in that small number.
Like this item:
which uses a supposed vintage frame, repainted, to make a hanging chalkboard.  This is not a ‘vintage frame’ as the misleading title states, but a new handmade item.
Another one currently for sale:
Another painted over brass lamp currently for sale:
More examples to see under her sold items.


23 Apr

A most enjoyable read.

An article in the Consumerist:

Crafty Moira’s Blog post:

Entire Featured Seller interview with all original comments:

WebProNews article:

PussDaddy’s Blog:

Daily Dot .com:

There’s so much more too! Please help keep Etsy from sweeping this under the rug by tweeting #scumbagetsy


21 Apr

I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but this store is reselling and not hiding it. They even state on some listings that the items are from Korea

Revisiting- botanicalcreations

20 Apr

This blog got a mention in Wall Street Journal.


A post from April last year…looks like she changed everything back to sterling silver.

This is an account of a person on another forum who posted this info about the fake sterling she got from an Etsy seller.  As it turns out the seller is now putting a comment in her listings that the chains *may* be plated, but they’re still tagged .925 on the chain itself and also the listing title does not say “plated”, it says “sterling silver”.  I have also attached a photo that this person included showing the results found by the silversmith, chains with the silver removed and the base metal showing through.  Here is the person’s post in its entirety:

Etsy seller

So I met someone at a bead show wearing a chain she got from this seller on Etsy. She mentioned how the price was crazy low for sterling. I ordered a few chains from the shop, just to see for myself. I had a silversmith test the chains, and they are in fact plated. I sent the chains back to the seller, and asked her to please change her listings to plated (and sent photos of the chain, compared to what actual sterling looks like). She said she was so sorry, and that she would change the listings and the titles, which she did, until the next day! The titles now say sterling, but in the description she put a tiny blurb about how they’re probably not real sterling…

I sent Etsy all of this information, and mentioned how many people have bought from this seller, thinking they were getting sterling chains (even if the price was way too low). and they said “I’m sorry to hear this. I have made a note of your complaint on the seller’s account. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you in the meantime.”

I’ve reported several listings, but maybe it would help if some more people did. Here’s the pic, (my silversmith also did an acid test on the clasp and its plated too)

there is a thread about fake sterling on Etsy right now:

UPDATE: Due to pressure from a number of people on the forum this came up on, she has changed the names in the titles to simply say “Silver”.

Might be worth watching this though, as apparently she has done this before then changed it back when she thought the heat was off.

thaisaket, pinksandcloset

16 Apr

Posting companies here will NOT always get them removed. Here is a seller with a bunch of different names making $3-$5K a day selling stuff from China and Bali. They came here to whine, but nothing ever happened and it is business as usual. They changed the name of their shops to try to shake off unhappy people.

This vendor came to this site, laughed and just went back to raping the public over
the cheap goods that he sells. The earrings in this shop are some of the cheapest made
in Bali.

Do you really want to get rid of resellers on Etsy?
Do some work. When you see people reported here, keep reporting them till they are gone. None of these sellers are cutting them in half and installing posts. They do that right in Bali for free.
Read the profiles on these sites. They reek of BS.
People try to hide, so they give conflicting details about what they do and who they are. Its a game. When this person came here they tried to divert the attention away from themselves and wanted to know why people don’t say why they were kicked off etsy. That is all they had to say for themselves. Nada………

Let me say the following to that.
If I was an artist, I would probably not want to be on etsy. I would keep doing local shows as I have been doing in the Northwest.

If I was a reseller, Etsy looks like a good place to dump a lot of garbage like people do on Ebay. They don’t sell you the good stuff, they sell you what they cannot sell on Ebay. Same on Etsy, but they sell it for more money.

Am I on esty now? I am a consultant. I consult people that might want to sell on the net and that includes etsy. I would have told my clients, be an artist if you like it and can afford it. Don’t have pre-conceived ideas about companies that want to make money off of you. The worm can turn, or you can get lucky. If you want to make a lot of money, you better know how to promote, you better have a team of helpers, and you had better be able to tell some good stories. An no matter what you can do, there is somebody right behind you, younger, smarter, and more deadlier. Also, don’t write off very old people either. I have talked to some people 70-89 also on etsy doing OK and happy about it.
If you get kicked off of Etsy, just get a new computer, atm card, phone number, address, and name like all the others are doing. Take it as a grain of sand. If you had a bunch of stuff you bought just to sell on Etsy and you think you are stuck with it because you cannot sell it anywhere else, then you are an idiot and never should have been on etsy in the first place. You had a bad business plan. If you are a reseller and you get called out, don’t defend yourself like an idiot. Everybody knows. Just take it in stride as part of being in the shady part of the net business. The pros know, oops, my site went down, i have to shuffle my stuff around and start over. That is what the vendor in the top does. We watched several people play around on Etsy and all of that will be in my forthcoming book about cutthroat business on the Net.


12 Apr

This truly is disgusting. You paid less than a dollar from alibaba and sell it for over 20 dollars here. What a profit!!!

and this is from this shop: