7 Jul

Why you cannot get rid of Etsy resellers, here is an example, Etsy protects them, and they can lie as much as they want.

they have been called out a number of times on this site, but they continue to provide fake proof that they are making stuff. The own a number of sites on etsy under different names.

Lets look at their proof:

If you look at all the photos you will realize several things.

Nothing actually got made. This is a photo of a slave labor shop. I don’t think they are making haren pants there. There is a photo of a very expensive sewing machine that nobody is using. Shops like this in Thailand, there are 20 on every block. You got people
with sewing machines out in front of grocery stores, in front of barber shops, at swap meets, everywhere. It would be very easy to rent the services of one of these shops to sit and take photos in their shop. If you are old enough, you can remember harem pants back in the 70s. Made in India, Nepal, China, mostly in big factories with slave labor. This is where they are made, not in this blog shop. This is the kind of useless evidence that etsy takes.

You can find all of Marks clothing on Ystreet Fashion on facebook. It is all made in China and can be had for less than $10 US. Anybody can buy it to resell.

All of his clothing is bought at this shop who has a website.

This shop is across from the UOB bank in Pratunam Market, in the basement, it is a pink shop.

here is the info of what you can find shipping in this market.

Rising an impressive 88 storeys high, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is Thailand’s tallest building. A distinctive feature of Bangkok’s skyline, it also marks the spot for one of the city’s all-time, favorite pursuits: Shopping! A scandalous variety of goods are on offer.

All of his clothing is bought at this shop who has a website.

This shop is across from the UOB bank in Pratunam Market, in the basement, it is a pink shop.

here is the info of what you can find shipping in this market.

Rising an impressive 88 storeys high, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is Thailand’s tallest building. A distinctive feature of Bangkok’s skyline, it also marks the spot for one of the city’s all-time, favourite pursuits: Shopping! A scandalous variety of goods are on offer.

Here is another one of their shops on etsy.

these two shops are just copies of dozens of other similar shops who resell, plus 100s of similar shops on Ebay. Just take a look. You can find the same clothing, same cloth and sizes just about everywhere.

The name should be everwheresclothingmarkedup

This shop is owned by the same person here claiming they are making earrings. The changed their name from theearringchest to avoid people like us reporting them.

do you really think a white boy from Henderson, Nevada is sitting at a workbench in Thailand making earrings?

You only need to look here to see this guy is full of twinkies.

On this site, you can find all the links to earrings that are sold my Mark and Lai.
You don’t have to cut them in half, as he probably sent photos to etsy. They cut them for almost nothing in Bali and give you almost the same price as earrings that are just gauged.

You have to figure, once a liar, always a liar. On Ebay, this same person claims to be a supplier of silver brass biker jewelry, since 2005?

Check Ebay closer, all his stuff is caller silver brass, even though all the same merchandise is being sold by Chinese factories for $7 a ring as stainless steel.
Last time he came to comment on etsycallout, he blamed disgruntled sellers that were kicked off etsy for calling him out. I think this is the same person that had silver brass copies of designer jewelry on etsy, and probably opened a bunch of sites. Ya, this is feedgoodfashion who was selling copies and now sells these copies on Ebay.

This is what etsy allows. Its up to you people to find proof that these people are lying, no matter what they did to try to prove to etsy they are really making the stuff. Etsy is really a joke site, worse than Ebay, maybe down in the garbage with Ioffer that allows the sales of 1000s of copies. What do you think this clothing on etsy is anyway. A bunch of copies. People like these just insult your intelligence.

I see another question coming up on this site. Is a Chinese factory a group of artists?
Nope! Have I ever been inside of a Chinese factory? Yes. They hire young people, often as young as 14, pay them less than $100 a month, they have to sleep in the factory, eat in the factory, and sometimes they don’t pay them for 3 months. If the people quit and leave, they never get paid, that way, the factory can hire and train new people often without paying the old people. That is how most of the clothing is made you see on Etsy. If you can buy i wholesale in Thailand for $5, how much do you think it will sell for in China? Like those $1 shirts from Cambodia that sell for $100 in retail stores in the USA that put their label on them. The imperfect ones get sold in Asia for $2 by the kilo.

People making earrings in Bali are some of the most low paid people on the planet. The often sleep on a pile of leaves and piss out in the jungle. Etsy is a bed of exploitation, not the artists site they pretend to be. That is all clever marketing to do one thing only, make a bunch of money.

So, if you report this guy, make sure and associate him with his partners, feelgoodfashion, earringclub, and a number of other shops that got removed from etsy for reselling and serious copyright violations. If you call up any of his listings you will find out he spams a lot, meaning putting words into his keywords that are not correct for what he is selling.

If Etsy can hook up your reports with people that got removed before, its not that hard to get the people removed. This seller should be removed for a number of reasons. I will give you a list of all his shops soon. Just look at the evidence I have provided, you will see these are dishonest shops supported by etsy, who in reality, don’t care, and are probably suckers for fake information.
See other posts about thaisaket.


21 Responses to “thaisaket”

  1. susan July 8, 2012 at 7:28 am #

    That’s a fun site to read, the resellonetsy one. It’s probably better than any of the marketing promotion howto’s posted on Etsy itself.

  2. Mew July 8, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

    Yes,I can See these Shop too!
    They have similar clothes , they are Reseller also I geuss.

  3. Mew July 9, 2012 at 4:53 am #

    Oh,These shop Coming up Too WOW !!! you Think those Shop They Making all The items ?and Thai Fabric WOW !! They must to fly come to thai land just for buy a bunch of fabric ?

  4. Sickofcupcakes July 9, 2012 at 7:08 am #

    Those pants cannot look good on anyone, unless their crotch really is down by their ankles.

  5. Apple July 9, 2012 at 8:02 am #

    All I can think of when I see those pants is.. Hammer time!

  6. Life During Wartime July 9, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

    Those pants with the low low low crotch were designed for Cisco Adler!

  7. Sickofcupcakes July 11, 2012 at 5:36 am #

    LMaO….had to google Cisco Adler.

  8. ElCheapo July 13, 2012 at 6:27 am #

    Benign (?) neglect.

  9. resellonetsy July 13, 2012 at 7:27 am #

    The theUrbanedge could be the same person, or, there is somebody with an earring site called noholesbarred that takes the same kinds of photos. They also could just be a copy of each other? Good callout! thanks a lot mew! Very good.

  10. resellonetsy July 13, 2012 at 7:28 am #

    OK, here is the rub, the model is about 4’7″ so the pants are really not large. They are in fact small. for sickofcupcakes.

  11. resellonetsy July 13, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    Mew, here is the official word from somebody that seems to know. Theurbanedge was there first with that clothing. My friend said it is even more poor quality than what thaisaket sells. Also, Thaisaket was selling other clothing, then copied them all of a sudden. They sold basically earrings when they first started, you can check their feedbacks, there is not clothing at that time. Feedbacks tell a whole history of what went on. The other shop you mentioned, I don’t know about. Apparently, there are a lot of Thais in the USA also. Its hard to say. You comments have been astute.

  12. resellonetsy July 14, 2012 at 1:55 am #

    Hello, let me help you understand some things when you are doing research to make your callout. I will use Thaisakat for a sample, but it is easy to tell a reseller. I am not saying you are not looking, but for those of you that are looking, I want to point out some things.

    1. Handmade shops, people that sit and sew for hours making things, they will not be having a 50% sale. The reason Thaisaket has these sales is to try to bash his competition who is also reselling. Since most of their clothing costs under $10 in Asia (most of it is made in China), 50% off $50, still gives a fantastic profit. Those baggy pants are being sold in the USA for $95, so, the prices look attractive on etsy. Thaisaket has a sale going on right now. 50% off. Sales are a dead giveaway of reseller. They buy stuff in poor countries, and sometimes buy kilos of remainders (clothing not quite perfect) for $1 or less per item, and resell them as new. You have to think, if a piece of clothing for $25 is now cut to $12.50, the wholesale price was $5 or less, what did the person selling get? I think you know that one.

