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28 May

Wedding Invitations from VistaPrint being resold on Etsy as Handmade:|358966|137|0&uei=307402&icparts=yes&ag=true&combo_id=332533&ssc=1&ag_category_id=1631&filter=9%3a10013||1%2c24%3a10073||1%2c24%3a10074||1%2c24%3a10075||1%2c24%3a10076||1%2c24%3a10351||1%2c24%3a10352||1%2c3%3a10077||1%2c4294936929%3a4294936327%3a4294936322||2&xnav=previews&xnid=button&rd=2&ref=1&


21 May

She claims to makes almost all of the items (watch the tags, they are all incorrect) – the other she says she repaints, which she doesn’t×6-picture-frames-set-of-2

bomobob…at it again.

17 May

Saw this NEW! copycat photo by Bobo today :

Seems he really liked the one by this top artist that is two years old:

As a photographer who tries to straddle the fence between staying original and staying relevant I know how hard it is not to be overly influenced by the art around me. But this sort of carbon copying is weak to say the least. Think of something on your own bobo.
We’ve actually posted someone’s callout on Bomobob’s extreme inspiration before-

Edited to Add:

Hi. Irene of Eye Poetry Photography here: the photographer who was copied by bomobob. I’ve been aware of his practices for years. This isn’t the first time he’s been “extremely inspired” by my work.

My photograph Snowblind:

His version:

My owl photograph:

His versions:

There have been other instances as well.


16 May
Etsy seller Jennifer of FaeryCouture
went wild in the Forums about a notification received from Etsy about items newer than 20 years old listed as vintage in her shop.
She started 3 threads to whine about her cruel handling by the Marketplace Integrity minions:
using the tragic loss of a pet as a variation of ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuse for not following the rules.
Other than providing a train wreck to gawk at, I found the history of repeated vntage violations in her shop interesting.  It shows how Etsy wastes sellers fees with gentle and very s-l-o-w handling of obvious rule breaking.  Seriously, does Etsy need to send repeated messages to a shop selling as vintage unaltered items with date information in the listings?  FaeryCouture has been listing new items with dates in the listings as vintage for a while!
this one was listed as handmade toys, dated 2008
Currently listed new stuff with dates:
These items are only the dated collectibles.  There are plenty of listings for shoes and other wearables that look newish to me as well, and many items are described as ‘Victorian’ which clearly aren’t.  I am guessing maybe half of her current listngs are actually vintage?
12 May

Ring a ding ding, isn’t it funny how all of these shops seem to have the exact same rings and bangles and for such a great price? Regardless of how much work it would be if they actually were making them. And isn’t it funny that you can find these by the truckload at any gem show?

this one

and this one

and this shop

and this shop

and this shop

and this shop

and this shop

here are some places to order on alibaba

and on ebay


7 May
Etsy seller sahawk2012 has found a new twist on the usual reselling of factory-made cheap jewelry from China.  The stuff is listed in the vintage jewelry category, and drop ships from China even though the seller’s location is the USA.  So this seller is reselling, listing new items as vintage, and drop shipping — a bunch of rule breaking.  I reported them, with documentation, weeks ago yet they remain open.
Here are a some listings from their shop, matched with links to the same items wholesale.
Note:  this item is sold out, and no longer available for sale.
These links were reported to Etsy, but failed to convince the MIT that the items were not vintage.  Or that China and Connecticut are not the same location.
But it gets even better.  The items not drop shipped from China, including listings with some serious prices, are not in the possession of the seller, sahawk2012.  The items are copied from various Ebay sellers from all around the USA, and one in Australia.  Some of the Etsy listings show items from Ebay listings no longer active., so who knows if they are available for sahawk2012 to purchase if someone buys the item from ther Etsy shop.  I also reported a dozen or so of these listings, with links to Ebay, but Etsy has left them active on the site.
Some examples:
Note copied photos.  Ebay seller is in Tacoma, Etsy seller gives location as Connecticut.
Note that Ebay seller is the artisan who made the jewelry, and listed it as “contemporary”.  Etsy copycat listing is in the Vintage category.
A shop full of dececptive listings.


4 May

I have reported this Canadian reseller but Etsy just doesnt do anything about it. They are importers and manufacturers selling their pendants as handmade. But maybe they are now considered a collective, who knows with the ever changing weather at Etsy!