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26 Jun
New shop foreverangelica just opened a few days ago.
Seller is adding a few new reseller jewelry listings each day.  Even the shop’s banner shows a photo of a Chinese factory assembled owl pocket watch pendant necklace, like this one:
Elephant necklace or ring, listed as a “vintage supply”, with a quantity of 40 available!
Elephant ring, new, wholesale:
Elephant necklace, new, wholesale:
Factory assembled new jewelry is neither vintage nor supplies.
New, factory made, octopus necklace listed as 80s vintage in a quantity of 20!
Gotta luv the description!
Same octopus necklace, new, wholesale:
New, factory made, elk ring listed as vintage in a quantity of 20:
Same elk ring, new, wholesale:
New cicada ring (not a beetle, hon!) listed as 90s vintage in a quantity of 20:
Same cicada ring, new, wholesale:
New rhinestone owl pendant necklace, listed as vintage in a quantity of 20:
Same owl pendant necklace, new, wholesale:
The two dresses listed are contemporary, but do not seem to be currently for sale new.  Closet clean out?


23 Jun

This shop has an item features in the Etsy curated “kids” link on the front page. What idiot looked at these and thought they were handmade? The shoes have different brands printed on them that are clearly visible in the photos. – Nikos Shoes – Gabriel (look at the second photo)


17 Jun

This seller was on the front page. I have my doubts as to some of it. The headband that was on the front bag was called vintage. I don’t think its even handmade. Thoughts?

I swear, this seller looks like a heavily coached new store by Portobello. Notice how there is absolutely no personal information about the seller. I immediately recognize a few pieces which I’ve reported Portobello for from Wedding Factory Direct and the rhinestone jewelery website:

The ONLY difference is that the ribbon is cut in the middle. Seriously? This is handmade? I think not.


13 Jun

Re: “vintage” more closet clean out here:

Paris Hilton and Victoria’s Secret vintage perfume? This gal has got some true vintage but why add this garage sale crap? Vintage must mean “I just don’t like it anymore”


11 Jun

Okay, I am not saying she didn’t make these, but isn’t it weird how these types of bracelets are available all over eBay and wholesale sites? Anyone else find this strange?

Here’s hers:

And, numerous sites where you can find the same ones:

And those links were gotten from a very quick google search.

Why do I think she is lying about making them? Well, the links I found when I searched for “Shamballa bracelet”. Then in her video about it (, she doesn’t know the term “macramé” when she describes the “little thingy” which provies closure and adjustment for the bracelet. Also, she’s selling 50 identical ones which if she were making them by hand doesn’t seem likely. Am I off-base here? I would hate to call someone out that didn’t deserve it, but this seems so fishy to me. I mean why not just sell them on eBay? Why pretend they are handmade? She has tons of followers so I’m sure they wouldn’t care.


5 Jun

On the topic of Ecologica Maliballs, there’s a very interesting seller who got front page today…

Etsy listing:

Same item on their site (note the selling thousands of these, comment):

“Our company has 15 employees”:

Identical hammock for sale at WALMART!

Edit to add:

Oh look! Alibaba!


4 Jun

Shop Announcement: “Hand made vintage jewelery inspired by nature and my travels around the globe. My materials include sterling silver, precious and rare stones. All pieces were crafted between the 60s and 80s”

Pretty much all of her stud earrings can be found elsewhere for less. {ECO to add- Crazy how those ’60’s & ’80’s pieces are being sold new all over!}