    2. Look at the feedbacks. It is usually a trail of damage done to the consumer. Thaisaket is at 98%. 9 neutrals and 7 negatives out of only 465. That means a number of people got screwed buying this clothing? The feedbacks tell you several things. Poor quality, the listings, some listings are saying one size will fit everybody when it won’t, the model is small making the clothing look bigger than it should, and poor customer service. These are all signs of a reseller. It does not take a detective to see it. Its all there in black and white in the feedbacks. Some people were too pissed off to even leave a feedback Some people felt shy to say bad things and just left a neutral. They are getting less than 30% return on their feedbacks.

    3. Last thing, check the feedbacks, all the way back to the first page. This company was reselling earrings in the beginning and little phone cases for $10 that cost .35 in Shenzhen China. There was no clothing yet like theurbanedge till thaisaket found the shop in the market and copied their clothing. You have to ask yourself, based on their history, what kind of seller is this. 90% of those tribal earrings are made in Bali. So, this person is claiming that they can make all styles of clothing, plus all styes of earrings that are already on dozens of wholesale websites? This is a reseller, and a greedy one. Lowest quality merchandise, high prices, and aggressive advertising to bash his competition. If you have any artist friends, they are probably not this aggressive or sneakly? Am I right?

    This company also runs this company.

    They used to be theearringchest, but after being called out on etsy twice, they decided to change their name. Got to the beginning and look at their feedbacks. This company has 24 neutrals and 6 negs from reselling cheap earrings, giving poor customer service, and has about 30% feedbacks from their sales. They are at 99%. You beging to see a pattern. Same earrings, same people, same bad habits, same kinds of feedbacks, and etsy protects them because they know how to handle a “etsy orange”. Plus they make money, something more important to etsy than helping honest artists.

    Do you need more to report these people, all the real facts are there even if Etsy things they have enough to keep them vendors?

    As for resellers, also carefully study the profiles. They usually sound like dumb stories.
    A lot of jewelry on etsy is cast, a percentage of it is silver plated, not silver. People will not disclose the weight. This is what resellers do, because they think if they sell enough, the bad feedbacks will not count against them and they will get away with reselling.

  13. ElCheapo July 14, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

    This crap attracts teenagers with no means. Great.

  14. resellonetsy July 14, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

    OK, lets give a positive note. A lot of stuff that is sold on etsy could be taken apart or changed and thus be legal. I know this is a thin line with some people. For example, steampunk is being copied in China. Even the antique watch movements. Most of it falls apart, but if somebody took the time to be creative, some unique jewelry could be made.
    Same with clothing. Many things can be sewn or painted on clothing to make it meet etsys rules. I think bottom line, people are lazy. They only care to make fast and easy money. Long term, the very market they are using will simply evolve into a place nobody wants to shop. There needs to be a balance. We all know that most people doing beads cannot compete with a Chinese factory. They were never meant to. It may have reached the point where Etsy cannot exist without taking on 1000s of people that violate their rules. Thus etsy becomes like Ebay, except with cheap fees. At this time I see Etsy has given people the ability to post 10 of the same item at one time. What that means is they are gearing up for more bigger resellers, not shying away from reselling. I have seen some companies sell the same black dress 8 times in one day. They couldn’t make 8 in a week without a factory?
    Sometimes I think we are just beating a dead horse? Even so, we should keep removing people as a protest. If you make rules against resellers and don’t enforce your rules, what are you? No so different than some governments we are protesting?

  15. Fake July 14, 2012 at 8:01 pm #

    Those pants cannot look good on anyone, unless their crotch really is down by their ankles.

    Take a closer look. It’s a guy modelling all the women’s clothes. lol.

  16. BreakingBad July 15, 2012 at 5:40 pm #

    I vote to add the comparison to this shit to politics as part of Godwin’s Law. You automatically lost credibility.

  17. resellonetsy July 17, 2012 at 7:57 pm #

    Well, how much credibility is there is a person that names themselves after a drug dealer program on TV? Breaking Bad, the kind of TV crap that trains the public to be idiots. I don’t compare Etsy to politics. It has its own politics. The politics of money. The world was always corrupt, but before the internet, you did not hear about it much, nor were billionaires under question for how they got their money.

  18. resellonetsy July 24, 2012 at 5:15 am #

    How to spot resellers – pretty simple – You don’t have to be a brain doctor – first think you look at is labor against the price. Take any item on Etsy, and try to think of how long it would take to produce. Lets take a simple pair of bone tribal earrings. Look at these earrings for $12.50 –

    How are these earrings made, because the same pair is being sold on wholesale websites for a lot less. First of all, the basic forms have to be hand carved out of a solid piece of Buffalo horn. (poor buffalo) How long to you think the basic shape would take? If you was working in Asia, you would have just one worker cutting these over and over, preparing them for the next workers. Then somebody has to shape and finish the horn shapes. Then somebody has to drill the round circles with a power tool, and fill some of holes with pieces of white buffalo bone. The other areas have to be hand or machine engraved with a tool and then colored with white paint or resin. What is the basic pay for the non-skilled in the USA, $6.75 and hour? What is the basic pay for the non skilled in Thailand, maybe $10 a day or even less. So, how long do you think it takes to make one of these pairs of earrings?
    Some people are saying they can buy the earrings in one piece, then they cut them into fake gauges. What do you think this person did here. (nothing) Got to part 5 of resellonetsy, and you will see where this person buys all their earrings. They just walk into shops on Kosan Road and buy all their stock there. Got to this link for a reference.

    This is not the only company selling this same stuff. There is a company in Ha. that orders all their stuff from Bali, then resells it both on Ebay and on Etsy. Most of these earrings are being sold also on Ebay, same styles, and many of the companies say they are made in Bali. So, why are the people still allowed to sell this stuff on Etsy? (money?)

    Nobody would sit down and handmake this pair of earrings for only $12.50 unless they were living in the poorest of countries under poor conditions. The actual labor to hand cut and finish one pair would be maybe 2 hours, maybe. Most of the stuff you see in etsy is made in poor foreign countries (China (not so poor), Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia to name a few) What happened on etsy is some of the suppliers and factories got smart and decided they can sell direct instead of having to resell. Thus you see 1000s of factories calling themselves a group of artists, when it is really a boss driving a bunch of workers night and day for very small money. On Etsy you get to pay more and receive the same junk that is imported from all these poor countries.

    The disease on etsy is not the resellers you see to remove. These folks are just opportunists doing the job of exploitation the best they know how. You have to go back to the roots and start cutting there. Because etsy, in fact, don’t really represent many if any real artists. In fact, they cannot afford to, because art does not really make money, unless you get lucky. Who makes money? Art suppliers, and there are plenty of them on Etsy. Art suppliers in fact are the biggest sellers on etsy. But with Chinese factories, Thai sweat shops, Chinese productions shops all on etsy as artists, you will never have a chance. How can you compete with a shop in Cambodia that can make a mans white dress shirt for $1? How can you compete with a Chinese production shop for beaded necklaces that has 200,000 beads on a table, and 25 workers sitting around that table stringing necklaces night and day selling them for $3 wholesale. Better to buy them for the $3, then sell them on Etsy for $25, right?

    Sometimes I think reporting people on etsy is like beating a dead horse. Etsy recently has been caught promoting big resellers, but after they appear in the news they just apologize and say they didn’t know?? I find it hard to believe they don’t know. They have people working there that have helped to run bigger companies they they are. I think some of this would stop if when they got caught there were steep fines or penalties. How about legal problems? My guess is that they are breaking laws of business, since what they say they are doing does not match up with what they are doing. Instead of reporting people to esty, how about reporting etsy to organizations that will investigate them for bad business practice. Like the BBB for example. Reporting people is not putting enough pressure on this group. The good think is its all out in the open till they cover it up. What you got here is a company that allows a lot of fraud over the internet, even if they say they are not responsible for it. More to come soon.


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