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An update…

17 Aug

Here is an update on shops that have been called out. One person owns all these shops under different names. They also changed the names after being called out here. Here is the update.

this shop has been called our here a number of times. They tried to shake it by changing their name to fakeguageorganics

The same owner had this shop removed, he was selling junk from China. He now is coming back selling the same earrings.

He has made his photos to look like other peoples photos. Blinggo was removed for a short time for violations.

This shop now has come back. It was organicdreams before, same owner

Now look at Thaisaket, the same people with a different story. Look at their early
feedbacks, this was an earring seller.

this shop has been a reseller from the first day. He got smarter, went after other clothing sites by copying their styles and photos, all of which he buys in the local market.

He is not running a 50% sale and shipping DHL. Does that sound like a reseller?

Here is another site run by these people.

Once again, goods you can buy on Ebay, websites, or just about anywhere. They are claiming they make these goods. They have 5 sites I am showing you, probably more, all with different names, ATM cards, that is how people expand. They are selling $365,000 a year or more, not to mention they screw up the market for honest people making stuff.
They should be gone yesterday.


14 Aug

WAnted to also point out this OBVIOUS reseller, SpaGoddess aka Angel Face Botanicals
See this EXACT SAME THING here

and even TADA! listed reseller!
“where to buy”
who also sells them on amazon and TADA! ETSY!


9 Aug

Hmmm, Another Vista Print reseller like our friend PrettywithInkInvites? Amazing how those who sell stationery don’t know how to spell it. Nice feedback too.91 negatives & 100 neutrals!

Same Scarf

8 Aug

A TON of people selling the same scarves: